How to get rid of ants in the apartment Start our story about ants that penetratein the apartment, we would like with a message from one of our readers. "I have never been tormented by the question of where ants from an old grandmother come from in the village in a log house. In my opinion, everything is quite clear and clear: a damp cellar filled with supplies, the earth, the closeness of the garden - in a word, nature is near. But when the ants appeared in the apartment, my astonishment increased with every new centimeter of the ant track. It turned out that their way began from the balcony, then zigzagged through the entire living room, and, passing the hallway, "my" devourers rushed into the pantry, where last year the jar and jam shot, and the sweet delicacy flowed through the cracks in the floor to the basement ( I forgot to mention that my apartment was located on the first floor). How, how, in what way did these little pests find a feeder for themselves ?! " ants in the apartment how to get rid

Insatiable hordes of ants: how to get rid of them

The most unpleasant danger that threatensthe appearance of ants in your house, the spread of pathogens. But the obtrusiveness and the ability of ants to occupy "everything, everything and everywhere" - this is the limit to the patience of mankind! And here it is very important in time and competently to start a fight for a place "under the sun". Ethiopian ants (the so-called insects living in our houses, whose first specimens were imported from Ethiopia several centuries ago with goods), like all other kinds of ants, insects are purely social, and therefore one scout will lead thousands of militiamen. By squeezing a slipper of one, you will not destroy the entire colony. An ants female is able in a short time to reproduce in exchange for the deceased individual a hundred newborns. Therefore, all measures of struggle should be aimed at finding the main object - the nest. Since domestic ants are much smaller than their natural counterparts, they can settle in the most unexpected places: under the baseboard, in sockets, in building cracks in the wall, they can even come to you from neighbors or from the street. These small insects feed almost everyone: for breakfast they will eat sweets, for lunch - raw meat, fish, for dinner - do not disdain the remaining crumbs from the dinner and the water that has accumulated in the sink, and for dessert - they can have a bite and elements of household appliances! And you also need to understand what an "ant colony" is. If you accidentally took some ants home from work, or from neighbors by accident, then you brought working ants, and they can not breed and grow a colony. To do this, you need a female, and if you have many ants, then look for it, look for the nest. And after discovering, mercilessly destroy. Then you do not have to store the bread in the jar, and put the jar in a basin of water, having treated the edges with vegetable oil! Preventive measures If the ant raids for you have become the same annual routine as poplar fluff in the summer, and you are already expecting them, so be prepared and carry out preventive measures in advance. Cover all possible cracks, holes, chips with cement mortar or putty. Plant on the balcony of wormwood or mint, the smell of which will scare off insects. Also, ants do not like the sharp smells of elderberry and garlic. Machute the "Mashenka" chalky perimeter of your room, furniture backs and other possible places of ants' cluster. Pre-lay the bait in the proposed areas. Wash the floors with water with the addition of vinegar and do not miss the "first scout". apartment ants how to get rid The ants are attacking! So, it happened. The day before yesterday you accidentally found an ants in a sugar bowl, yesterday there were already two dozen on the table, and today you almost stepped on a string of an ant family! What to do? How to get rid of ants in an apartment? Track the path, inspect the alleged nesting place of the ants and begin to act. If the site found is local, use conventional Dichlorvos or another insecticide. However, the presence of a nest, for example, in the floor under the baseboard aggravates the situation. Do not worry, do not do this, remove all the parquet on the ant road. In this case, it would be wiser to supply the worker ants with a poison that they will bring home and infect the entire colony. Ways of following an ant colony can and should be treated with vegetable oil or garlic infusion. If these funds prove to be ineffective, you will have to use heavy artillery - chemical preparations "Angara", "Taiga". The recommended drug, which effectively relieves the house of ants, is DETA. The treatment should be repeated within three to four days. Folk wisdom against the ant cunning To win in this difficult struggle for the complete cleaning of the premises from uninvited guests it is possible with the help of all kinds of baits for ants. There are various ways in which many successfully disposed of red insects. The most effective and fastest way is to "feed" pests with a delicacy containing boric acid or borax. Here are the most effective compounds with which you can quickly get rid of impudent "freeloaders":

  • With boiled egg yolk

Mix one spoonful (tea) of borax or boronacid with a single boiled egg yolk, put the mixture in places of insects. Update this ant "delicacy" in a week, and you will forever forget about the misfortune that has befallen you.

  • With sugar, brown and boric acid

It is necessary to take in equal proportions boronacid, borax and granulated sugar. All mix and pour in several places on the ant road. After eating the poison and taking it with them, the ants will return to the nest and poison their colony.

  • Liquid composition with honey or jam

Prepare a liquid bait: 1 teaspoonful of tea borax (boric acid) and dissolve the same amount of sugar in fifty grams of water and add a teaspoon of honey or jam. Sweet poison poured on saucers and put on the path of ants.

  • Composition that can be stored for a long time

This infusion can be stored all summer and usedas needed. Mix two large spoons of water in a small container, two of the same spoons of glycerin, one teaspoon of boric acid (borax), two teaspoons of honey and three large spoons of sugar. Put on the fire and stir the mixture until all the ingredients have dissolved.

  • Compositions that are completely harmless to humans

Sprinkle the most densely populated areas of antsbaking powder used to prepare the dough. Or make a mixture of yeast and sugar (honey, jam). Yeasts act on ants like a real poison. In principle, in all recipes containing boric acid or borax, these chemical powders are the basic elements, all other ingredients you add only for the bait of the ants. Any food that these insects like: sugar, honey, bread, eggs, boiled potatoes, jam, cookies and so on will do. In the preparation of formulations using borax or boric acid, do not increase the dose of these chemicals. Your task is to destroy the entire colony, and for this it is necessary that the worker ants manage to reach the nest and infect the poison of the other relatives. Do not neglect the store baits for ants, various chemical preparations. The market for insecticides is updated every season, and you can always choose something that is most suitable for you. Just read the instructions carefully and do not forget about safety. If your house has small children or pets, then be especially careful with the location of the poisons. Simultaneously with the operative actions against insects, clean up yourselves in the kitchen. Pour all the cereals into glass jars, treat the edges with sunflower oil. By the way, vegetable oil, generously poured in a circle, perfectly protects any objects on the table. True, this is not very aesthetic. But if you seriously declared war on ants, do not leave them the slightest chance of finding even a crumb of food and a drop of water.

Beat on all fronts

In general, the use of folk methodsgetting rid of ants effectively at the initial stage, but cases of ant "occupation" that are neglected or repeated every year indicate that either their nest is deep and it is not possible to detect it (for example, under a balcony or in a cellar) or you are not the only ones in your entrance "lovers" of insects, and your neighbors do not think to take any action, and the ants for them are smaller brothers. And perhaps you are poisoning the pests in turns: you poison - the ants go to their neighbors, the neighbors poison her on the porch - the insects return to their native penates. Therefore, coordinate your actions with neighbors, it is necessary to fight with ants collectively and simultaneously. Unfortunately, there are cases of massive resettlement of a large colony of ants around the entire entrance. Then you have nothing left but to call a specialized insect fighting service - pest control. This is an effective, fast and one hundred percent method of dealing with ants. Yes, it's hard work to rid your house of ants! But it is worth it to your kitchen with fresh products, a bathroom with fragrant soap, a pantry with all supplies, your peace of mind and your safety were the only neighbors in the apartment. We hope that our advice will help you to win over small and annoying dirty tricks. We wish everyone good luck and perseverance!