calluses on toes treatment Few of the women did not come across such aa nuisance like corns and footprints. These formations not only spoil the appearance of the foot, they also cause inconveniences, and sometimes pain. Scientifically speaking, calluses are a kind of thickening of the skin layer that occurs as a result of prolonged pressure or friction, for example, due to the wearing of tight and uncomfortable shoes, as well as due to improper skin care of the feet. In the cracks on the calluses can get microbes, which cause various inflammations and suppuration. That's why when you calluses on the heels or calluses on the toes, treatment must begin necessarily. You can use special medicines and folk remedies for this at home, but if you do not get independent treatment, you should definitely consult a dermatologist.

Folk recipes for treating corns

For the treatment of calluses,a famous home plant like aloe. Young leaves need to be rubbed into the gruel, apply it to the calluses, put petrolatum around, glue the patch and wrap it with a bandage. This compress should be kept for a day. After this, disinfect the knife or scissors and carefully scrape off the softened cornified layer. Then the skin should be lubricated with a moisturizing foot cream. If, after the procedure, the stratum corneum remains, it should be repeated until it disappears completely. If there is no aloe in the house, you can use mashed potatoes from raw potatoes. In order not to damage the skin around the calluses, you should grease it with petroleum jelly before applying the slurry. The potato is superimposed on the night, it is necessary to impose cellophane and a cloth bandage. No less effective for removing corns helps onions. Fresh slices must be applied to the calluses at night, wrap the leg with polyethylene, and then bandage. In the morning, the softened stratum corneum is removed, the feet are washed with warm water, and then they are sprinkled with talcum powder. Useful for the treatment of corns, not only onions, but also husk, which is soaked in vinegar for two weeks, and then make a compress for it at night. In the same way softens the rough skin of lemon, but before applying the lobules it is necessary to hold your feet in warm water. One of the most effective means of getting rid of calluses is a mixture of garlic and fat. To prepare this mass, garlic and fat should be well crushed and stirred. This mixture is superimposed on the corn overnight. After several such procedures, a dry callus on the toe or on the heel will gradually disappear. A good remedy for removing newly appeared callosities are soap and soda trays, which can be done every day until the keratinous layer is completely removed. Excellent softens the skin of the legs of the bath with the addition of soda and olive oil (2 tablespoons) and 5 drops of camomile oil. Continuation of the procedure - 15-20 minutes. For the treatment of calluses, the juices of medicinal plants are used: dandelion, wormwood, crescent buds. Corns are lubricated with freshly squeezed juice until they disappear.

Medical remedies for corns

One of the simplest medical devices thatused to treat calluses, is a special plaster in which there is salicylic acid. Before applying the patch, the legs should be held in a warm bath and thoroughly wiped. The plaster should be applied, for example, on the callus on the toe, and not removed within 1-2 days. For a complete separation of the cornified layer, it may take 3-4 such procedures. A good effect is the use of a special keratolytic gel or cream, which softens the stratum corneum gradually, so the agent is applied regularly until the corns completely disappear. To remove corn, a special corn liquid is used. It is smeared on keratinized places after steaming legs in a soap-soda bath. Legs before application of liquid should be wiped dry Removal of callosities is made by specialists during pedicure in salons. For this purpose, a special apparatus is used, which has coarse-grained and fine-grained attachments, which are used to grind cornified formations.

Other methods of combating calluses

Before removing the calloused callusesto pay a visit to the doctor - podologu as in some cases this formation can be caused by a fungus. It is equally important to know that there are corns that have a hard core that goes into the skin very deeply. In such cases, the removal of corns is performed by a specialist using cryotherapy or laser therapy. Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen, which by means of a strong freezing destroys the tissues of the rod. The most complicated calluses are removed by surgical intervention. It is made only after examination by an orthopedic doctor. We advise you to read: