1 Cellulitis is an acute inflammation of the subcutaneousof the fat layer. Cellulitis refers to skin diseases and is caused by harmful microbes. In fact, what is cellulite and what we call this word are a few different things. Cellulite is a direct inflammation of the subcutaneous fat, and unaesthetic "depressions" and "bumps" on the surface of the skin with which one has to fight is the result of this process. Because of the hormonal profile, women are very susceptible to cellulite, and it occurs incredibly often - in 8-9 cases out of 10. Most often this disease occurs against the background of "hormonal bursts", in 25% of cases - during and after pregnancy and in 15 % - during puberty and menopause.

Causes of cellulite

There are several factors thatcontribute to the development of cellulite. It can be both hereditary predisposition, and improper nutrition (a large number of animal fats and carbohydrates in the diet and a small amount of fruits, vegetables and vitamins). Also, the cause of cellulite can be a sedentary lifestyle, too tight clothing, disrupting blood circulation, poor ecology, frequent stress, bad habits and hormonal disorders.

How to get rid of cellulite on your legs?

First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the effect of factors,which contribute to its development. If you seriously think about how to get rid of cellulite on the hips, it is better to consult a doctor so that he can pick up for you the best anti-cellulite cream. Their independent use is permissible only for maintenance therapy or for a complex treatment of this disease. The cream is selected individually for each woman, and at the same time the features of her skin, as well as the general condition of the body, are taken into account. There is also one more way how to get rid of cellulite in the home - this is an anti-cellulite massage. It can be used in combination with cream. The purpose of anti-cellulite massage is to get the cells to work actively and thus to eliminate the inflammation of the subcutaneous fat layer. The main techniques of this massage are tapping, tapping, manual vibration, kneading, rubbing and stroking. All movements should be performed in the direction of the lymph. First, the area near the lymph node is treated towards it, and then the range of effects can be expanded.

Anticellulite massage

To solve the problem completely, how to get rid ofcellulite on the pope, it is best to do a course of 10-12 massage procedures, 2 times a week. At first, many people complain that anti-cellulite massage is rather painful, and after the first procedures, edema and redness are really possible. But they quickly pass, and the mechanical effect should be really strong - 5-8 kg, because only in that case there is the opportunity to destroy fat cells. Benefits of anti-cellulite massage: Anti-cellulite massage improves lymph flow and circulation, strengthens cell nutrition and accelerates the breakdown of fat. After several sessions, the infamous "orange peel" effect completely disappears. Such massage not only helps in the fight against cellulite, but it also promotes healthy body: it increases muscle tone, improves elasticity and firmness of the skin, clears the body of toxins and toxins, optimizes metabolism, promotes weight loss and corrects the figure. In combination with exercise and diet, this massage gives excellent results. By the way, massage can be useful for you if you are puzzling over how to get rid of stretch marks.

How to get rid of cellulite folk remedies

One often asks another question: how to get rid of cellulite folk remedies? Several such methods, of course, exist. For example, a contrast shower - it improves blood circulation, which in turn stimulates more active metabolism and cell renewal. Try to start to lead a more active way of life, because movement is the main enemy of cellulite. At least once a hour, do a short workout. You do not even need to get up from the workplace. Try sitting, several times to strain and relax the buttocks. Such an exercise contributes to the influx of blood and develops the priests muscles. This will help to solve the problem of how to get rid of cellulite on the buttocks. A few more good folk ways: grinding sea salt and healing clay wrapping. And, in the end, a few tips: do not be upset if the fight against cellulite takes you quite a long time. This problem needs to be addressed in a comprehensive manner, so the same type of procedures will not lead to effective results. Remember also about the visual effect: tanned skin usually seems smoother and smoother, so you can visit the solarium or apply self-tanning. And, of course, do not forget that men appreciate our figure is not as strict as we do. Our thighs and priests like them without any "buts", so do not despair unless you have succeeded unconditionally to defeat cellulite. We advise you to read: