how to find work for the soul Our well-being directly depends on that,how happy we are with ourselves and our lives. The inexorable statistics says that there are not so many satisfied people. More than eighty percent of working people would like to change their profession and are thinking about how to find a job for their liking. Very often such thoughts come even to mature people, because it is in adulthood that we begin to overestimate our lives. Often we compare our achievements with the successes of our friends and acquaintances, and if it seems to us that the comparison is not in our favor, we begin to doubt the correctness of what we have done so far. We may not be satisfied with the salary, or maybe the work itself seems boring and routine. The thoughts come to my mind - how to find a good job (after all, I can do more), I want to earn more money, and to work with pleasure? If you want to find a job that will please you, be prepared for the fact that you have to change a lot in your views, habits, and perhaps in life in general. But for the sake of achieving a happier life, it's worth risking and trying to break your stereotypes. Do not be like millions of people around the world who go daily with disgust, like hard labor, on unloved jobs, but do not want to change anything. Rather, they dream about it, but they do not go beyond reasoning about "can I" and "how could this be done." Reason for years, leaving everything as before.

With what it is necessary to begin?

Let's agree - before you think about how to find a job for your soul, try first to understand what is happening in your soul. Ask yourself specific questions:

  • What does "work for my soul" mean to me?
  • How important to me is the material factor in future work?
  • Can I make certain sacrifices for my own sake?

It is very important to understand yourself, analyzeown "I want", understand what is of paramount importance to you: self-realization, satisfaction from work or achievement of material prosperity. If you are honest with yourself, the answers to these questions will not be difficult to find. You can even hold a mentally small experiment. Try to imagine that the work that you will perform will be quite boring, but you will get much more for it than you earn now. Would you agree to such a job? Ask: can I sacrifice my interests on the condition that the labor will be well paid? If the answer you give yourself is obvious to you and does not cause any doubts, then it is he who should play a decisive role in the strategy of choosing and finding a new job. how to find a job for the soul

A good employee - a good salary!

Of course, most often a person who reflects howfind a job, take a position that is primarily focused on money. And this is understandable. Any of us can say: "I leave the house, give work eight hours (and even more) of my personal time, which I can spend on my family, and as a result I want to earn the money that is necessary for me and my family." In this situation, no doubt, we must look for a job that will pay off in the first place. What to do in order to get a better paying job? In the labor market there are demanded professions, and a person who is focused on receiving a high salary, tries to develop their professional and personal qualities in a certain direction. This specialist will strive to improve his professionalism, receive additional education to sell his services more expensively. An industrious and motivated person has a great chance of success. But many, especially women, have specialties that do not bring sufficient income for life. For example, doctors and teachers working in municipal polyclinics and schools. These people work well even at low salaries, because they love their professions and have fun seeing the results of their work. They are in their place, and they like their work. If a person can not change his calling, he does not want to tread his own song on the throat - does this mean that he should not think about how to find a job with a higher income? Really, while remaining loyal to his favorite business, he will never be able to provide the family with the required level of prosperity? It is unlikely that work, even for a favorite profession, can give pleasure, if they pay too little for it.

All by merit, each by position

Professionals have been and will always be in demand. Everyone has the opportunity to find a highly paid job. For example, the same teachers can be advised to look for work in a gymnasium or a private school. If the city is too small and there are no such educational institutions, then it is worth considering the options with moving to a larger city. At the same time, one must realize that such a step requires some preparation. In large cities, competitive screenings are quite tough, although a qualified specialist always has a good chance of finding work quickly enough. It is necessary only to visit the fairs of vacancies in advance, to study the relevant websites on the Internet. A very well-written resume will help in finding a job. If you have to go to an interview, try not to forget - the outcome often depends not only on the degree of qualification of the applicant applying for a job, but also on how confidently the applicant is holding, how he will be able to present himself during the interview. And if the option with the move does not fit at all, then it would be possible to think about the business combined with the favorite thing - to take, and to open the first in its city own private gymnasium! Work at home When family circumstances require that we are more at home, then you can at all try to find a job on the Internet at home. Moreover, such work can be closely connected with your favorite hobby - for example, you can do your favorite needlework, photographing the process of making crafts, and then sell master-class photos to various needlework sites. Or create your own blog devoted to the topic you are interested in, and it will also bring you revenue. In the end, today you can even work, for example, as an accountant, without leaving home and using the Internet. Of course, to work on the Internet you need to have some knowledge, which is not so difficult to obtain. It is necessary to remember - to earn well, we must learn! And under a still stone and water does not flow. Consider all options. In any case, it makes sense to think about where else you could apply your knowledge and experience. If nothing comes to mind, you can look for work in any accessible way - to call on job advertisements, go to interviews, send out your CVs, consider even the most unexpected options and proposals - and listen attentively to yourself. Even if you do not succeed in changing jobs quickly, at least you will be able to build your priorities and understand what is most valuable to you. You will understand what you like and what does not, and then it becomes clear how to find a job so that she likes. If you are scared to give up an unloved but habitual job, you can combine a search for a new business in which you could invest your soul and work for which you are holding out for now. Sometimes it is quite difficult to implement, but for the sake of a better future, it is worth the extra burden. If you have not found yourself yet, have not been able to decide which occupation you would like, trial and error can help you. Try your strength in several ways. As the Americans say, it is impossible to know the taste of a blueberry pie without trying it. If you, for example, never sewn on a sewing machine, you will not know how interesting (or uninteresting) for you is this occupation. Do not be afraid to experiment, do not be shy of your respectable age if you are already middle-aged. If you are confident in yourself, you will be more likely to be hired. Therefore, you need to work more and increase your self-esteem - because only someone who understands and loves himself knows how to find a job for the soul. work to the soul

About what it is worth remembering

Striving to ensure a high standard of livingfamily is commendable, but no less important is the sense of proportion. Especially it concerns us, women. We can not allow that it turns out that all our strengths and time went to achieve prosperity, while our family, perhaps, needs our care and attention much more. Moreover, it is impossible to reach the limit of the desired prosperity - the more it is, the more one wants. For example, it is enough for someone to have his child go to a public school in which good teachers work, another wants to identify a child in an elite gymnasium, and the third wants the offspring to study without fail abroad. For all you will not steal, and it is not necessary to establish a level of another's well-being as a reference point! But do not be afraid of change! Even if, as a result of your searches, you suddenly realize that at the time you chose the wrong profession, you should not despair. Now it is even fashionable to have several formations, and psychologists generally advise changing the scope of activity every seven years. Make and you step to a new life! Breathe the air in full, collect all your determination - and get down to the action. Give yourself an opportunity to learn how to make a living out of your favorite business! We advise you to read: