face cream for oily skin Normal skin of the face is only in children - thisan immutable truth. An adult man can not have such a skin! And the reason for this - everything, everything, starting from the hormonal freaks of the body, continuing our thoughtless abuse of the benefits of civilization and ending with the aggressive environment of urbanized reality. So the skin of an adult person is either dry or fat, and more often - combined. Men generally do not care about what kind of skin covers their face, but women directly depend on the natural given, because choosing hygienic cosmetics has to take into account this fact. For young ladies, the problem is oily skin, women of post-Balzac age take care of dry skin. But since by this time ladies already know how to understand cosmetics, the question of preferences and choice is acute just before the owners of oily skin. What kind of face cream to choose in this case, what to prefer and how to use it? Let's find out.

Features of oily skin

Increased fat loss is a problem inyouth and salvation in adulthood. So inconsolably pouring tears over each new pimple, young maidens will subsequently be rewarded with the ability of their skin for a long time to keep freshness and youth. And this is explained by the fact that this type of skin is less susceptible to harmful environmental effects, it is easier to tolerate cold and wind due to the sebaceous film that covers the face and protects the skin. In general, this type of skin is thicker, as it is, stronger. This is why wrinkles do not appear on the oily skin of the face for a long time. However, for this advantage it is necessary to pay off in youth and other periods of hormonal revolutions (pregnancy and childbirth, menopause) with acne and acne, which is a direct consequence of dilated pores and increased fat release. In addition, oily skin, as a rule, has a greyish shade and a greasy shine.

Features of cream for oily skin

Oily skin is considered problematic, and thereforethe composition of the cream for oily skin should be multicomponent. Given the characteristics of oily skin, beauticians have developed a universal formula of cream for her, thanks to which the cream for oily skin of the face must simultaneously nourish the skin, moisturize, matte, disinfect and heal. Naturally, it is difficult to achieve all these effects in one device, therefore, creams for oily skin of the face, as a rule, have some one main effect (they are intended for moisturizing or for nutrition), but they have an additional effect on the skin. In general, the selection of ingredients for such a cream should meet the main goal - to regulate fat metabolism, to rid the skin of greasy gloss, to soften, moisten and increase its elasticity. What the manufacturers of quality cosmetics are trying to implement in practice. cream for oily skin

Types and composition of cream for oily skin

Any face cream is designed foruse at certain times of the day. There are, of course, universal creams, but they are usually not designed for systematic care, but for a specific purpose. For oily skin is desirable to use night and day cream, because the tasks for these creams are very different. Moisturizing cream for oily skin Oily skin of the face also needs moisturizing. This is especially true for women after forty. Moisturizing cream will help the skin maintain its water balance and stay healthy. Typically, moisturizing cream also cleanses the skin, and also narrows the pores. Such a multifunctional cream for oily skin is used as a day cream and has a light liquid consistency. Nourishing cream for oily skin. Fatty skin needs to be nourished, and it's best done at night. Therefore, night creams for oily skin is precisely this function and perform. A night nourishing cream for oily skin is designed to renew and restore the skin. Night nourishing creams, as a rule, have dense structure. In addition to these basic creams for oily skin release and such tools:

  • cream against greasy shine with matting effect;
  • anti-acne cream;
  • protective cream for the cold season;
  • protective cream from rays A, B (SPF 10);
  • cream for deep cleansing;
  • a cream for healing acne;
  • rejuvenating cream for mature skin.

Of course, the manufacturers are sometimes unable to indicate all the beneficial properties of the cream for oily skin on the package. Therefore, you should learn to decipher its composition.

  • Caffeine, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acideffectively narrow the pores. And this means that the cream in which they are composed has a drying and matting effect (relieves fatty shine).
  • Niacinamide removes irritation, soothes the skin,prevents the appearance of acne. Especially relevant is the cream with this component as a teenage cosmetics or cream for young oily skin.
  • Retinol and sulfur dries pimples and help fight acne.
  • Alpha hydroxy acids and essential oils have antibacterial effect, help to absorb the moisturizing components that make up the cream.

Choosing a cream for oily skin

Learn the main rule: properly selected cream will never harm your skin. And the view that the cream for oily skin only aggravates the problem, is mistaken. The fact is that, deprived of additional moisturizing, nutrition and protection, oily skin begins to compensate for this deficiency by increased fat separation. Therefore, use creams for oily skin, but only choose them correctly. Typically, as a day cream, experts advise choosing an easy-to-structure cream that does not contain oils. Change the cream depending on the season, on the reaction and skin condition, on your own sensations. So, for example, in winter, use a thick and dense cream, and in the heat, change it to light serum or cream-gel. If new pimples appear on the skin, replace your moisturizer with a lighter cream, or just start using them less often. And, conversely, with a clear sensation of dry skin, use more intense moisturizers. If you have entered the time when the skin needs anti-aging drugs, then choose for oily skin creams with lactic acid, antioxidants and anti-radicals. Just be sure to check that such cream was labeled as a cream for oily skin. Try to use together with the cream and other means (preferably from one series). And if hygienic cosmetics does not help in solving problems with the skin, then perhaps you should contact a specialist (cosmetician, dermatologist, endocrinologist) or try therapeutic cosmetics. With proper care, and most importantly, with the right choice of funds, any skin imperfections can be adjusted. Oily skin is not bad, it's just a little troublesome, because such skin requires more careful care and more attention on your part. Stay beautiful! At any time and in spite of everything. We advise you to read: