Breast plastic surgery: eliminate the shortcomings Now many women have infected, so called"Thoracic era", which came from the west. The fashion for magnificent forms has gone. According to statistics, 76% of women do not like their breast size, 48% of them are not happy with the form, and about 60% of female representatives believe that the breast is not large enough. If already Does not help, such as beautiful underwear and correctlythe selected clothing, then plastic surgery is in the help. Mammoplasty (breast plastic surgery) includes several types of operations on the chest, which satisfy any wishes of a woman ready to change her breasts. There can be many reasons: dissatisfaction with the size, shape of the chest, postnatal stretch marks, sagging, asymmetry of the mammary glands. All this is correctable with the help of mammoplasty. The most common and popular operation is plastic surgery with an increase in mammary glands. To increase the use of silicone implants, they are placed under the soft tissue of the breast. The size of the implant is selected individually for each woman. After the operation, the volume of the breast increases, and its shape improves. Often in women after childbirth, the breast loses its shape and hangs. You can resort to an operation such as a breast lift. With this plastic, the contours of the breast improve, the former shape and height of the mammary glands are restored. In this operation, implants are not used, and also, soft tissue of the breast is not affected. Women with small breasts simply dream of lush forms, but, behold, the owners of a large bust, on the contrary, are burdened with a large size. Basically, these women suffer from pains in the back, neck, and also, their breathing is disturbed, the posture is distorted. These problems can be solved with the help of an operation with a decrease in mammary glands. The surgeon removes excess adipose tissue, and forms a new form of the breast. Subsequently, the chest is tightened and decreases in size. Mammoplasty is now developing very rapidly, as they say, demand generates a proposal. There are all new techniques of breast plasty: ultrasound lifting and liposuction, lipofilling is an operation to increase the mammary glands due to fat transplantation from other parts of the body. Only the effectiveness of these methods is ambiguously evaluated by specialists. Therefore, the main thing is not to lose your head in the pursuit of winning centimeters, if you have already decided to do a plastic surgery, then collect the necessary information, take all the tests and consult a doctor. Together with the surgeon, select the appropriate method that suits you best and then the result will not disappoint you. We advise you to read: