how to marry a man It is generally accepted that men are stronghalf of humanity. However, in relations with women very often this strong half behaves differently than a cowardly hare. May the men forgive us for this comparison, but this is so! One of the highlights of this behavior is an important step in life for a man - entering into a legal marriage. After all, it's no secret that sometimes a representative of the weak half of humanity have, showing courage and strength, almost an arcane to drag its narrowed to the altar. And he at the same time rests on his best and every now and then tries to get out somewhere. Or he jams into a corner and trembles with fear, as if he does not have the prospect of linking his fate with a beautiful lady and getting married, but the threat of being eaten by a lion. Why are men afraid of marriage? What is the cause of this behavior: the reluctance to lose your freedom or fear of change and family life? And how not to injure a gentle man's psyche by offering his lover a walk to the registry office? A woman who dreams of getting married should know how to marry a bachelor or a divorced man, and turn this knowledge to her own advantage. First, let's try to find out why this or that man remains a bachelor and consider the categories of men.

A cherished dream

He is necessarily tall, charming andwealthy. He knows, as he says himself, the sense in life. This is a great connoisseur and lover of women. (At the same time his love for women is so strong that he is not able to choose one of them from them). The habitats of this category of men: mainly in women's minds and comedic melodramas. At the end of the week, trendy night clubs are filled with regulars, who at first glance seem to be just such spirits of life. They do not spare money and glance at every beauty with a promising glare. Most often these are middle-aged men, free, liberated behavior. Some of them are already married (although they do not stick out, but rather hide the status of a married man), and flirting with unmarried women is just one of their favorite pastimes. But, even if you suddenly get lucky and the "cherished dream" turns out to be a bachelor, you should not rejoice prematurely. He is just not in a hurry to put on an engagement ring. But he does not hurry because the "dream" is very satisfied with the status of a free man. How else? After all, this super-prince is constantly surrounded by female attention! And, consequently, he feels himself such a valuable prize, which, of course, is worthy of not everyone. So our women's dreams come true, that's instantly withdrawn from the one who dares to hint at the seriousness of the relationship ... However, it also happens that he is the first to throw women, because, suspecting that they hunt mainly for his money, he is afraid of deception. And he continues to catch the prey on his hook, on which, as a bait, his precious freedom. In the opinion of psychologists, men of this type have a rather domineering mother, a competition with which no woman can compete. How to marry a bachelor of this type? First of all, you need to behave with him, as in a mirror, reflecting his attitude to life. This behavior is very appealing to the "cherished dream" and can draw it stronger than any magnet. An example from life: a secured thirty-four-year-old bachelor, a pet of a female, and did not think about getting married. He declared to everyone that he will have fun in elite clubs before old age, changing his beauties as gloves. But one day our playboy met a young lady who also did not strive to jump out and married to eighty years of storming the dance floors, dressed in a mini-skirt. And I lost my head. All the beauties around him immediately faded in his eyes. And in the violent hitherto headlong settled one single dream - to drag our daring lady into the registrar. However, she, such-and-such, goes to bed, and further - in any. Freedom for her, you see, give it! Stormy romance ended successfully - an adventurous couple in the registrar still got. And she created, strangely enough, a very strong family. Conclusion: with a reasonable approach to men of this category, it is not so difficult to marry them. And the older they are, the better: the husband from the playboy has a lot of fun is very good. He chooses for a long time, and his choice remains true. how to marry a married man

Rare, But very smart bird

This category of men is his time for privacysimply does not spend. They are always busy solving global problems. The aphorism "Thought, therefore, I exist" is about them. For a "smart bird" to think means to live. An example of such a thinker is the renowned mathematician Rene Descartes, who, besides his formulas, did not notice anything else. And yet, even this biscuit happened a novel. One merry lady from the lower strata of society managed to live with him for eight years. Maybe the whole point is that she cooked well ... In a word, a bachelor of this type is a human brain. Looking at this - very intelligent and educated - a man, women, as a rule, for some reason, even thought does not arise to marry him. Because they all make it clear that they can not combine outstanding social achievements and family life. Psychologists argue that the way of self-affirmation of these men is to advance progress. A typical representative of the "rare but very intelligent bird" is Sigmund Freud. The dream of this connoisseur of human souls to make happy the whole of humanity was so strong that there was simply no room for thinking about marriage in the genius brain. They say that at the end of his life the famous scientist was terribly alone. Somehow, being in a sad mood, he shared his experiences with his aunt. To which she sighed and answered: "Yes, Zigi, you never learned to understand people!" How to bring a man to a marriage, if he has one science in his head, and interest in women is similar to interest in guinea pigs? Firstly, no matter how much we want to twitter about his nonsense in his presence, we need to pull ourselves together. If we open our mouth, it is only to say something, for example, from Nietzsche. And if we do not have a clue about Nietzsche, then it's better to assume a kind of profound silence. Secondly, it is better to keep your emotions and feelings to yourself - "smart birds" are very afraid of their rapid manifestation. At the same time, they are very vulnerable and tender in the soul, therefore it is necessary to look at these geniuses gently and knowingly. And then the "rare bird" is a bachelor in our pocket.

Shaky treasure

This category of man is a real treasure forfamily life. Of these, always get real, reliable and faithful husbands. Being bachelors, they already behave like exemplary spouses - do not lead a loose life, but diligently work, without spending savings in vain. The reason for the usually short-lived freedom of such a man is that he simply hesitates to get acquainted, does not know how to look after and show his love. It is quite possible and the option of a bad experience in the past (for example, he had an unsuccessful marriage and he was divorced, or he had already tried to get acquainted, but he was abruptly "broken off"), after which he waits for everything to happen by itself. However, there are among such treasures and just lazy in relation to the device of personal life. It's lying, there's such a treasure trove on the couch, like Ilya Muromets on the stove for thirty-three years. Then he starts to get up from his stove and try a little silk heroic little by little. This is when the moment comes when the "shy treasure" itself goes into the hands of a vigilantly wandering unmarried woman. How to push a man to a marriage, if it is created for him, but at the same time indecisive? Very simple. You just need to come to him and silently do housework. "Treasure" will be unspeakably happy and with great pleasure rush to buy engagement rings. how to marry a divorced man

Attention: Dangerous Beast

"Dangerous beast" is a category of men thatcan be called married bachelors. They, as a rule, are legally married, nevertheless consider themselves absolutely free. Such types of men get married often from boredom or because (from their words) that "it was necessary". And then they begin to search for "their true love." As a result, love is, creating a notorious love triangle, in which all sides are affected: both the lawful wife, and the love that meets, and he himself. In fact, many of them are not looking for love, and entertainment on the side - so they are dangerous. These idle ladies simply embrace their male ego and can make promises and hopes to the same mistress woman for several years. At the same time they remain good and gentle husbands, diligently performing their marital duties. Often they manage to help in life and wife, and mistress, confident that sooner or later this subject will be firmly established in her house. Do not believe it, my dear women! According to psychologists, to push for a divorce such a miracle is impossible - he is already so good. To get divorced, to marry again - why such difficulties? Therefore, do not think about how to marry a man of this nature. And the relationship with him can continue only when you really want suffering or thrill. And if you leave completely unbearable, you should obediently accept the rather unenviable role of the second wife. And never to stammer about marriage, because after this "dangerous beast" is likely to escape. And the chances of making him my husband will begin to fall precipitously, dropping down to zero. We advise you to read: