The morning rituals of a silver wedding Silver wedding is 25 years from the date of creationfamilies. Where did this name come from? The first anniversary of the wedding is called calico, because the cotton is a very delicate material, which symbolizes the fragility of the feelings of the young. But over the years, feelings are becoming stronger, the desire to be together is getting stronger, and marriage is stronger. Therefore, the names of wedding anniversaries are becoming more respectable every year, and the 25th anniversary already acquires a metallic hardness, underlined by the nobility of this metal. However, this is not the first metal that gives names to wedding anniversaries. Before him, there were already nickel, and tin, and cast-iron weddings. Meanwhile, all these metals are not noble, they symbolize only the fortress of marriage, but not its beauty. Twenty-five co-lived years signify that young people managed to carry their love through a multitude of underwater reefs and are now worthy of such ornaments as the silver ring that is a symbol of the preservation of the union. Rites and traditions - original and interesting, old and completely new, adorn every anniversary. However, a silver wedding is a special anniversary in the life of any married couple, so remember again about those rituals that take place on this landmark day. features of celebrating a silver wedding

Morning rituals celebrating a silver wedding

The first kiss is considered the first ritual. This is a mystery that occurs between two close people who have not only lived together for many years, but also managed to preserve the tenderness and love that experienced each other in the first years of their life together. The first kiss is very romantic, beautiful and unique. On this day, waking up, the couple wish each other good morning and join in a long kiss. And the longer the first kiss lasts, the more pleasant will be the memories of this day. After the kiss, another rite is performed, which is called washing. It is also held unusually. The husband and wife together draw water in a jar of silver and, pouring from it, help each other wash. In the old days for the performance of this rite the spouses rose very early and walked to the river for water. Then, taking two for a jug, they took him home, where they conducted the ceremony. Nowadays, water can be tap water, the main thing is to find a suitable pitcher. An ordinary jug will do, too, but then put a small silver thing, for example, a coin. The first to wash her husband. The wife at the same time takes in hand a linen towel and a jug of water and water her husband. You need to wash three times. After each, the husband wipes his face with a linen towel given to him by his wife. The first ablution wipes the year, it becomes 25 years younger. The second one - washes away all the worries and sorrows that have been during these 25 years. And the third time the husband is washing, meeting a new morning and a new life. The wife is washed in the same way. At the end of this ceremony, a pitcher, in which a few drops of water are necessarily left, are exposed on a balcony or outside. Water will evaporate along with all the worries and sorrows that may be in the future. The faster the water evaporates, the happier will be the life together. celebration of the silver wedding

Day rituals celebrating the silver wedding

The ceremony of washing in the old days ended with the arrival ofparents. Today, you can invite your parents to a specific time in advance. Usually, parents come at a time when the ring exchange ceremony begins. Parents first check to see if the towel and water droplets dried up in the pitcher, and then proceed to the blessing of the young. If the droplets of water in the pitcher or towel are not dried yet, then the parents have to wait. Therefore, the husband and wife make a ritual washing in the early morning. The most beautiful and main rite is the exchange of rings. Those who have lived together for 25 years exchange silver rings. This means that they also love each other, as in the first year of their family life. To this solemn event are prepared in advance. You can conduct the ceremony not only at home, but also in the registry office, where this ceremony will look more solemn. At the ceremony, the same witnesses who were present at the registration of the marriage must also be present. They confirm the love of the young to each other. In order for everything to be the same as the first time, the bride wears the wedding dress that was on her at the time of registration. However, if this is not possible, then you can do with another outfit. The main thing is that it corresponds to the event. Usually this ritual is held at noon hour, while the sun is at its zenith. There is a belief that if the wedding is raining, then the joint life of the newlyweds will be very happy. On the silver wedding the opposite is true: if the weather is sunny, then the feelings of the young have not died out in 25 years. Silver wedding in ancient times necessarily presupposed the presence on it of the priest, who conducted the ceremony according to all the rules, re-crowning the young. In our time, if the newlyweds are not married in the church, then this anniversary is the most suitable for this occasion. This ceremony ends with the fact that newlyweds change gold wedding rings to silver ones. Gold is put in a box, where they will be kept until the golden wedding. Some perform this ritual a little differently. They simply put on silver rings over gold and wear two rings at once. evening rituals of a silver wedding

Evening rituals celebrating the silver wedding

Beats - then loves. This phrase is relevant even in our days. Silver wedding involves an exchange. This time, the wife will prove this truth. Rite is performed in the evening, when the young are alone. The wife should pick up the rolling pin and knock her husband below the waist. At the same time, she slanders: "Have you beat me, hubby? Now I will show you all my love. " In this case, the husband should not dodge the "beatings". This ceremony differs from others in that the wife must change into a man, and her husband must put on an apron. Carrying out this rite, the spouses for a while change roles. The wife becomes the head of the family, and the husband acts as a housewife. The last rite, which is also held in the evening, is a tea party. The ceremony should take place at a time when the invited guests will already disperse. The dining table, beyond which the rite will take place, should not be taken away. The remaining dishes will remind the young about the holiday in which they played the main roles. And only after the end of tea drinking dishes can be cleaned. And do it husband and wife should together. Of course, the silver wedding is not limited to the rituals described. There are some traditions that are desirable to fulfill, if you want your silver wedding to go by all the rules. The main tradition is to present the bride to the flowers. As on the day of registration, the husband must give his wife a beautiful, gentle bouquet. The next tradition, which is enjoyed by almost everyone, is the invitation of guests. However, one must take into account that this is also part of the tradition and it must be done correctly. First of all, since this is a silver wedding, invitations must be sent not earlier than 25 days before the celebration, besides, there must also be at least 25 guests. For a silver wedding to pass without difficulty, and young and guests received the maximum pleasure from the celebration, it is better to invite a toastmaster to hold the ceremony, which will make this day unforgettable.