reasons for the appearance of adipose tissue on the body Lipoma is one of the mostcommon varieties of benign tumors that are formed from fat cells. The most frequent lesions are soft tissues with the presence of adipose tissue. Typically, this is the area of ​​the armpits, mammary glands, inguinal zone, face and other parts of the body. How to get rid of zhirovikov is a common question in dermatology.

Than a lipoma is dangerous to a human body?

There is a kind of lipoma - subcutaneousa tumor that has a gelatinous consistency and a mobile structure. More often, such neoplasms have no symptoms, are painless when pressed, grow slowly enough in size, so removal occurs at the patient's will, if they interfere with actively moving or spoiling the appearance of a person. Very often, adolescents are confused with inflammatory processes in the lymph nodes. But in the second case, when palpation painful sensations arise. The main reason for the appearance of lipomas is malnutrition. Modern products and semi-finished products, which accustomed to eating ordinary people, contain a large number of harmful substances. They gradually accumulate in the body, and only a part of the toxins are naturally eliminated. Also, the sedentary lifestyle affects negatively the health state, as many processes in the body begin to slow down. Incoming food products do not have time to disintegrate, so in this form are deposited in various parts of the body. This is called slagging, which leads to clogging the ducts of the sebaceous glands. Benign tumors in single cases degenerate into malignant neoplasms. But still the risk of mutation is present. It is necessary to know how to get rid of zhirovikov. As a rule, overgrowth in oncology occurs with encapsulation of the internal adipose, when favorable conditions for pathogenic changes in microflora are created. Before removing the lipoma, it is necessary to examine it to understand the nature of the onset. If the neoplasm is unsuccessfully removed, the abnormal growth of the fat cells may begin. treatment with linden celandine

Removal of Wen from the body

There is a fairly large number of methods,how to get rid of zhirovikov. In each case, it is advisable to select the method of treatment individually, since many factors must be taken into account in this case. Medication removal is an operation intervention. A small cosmetic operation in a matter of seconds eliminates the external defect, but can leave behind a scar that gradually decreases in size. It should be noted that large adipose is removed under general anesthesia, and after the operation it is necessary to observe the medical staff within 1-2 days. Also, the technique can be selected taking into account the structure and type of human skin. The second method of drug removal of the adipose is the introduction of a special drug inside the neoplasm. This leads to a gradual resorption of the tumor, after which it completely disappears. This method is often used for small sizes of lipoma. As a rule, the result can be noticed after a few months. removal of adipocytes on the body with a laser

Folk recipes from wen

If there is a question of removing fat,it is advisable to use the methods of traditional medicine. But only after examining and consulting a doctor in the field of dermatology. It is allowed to remove only benign tumors that do not have pathogenic changes. And some recipes are categorically contraindicated in the presence of certain diseases and disorders in the work of the body. The most simple methods of getting rid of zhirovikov are lotions from a sheet of Kalanchoe or mother-and-stepmother. Kalanchoe is applied by the fleshy side, mother-and-stepmother - by the face. Repeat the procedure is necessary daily at night for 7-10 days. Lipoma begins to decrease gradually, and then completely disappears from the surface of the skin.

  • Lamb fat. For treatment, you need a teaspoon of fat, which must first be melt in a water bath. After this, immediately apply to the wen and rub it in rubbing movements in the skin. The temperature of the fat should be high enough, but you must first check on the skin, since a hotter can lead to a burn. The course of treatment is 2-3 days, after which the tumor disappears.
  • Wheat lotion. To prepare it, you must thoroughly chew a small amount of wheat grains, then spread the gruel on a piece of gauze and attach it to the wen. Secure the compress with a plastic wrap. In 2 days, remove the bandage and attach a new compound. The effect will begin after a full softening of the wen, when a small hole starts to emit liquid. Treatment ends after complete healing.
  • Red clay. With the addition of yogurt or sour milk and salt, prepare a cake, which should be applied to the lipoma and covered with polyethylene. Leave the bandage overnight, remove in the morning. Repeat until completely extinct.
  • Compress of garlic. Crush several cloves of garlic and mix with vegetable oil. The resulting composition should be applied to the affected area and carefully rubbed, taking care. This procedure promotes softening of tissues and resorption of fatty acids.
  • Celandine. If there is no hair on the affected area, you can regularly lubricate the fatty juice of fresh celandine. But it should be applied with special care, without exposing healthy skin tissues, as the remedy is rather poisonous. If you get on the skin of a person is expressed. Therefore, for a small grease, it is advisable to use a pipette, since enough one drop is sufficient to apply.
  • Onion. A small onion must first be baked in the oven, then passed through a meat grinder. Grate a small amount of laundry soap and add to onion gruel. The composition is applied to the neoplasm and fixed with a dense bandage. It is recommended to change the dressing 3-4 times a day, this leads to a significant improvement.
  • Honey and sour cream. To prepare a mixture for removal of fatty acids, an equal amount of sour cream, honey and salt will be required. All components are mixed and applied to the steamed skin areas (it is advisable to hold after the bath). Leave the mixture for 20-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat the procedure daily until the lipoma is completely removed.
  • Spirituous wrapping. A small amount of vodka mixed with the same amount of vegetable oil. The resulting solution is used as compresses, which are superimposed on the affected areas. The dampened cloth is covered with polyethylene and a warm bandage (for example, a scarf or towel). It is carried out every day until complete cure.
  • Hirudotherapy. This procedure involves the use of medical leeches, which favorably affect the work of internal organs and the external condition of the skin. But this procedure should be carried out by an experienced specialist in order to obtain a health-enhancing effect, and not to harm your body.

In addition, funds forinternal application. For example, kvass from celandine, infusion of burdock. These funds help to cleanse the body from the inside, which gradually leads to a reduction in various cosmetic defects and overall improvement in the person's well-being. In no case can not pierce and squeeze out weneworks. Especially, this applies to the skin on the face, since it is easy to damage the facial nerves. Elementary non-compliance with the rules of sanitation flows into an infectious disease of the skin. This happens when there are any microbes that cause serious changes in the body. In addition, independent removal leaves behind scars and ugly enough scars, which require additional intervention.