12 years of family life Do you still remember how Mendelssohn's march sounded likewas the bride worried, how did her mother cry? And remember, what was the weather like on your wedding day, how the sun shone, how everything was shining? If you suddenly forget, urgently remember, because soon you will be congratulated on the anniversary of the wedding - 12 years. If someone thinks that the twelfth anniversary of family life is not an anniversary, he is seriously mistaken. No wonder this wedding was nicknamed. Did you know that in time immemorial, nickel was considered a precious metal, along with silver and gold? And if you remember that many recommend to celebrate not 12, but 12 and a half years of wedding, it becomes clear that a nickel wedding is half a silver and a quarter of a gold, which means that the holiday does not get out. celebrating 12 years of marriage

Features of the holiday

It does not matter when you celebrate this date, through12 or 12 and a half years, no matter how solemnly you plan to celebrate it, there are rules that you must observe in order that a nickel wedding could eventually grow into a silver wedding. What has changed in your life since the wedding day? First of all, your status has changed: you are no longer a bride and groom, but a husband and wife and, most likely, you are already a dad and a mother, so it will be unreasonable not to involve children in preparing for a family holiday. After all, the more holidays in the family, the stronger the family, and children like holidays not less than their parents. The name of any wedding anniversary carries a certain meaning. Nickel wedding is no exception. If anyone does not know, nickel is one of the most brilliant metals. What does it say? The fact that your relationship to this day should be as brilliant as the wedding day. What if it is not so? Remember what you were given to the wedding. Most likely, among the gifts were cups, plates, pots, etc. Do not you throw away a plate or a pot if it has lost its luster? A good landlady can restore the pristine purity of any thing. And what could be more important than your relationship with your husband? Among other things, nickel - one of the most hardy and stable metals. Your marriage to this point has experienced many difficulties. You learned to put up with each other, you survived the quarrels with your mother-in-law and mother-in-law, finally, you raised wonderful children, and all this was not easy for you. But if you did it, you deserve a nickel wedding! features celebrating 12 years of marriage

Tips for celebrating

Take a walk on this day to the places where youwere on the day of the wedding, take photos of the same monuments, go to the same restaurant, at least drink coffee. Just do not forget: your family has grown, so be sure to take your children with you. What to give to a nickel wedding? A good gift will be any products from nickel: from pots to jewelry, chandelier or candlestick. The choice is large and varied. Perhaps you do not plan to celebrate this anniversary in an expensive restaurant, but it's for the best. You have a wonderful occasion to invite the people closest to you, surprise your mother-in-law with your culinary talents, to prove to your friend that your husband is an exemplary family man, and to show the children what kind of friendly family should be. Very handy on the table will look melchiorovye cutlery, and for tea, put on the table polished to shine samovar. And when guests disperse, the tired but tired children fall asleep, remind each other about those feelings that you may have forgotten about in the vanity of the past 12 years. Remember how everything was 12 years ago, and the years remaining until the silver wedding, you will live happily!