affirmations We all want to meet real love,get rich, become a prosperous person and achieve maximum success in life. And how many of us know that all these benefits can be achieved much faster than it is thought, with the help of a kind of spells called affirmations? In general, affirmations are positive statements made in a special way. These statements are repeated by the person himself, as if ordering his subconscious to fulfill his demands. Perhaps someone will react to such a way of achieving the desired skeptical - what is the use of ordinary words? However, practice shows that affirmations are effective enough and often help people get what they dream about quite quickly. The answer to the question of what affirmations are is simple and complex at the same time. If we speak in a generally accessible language, then these are arbitrary phrases that contain a certain verbal formula, which, with frequent and prolonged repetition, is able to fix any life-setting in our consciousness. So we can significantly influence our psycho-emotional background and change our life in one direction or another. However, care should be taken when working with affirmations. It is important to understand to begin with, is it really so bad existing reality? It's not for nothing that folk wisdom calls us not to waste time in vain, seeking additional benefits in an already successful life. It seems that everything is extremely simple, but it is far from being so. In addition to the fact that it is necessary to speak, the importance is also what thoughts you put into the spoken words. Because affirmations can be called emotions and feelings, of which just is the whole of human life. Think about how often you pronounce phrases like these: "My life is a complete misunderstanding", "I am a failure" or "I'm sick of everything!". But this is affirmations, only with a negative connotation. And they make up your life program. So is it worth it to be surprised if you really do not get on very well, plans are falling, and dreams remain illusory and unattainable? It seems that it's time to start working on the errors. To do this, you do not need to consult a psychologist or a psychic. You are quite capable of independently building your own life and making it happy. And, importantly, this will not entail any financial costs. You need only patience, time, honesty before yourself and a willingness to let a little magic into your life, if you can say so about the work of the human subconscious. So, here are the secrets of how exactly the affirmations method should be used. affirmations are

Learning to compose affirmations

Factor of personal participation Of course, there are manyready-made common phrases, which are suitable for the implementation of certain human desires. But in the best case, they are simply impersonal, and at worst - they carry other people's thoughts, aspirations and desires that do not have a specific relation to you personally. The author who composed them, either thought about his own dreams, or in general purely mechanically performed the work assigned to him. Therefore, ready affirmations will certainly work worse than those whose creation you will have to work hard for you personally. Even if at first glance they will not be so laconic and beautiful, as written by someone else. Therefore, if you want by all rules to turn to the Universe with those or other desires and get a positive response, do not look for easy ways. It is better to take a blank sheet of paper and a pen, make yourself a fragrant coffee or hot tea, turn on your favorite melody and focus on what excites you at the moment. First, write down in an arbitrary form what you want to achieve in the near future. Then give phrases a certain specifics, time characteristics and so on. How to do it correctly, making fewer mistakes, you can read further. Specificity and clarity of formulations Affirmations should include important additions and conditions that are important for fulfilling one or another desire. For example, someone who dreams of great love and serious long-term relationships, the spell should be formulated as follows: "I easily receive the mutual love of a person who is dear to me." If it is compiled as "I easily find a man", the subconscious will focus only on the search for this man, but not on the desire to never lose it. And then a man can either be already married, or quickly disappear from your life. In a word, our desires have a specialty come true with terrific accuracy. Therefore, each word must be thought through in them carefully and carefully choosing them. These words should not have any double meaning. For example, a sick person who says to himself instead of the phrase: "I'm recovering", the phrase "I'm getting better", maybe, instead of getting rid of my illness, suddenly gain weight. The main task that is solved by affirmations is to bring in your mind clear and specific images, feelings and emotions. It is these "levers" that help people realize what they want. And the stronger and brighter the images and emotions, the more effective the result that affirmations can bring themselves. That's why it's important not only to want something, but simply to see the object of your desires with your mind's eye, with all the details, like a color picture. For example, you have a dream to become the owner of a car. But to say: "I have a car" is not enough. It will be more correct to make the following affirmation: "I have an excellent car of such and such a brand, model and color." Or, for example, want to buy a separate apartment. In this case, your affirmations should sound like the following phrases: "I have a wonderful three-room apartment on the third floor of a new house along such and such a street" or "I live in an excellent apartment that is there and that is my property." The whole point is that the specifics forms in your brain a clear image of your dream or desire, thereby causing you to experience a certain emotional outburst. And he, in turn, gives impetus to the consciousness to run the program to achieve something. Therefore, for some people who do not have a developed imagination, it's best to draw your desires or cut out ready-made pictures that fit them. In this case, not only the method of affirmations, but also visualization will work. what is affirmations Personalization For the spells to function,It is necessary to learn how to correctly form a phrase, working with it according to the laws of positive psychology. The formula of correct affirmation necessarily includes the pronoun "I", the predicate in the present tense and the most desired circumstances and additions. Your magic phrases should not contain any other pronouns other than "I", "me", "my", "my" and so on. Remember - this is your life, and only you are its center. Therefore, everything that happens in it, has already happened or will happen in the future, depends primarily on you. Therefore, all those phrases by which you plan to change your life realities for the better, should revolve exclusively around your "I". Only in this way your consciousness and the Universe will understand what exactly you are waiting for and what you are aiming at. It is not superfluous for you to find information about the fact that the affirmation made by you for others, even the closest people, will not work. Such magic words, unfortunately, can only help us ourselves. Affirmations also can not make others do anything for you. So do not make them like this:

  • I am appreciated and respected at work;
  • My husband is happy with me;
  • My children are healthy;
  • Me loves my family.

Therefore, no matter how high and good you areinvested in affirmations, compiled in a similar way, do not expect a result from them. We can not do anything for other people, even if we really want to help them. So do not waste your time and energy, but rather dedicate them to working on yourself. Although there are situations when certain changes on your part can bring benefits to others. Think about it. "No" categorical and denial! Important: affirmations do not use the particle "not", since our subconscious does not see it. An example of the correct spell: "I easily marry the one I love." Or: "I give up bad habits." But phrases like: "I'm not sick" or "I do not smoke" are incorrect, since the human brain, having lowered the particle "not", will accept them, as an order to smoke and hurt. In order to order a strong health, the spells can be compiled as follows: "I can easily recover from all illnesses" or simply: "I am healthy". For those of you who want to experience the affirmations themselves, you should know that your phrases should not contain categorical verbs, for example: stopped, got rid of, escaped (and-so) and so on. You should not use in your mental promises to the Universe a particle of "no", as well as adverbs-negations, for example: never, nowhere, no one, and so on. This is a very important rule, it is simply necessary that the phrases you compose work with the greatest efficiency. The key to success is the present. Here is another important rule of compiling such peculiar spells: the verbs that enter into them must be used only in the present tense. On such verbs our brain reacts much more effectively. But phrases like "I will be healthy" or "I want to become a boss" may not work at all, since the human subconscious does not perceive the future time as a guide to action. In this case, your brain understands the following: according to the first affirmation, you are a sick person, and judging by the second - you occupy a low position. When you talk about yourself in the future, the information that is held by your subconscious at this moment contains the only essence - you do not have anything you want at the moment. Hence, the program to achieve the goals does not start, and in your life the long-awaited changes do not come. Therefore, no "will", "soon" or "tomorrow"! Give your mind the right attitude - "already," "is," "now." This is how you implement the message and direct guidance to action. Below are a few successful and unsuccessful options. Wrong examples of affirmations:

  • I will quit smoking;
  • I want to lose weight;
  • From Monday I will go on a diet;
  • I'll bring myself into a great shape in the summer.

Correct examples of affirmations:

  • I quit smoking;
  • I noticeably lost weight;
  • I stick to the diet and achieved the first results;
  • I'm in great shape and enjoy the summer.

The importance of words with a strong emotional backgroundAbout what the role of emotions for working with affirmations is already mentioned above. The brighter your feelings about a desire, the more likely that your subconscious will be oriented correctly and will be tuned to its fulfillment. This is the essence of effective affirmations. But to make them so, you need to use it to compose a word with a strong emotional coloring. Do not forget only that the main thing is the positive meaning and construction of the phrase. It is very good, if your affirmations during pronunciation will evoke in you feelings of joy, trembling, pleasant excitement and extraordinary spiritual uplift. This can be achieved with the help of certain words and phrases, for example: adorable, great, excellent, wonderful, beautiful, amazing, with great joy, with great desire and so on. Here are examples of emotionally successful affirmations:

  • It's with great pleasure that I go to work;
  • I am very happy to improve my body;
  • I look amazing every morning;
  • I have a wonderful spouse;
  • I live in a super-comfortable apartment and so on.

Do not be afraid of superlatives and createbright emotionally phrases-spells. Particularly successful are those that deal with your spiritual values, so, in addition to material desires, do not forget about those that are capable of transforming your inner world. affirmations for success

How it works?

It should be noted that the secret of effectiveThe work of any affirmations is how convenient and easy it is for you to pronounce them. Agree that the phrase, which has more than ten words in its composition, is rather difficult to remember. Of course, you can just read what you've written, but even then you will not be able to do it often. So, what should be the size of successful affirmations? The answer is unequivocal: they can consist of three to six words. It is these phrases that are easily pronounced and quickly fixed by the human consciousness. Hence, in a successful affirmation there are no more than one or two sentences, the sound of which is pleasant for the hearing. They work with these proposals in many ways. They can be written in large bright letters on a piece of paper and hung in a prominent place where they will constantly come across your eyes. And then, looking at the spells, you will admire them and represent the excellent pictures of your life that will come after the realization of this desire. And it's better to pronounce such spells aloud or to yourself as often as possible or write them down on a player and listen at any time. Effective are affirmations, which are recorded in the notebook many times. The main thing is to feel deeply the listened, spoken or written as deeply as possible, and then the desired will be fulfilled sooner. Surprising in this little. Researchers of the human brain have established that the life of people is controlled by their consciousness and subconsciousness. And many of our failures are also programmed on an unconscious level. Affirmations also allow you to change this program and adjust it to a positive outcome of the situation. Repeated many times, they are recorded on the brain subcortex. The subconscious of man believes that the spell has already come true, and regulates the work of the whole organism and its environment, focusing on one's faith. The method of affirmations is much more effective than the traditional auto-suggestion, which is based on the attempt of a person to convince himself in something. And it's not so easy. As for affirmations, it is not necessary to believe in them. It's enough just to repeat the incantations as often as possible, so that the subconscious records the program and act according to it. And the real result will not slow down.

In which cases does the affirmation fail?

Yes, it should be noted that sometimes magic phrases do not work. This happens if you made a number of blunders. For example:

  • incorrectly formed affirmations;
  • they used the word "I can" in them;
  • your phrases do not have a clear focus;
  • in them there is a future time;
  • In your work with zaklinanni there is no regularity.

How to fix the situation in the first four cases,already mentioned earlier, but as regards the last point, it is worthwhile to dwell on it in detail. First, keep in mind that frequent repetition of affirmations with different orientations will not bring the expected effect. This is practically the same, if instead of one thing that you are doing well and qualitatively, you suddenly apply for just a dozen, you will be in a hurry and in the end you will not bring to the end any. Therefore, the method of affirmations does not tolerate fuss and inconsistency. After all, instead of concentrating on one desire, you dissipate the precious energy in different ways, eventually getting nothing. But in most cases it is said that affirmations do not work, those of us who do not have a sufficient resource of endurance and patience and are eager to get what they want immediately, here and now. This is possible only with the participation of a fairy godmother from a well-known fairy tale. But we are dealing with reality in the face of ordinary human psychology. Therefore, there is nothing to wait for the magic wand effect. But to make a lot of effort will certainly have to, because it will be difficult to break through the forest of the previous attitudes and beliefs, especially at the initial stage of the affirmations method. To make it clear what exactly is going on, let's take a simple life example. Lives herself a young successful woman. Has its own business, which brings a very tangible income, a separate housing in the capital and the opportunity not to think about tomorrow in a part that is connected with finance. But there is no in this life of this business lady a beloved man, a home and children. But you want to! And the age is right, and the biological clock is ticking ever more insistently. Imagine what will happen if she suddenly starts to convince her subconscious with the help of the phrases "I met the man of my dreams" or "I have an excellent family and three children." They will not work just for the simple reason that the whole life of this woman was subordinated to very different goals and desires. And in order to restart the program, you will need to believe that there is another happiness. And this is the main difficulty. Therefore, those who intend to change themselves and their reality through affirmations, should be patient and not give up. This is how you will be able to achieve the desired results, because changing the current consciousness, programming your future. Only sincerely believing that dreams are feasible, and desires have the property to come true, you can go to the intended goal. Successful way to you and a little luck in addition! We advise you to read: