goose with apples in the oven You are looking for a recipe for cooking goose with apples inthe oven? You found it! No, do not goose, of course, namely the recipe. Do you know why a goose with apples cooked in the oven is the most popular recipe in a number of similar? But because:

  • First, the goose is a fatty bird, and the sour taste of apples lowers the fat content, which makes the meat tastier and lighter;
  • secondly, the tradition of preparing the goose came to us from such a profound history, in which there were still no plates, but only ovens, where they baked bread, and soup soared, and naturally the goose was baked;
  • and thirdly, goose with apples in the oven - it's so delicious, so appetizing and so simple that it seems like a miracle!

Do not believe me? Then take the recipe and try to cook yourself a goose with apples in the oven, for example in foil. Oh, what a wonderful invention it is - foil. And how wonderful it was to use foil for baking. By and large, culinary foil is a soft "dishware" that allows you to prepare a dish in a windy manner, but at the same time preserves all the juiciness of this dish. The recipe for goose with apples is really simple, but it will need such ingredients:

  • Goose carcass
  • Apples (5-7 pieces)
  • Head of garlic
  • Vegetable oil
  • Lemon
  • Basil
  • Thyme (thyme)
  • Marjoram
  • Red and black pepper
  • Salt.

goose in the oven with apples

Preparation of carcass

The carcass is thawed at room temperature(with an emergency defrost, the meat loses a lot of fluid and becomes dry). Then carefully wash our bird in a little warm water, check for the presence of stumps from the feathers and if we find those, then mercilessly remove them. We will soak the carcass with a clean towel and look at it from an aesthetic point of view. Do you get confused by the too long stump of the neck protruding from the body? If not, then leave it in its place. If, however, you are still embarrassed by the unattractive sight of the goose, then we proceed as follows. The skin from the neck is stretched to the carcass and this unprotected bare neck is severely chopped off. If you cut your neck with the skin, then all the meat juice through the resulting hole will flow out. And so the remaining leather "stocking" will not allow the meat to become dry. We put the carcass aside, and we start to conjure over the spicy mixture. In the bowl, pour a tablespoon of large salt and add half a tablespoon of black ground pepper and a teaspoon of thyme. Pepper along with marjoram (half a teaspoon) is ground in a mortar and added to a spicy mixture. Now, with this fragrant salt, we rub the carcass from the outside. From the inside, the goose will pickle. For marinade, we clean half the head of garlic and grind the denticles. Add to them a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of black pepper and a little vegetable oil to make a viscous gruel. And now, with this slurry, we lubricate the inside of the carcass abundantly and apply a little on the outside, lubricating the skin with an oil-and-garlic mixture. Bird wrapped in food film or in a plastic bag and leave to marinate for half an hour.

Preparing the filling

While the carcass is marinated, it is necessary to prepare the filling. With stuffing from us, as you know, everything is extremely simple. We'll be apples to stuff our goose. Apples are best taken tough. The most optimal option is a hard sweet and sour apples with a green or yellow skin. By the way, the size of apples does not matter. Large cut into smaller pieces, and small apples cut into halves. So, the apples are peeled, cut out the middle with the seeds and cut the apples into medium-sized slices. Fold them in a bowl, squeezed out the same juice from the half of the lemon and mix. Now we clean the remaining cloves of garlic, cut each tooth into three parts and add to the apples. Season the stuffing with a few pinch basil, put as much black pepper and thyme and again thoroughly mix the filling. Note: If you did not manage to get sweet and sour apples for the filling, you can add not only lemon juice to it, but also the lemon itself, cutting it with cubes or slices. how to cook a goose in the oven with apples


And now both components of our dish are ready, leftthe last stage is cooking. Through the hole on the belly of the goose, we tightly stuff the carcass with apples, pushing them inside with the hand. To the apples suddenly did not start to push into the hole where the goose's neck used to be, and now only the skin remains, you need to do this. Take this leather "stocking", twist it with a taut harness and tuck the birds inside. After the goose is stuffed with apples, we just need to sew a hole on the stomach. Please do not take synthetic threads for this purpose. Of course, they will not melt, but may give the baked goose an unpleasant chemical taste. Just use a stiff cotton thread or fold in a few layers of the usual sewing thread. Now we are painting the carcass with two layers of foil. This is easy to do if you take two wide sheets of foil, lay them on top of each other at an angle and wrap the bird so that no gaps remain. There is one small nuance in the preparation of a goose. The fact is that the process of baking wings and shanks will begin to straighten (spread out) and can pierce the foil. So that this does not happen they need to be wrapped in an additional layer of foil (as it were to bandage) and then wrap the whole goose with foil. In this form, leave the bird for six hours, and then bake in the oven. How to navigate in the time of baking? There is one popular way of calculating the necessary time. Only for this you need to know the exact weight of the goose. It is believed that one kilogram of weight requires one hour of baking a bird in the oven. In general, you can focus on this formula, and you can calculate otherwise. Fifty minutes - for every kilogram of weight (or five minutes per hundred grams) and plus twenty minutes for browning the crust, plus another twenty minutes to prepare the bird for serving. So, we calculate the time, then warm up the oven to 200 degrees and bake the goose at this temperature for two hours. Then we reduce the fire, lowering the temperature of the oven to 180 degrees and bake the bird all remaining time from the calculated. After this time, take out the baking sheet, gently unfold the foil and make a trial piercing with a knife near the goose's leg. If a clear juice appears in the puncture site, then the meat is ready. Now with a tablespoon we collect all the fat that has been melted and merge it into a separate jar. The unfurled goose is again left in the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees for twenty to thirty minutes and during this time several times thoroughly watered it with collected fat. Goose necessarily zamumyanitsya, and its peel will be crispy, turning into a mouth-watering crust. And now it remains only to serve a hot rosy goose with apples on the table. Here we have two options. If there is a large dish on which the whole goose will fit, and a special scissors for cutting the bird, then it is served in its entirety, only by removing the threads that were sewn on the abdomen. The second option. Remove the thread, carefully take out the stuffing and put it in a bowl. Goose is cut into small portions and stacked on a plate. Around the fragrant meat slide lay out the filling. Here, strictly speaking, and the whole recipe, according to which you can cook such a popular goose with apples in the oven. And it can be cooked in the sleeve, if, of course, you find such a large sleeve or in kind. Only when baking without additional "shelter" - foil or sleeve - carcass it is desirable to first boil until half cooked. And in this case it is recommended to cover the bird with mayonnaise, sour cream, mustard or honey. Try it! Cook with pleasure, and a pleasant appetite for you! We advise you to read: