jelly from black currant Many berries and fruits are so rich in pectins,that cooked from them jam or sweet billets, prepared in a cold way, turn into real jelly. This jelly-jam has a special consistency, which is very different from the traditional jam or jam. This jelly becomes an excellent layer for cakes and pastries, adding them a delicate fruit and berry note and a pleasant sourness. Yes, and the usual apple or currant jelly served at the tea table, will successfully replace the most sophisticated dessert. In addition, you can prepare it in advance, and at the right time just get it, open the jar and enjoy the taste and aroma of a warm summer. Try, for example, to make jelly from black currant. What is good about this recipe? The fact is that it is possible to store such jelly from black currant at room temperature, which is convenient if there is no special place for storage of blanks for the winter. In addition, it is prepared very simply and quickly. It is necessary for him to take only berries and sugar. For a kilogram of currant - one and a half kilos of granulated sugar.

Cooking berries

For a successful jelly, prepared from blackcurrants, it is best to take slightly unripe berries. They just have more pectin - the same gelling agent. Although of the ripe berries jelly will not be any worse (even tastier), but only less "strong". So, we sort out the berries, completely green or rotten weed out, and also we separate all sprigs and leaves that came to them by chance. The process is painstaking, but it's worth it. Then the currant must be washed and dried. Now we will weigh the berries to observe the exact proportions. If you have a good household scales, then use them. If the scales do not, then measure the weight of the currant with a liter jar. In this jar is placed about seven hundred grams of berries. And now we will only have to pour the berries into the basin. By the way, utensils for making jelly must also be chosen suitable. delicious jelly from black currant

Choose dishes

For the preparation of jelly from black currantperfect fit a copper basin for cooking jam or a very wide saucepan with a thick bottom. Modern thick-bottomed pots for these purposes are quite suitable. But do not make jelly in enamelware - in it it will surely burn you! Another important condition - the layer of berries in a basin or in a pan should not be very thick. That's why to make jelly from black currant and requires a wide range of dishes. It will quickly and easily evaporate excess liquid, and the juice will quickly thicken before it turns into a jam. It is a large area for evaporation and will allow you to prepare a thick and tasty jelly. In high utensils, the berries will dissolve until the moment when the jelly thickens. Therefore, if you do not have suitable dishes, cook the berries in batches.

Cook jelly

Poured into the basin berries pour coldboiled water so that it barely covered them. Two glasses of water per kilogram of currant will be enough. Put the pellet on the fire, bring to a boil over medium heat, and then reduce the heat and cook for fifteen minutes. In this case, do not forget to mix berries and remove the foam from the surface of the jam (for the present jam!). After half an hour we pour out all the sugar into the berries (count the number based on the weight of the berries in the pelvis), stir and again give the boil to boil. As soon as this happens, we mark the time and cook jelly (now jelly!) For another fifteen minutes. In the process, we also constantly stir the jelly and remove the foam from it. By the end of this time, the jelly begins to thicken and adhere to the walls of the pelvis. This is normal. If by this time jelly seems to you not yet thick enough, do not worry: after cooling down, it will become thicker. Remove the jelly from the fire and lay it in sterilized dry jars. We close with capron or screw metal lids and put it away for storage. And to protect the jelly from mold, under the lids you can put a circle of paper dampened in vodka or alcohol. recipe for jelly from black currant

Cooking dessert

From the black currant can be prepared jelly and another way. Only in this case we will get not a harvest for the winter, but a delicious fruit dessert. Ingredients:

  • 300 g of fresh berries;
  • 10-15 g of gelatin (1 sachet);
  • Half a glass of cream;
  • A glass of powdered sugar.

Preparation: Soak gelatin in half a glass of water and leave it to swell for about fifteen minutes. If we have instant gelatin, then dilute it with water immediately before adding to the berries. Currant lay out in the saucepan and add an incomplete glass of powdered sugar (two tablespoons of powder sprinkle) and a glass of cold boiled water. We put the sauté pan on the fire and let the water boil. Then make the fire minimal and cook the jelly for twenty minutes. After that, remove the berries from the fire and filter through a sieve. Currants are put in another dish, and the syrup is mixed with gelatin and heated, so that gelatin is completely dissolved. Important! Do not let the syrup boil, otherwise the jelly will not thicken. Hot jelly is poured into molds and left to freeze for about six hours. Before serving the dessert, we prepare the mashed potatoes from the berries, chopping them in a blender or using a mixer. Add the remaining powdered sugar and cream to the mashed potatoes. All carefully mix. Frozen jelly we shift from molds to plates and season with creamy currant puree. We decorate with fresh berries. Dessert in the form of jelly from the black currant is ready! Enjoy the taste of fresh berries and learn how to prepare desserts from them. Because, as they say, each vegetable has its own time. And if in the summer they are good in fresh form, in the winter nobody will refuse to treat themselves with berry jelly from the currant. Enjoy your appetite and success in the culinary field!