rules of business etiquette A business woman ... In recent years, thisthe phrase has become unusually popular, because business and successful women are so many that it is much harder to find, for example, a housewife than a businesswoman. However, as practice shows, not all business women are equally successful. That is why it is necessary to follow simple, but at the same time very effective rules that can be described as a business etiquette for women that will help you gain trust and respect from partners and superiors. A successful woman is sometimes born, and sometimes becomes in connection with life circumstances. The first is easy to distinguish among the others already in childhood: they aspire to authority among peers, are often friends with boys, study well and try to achieve their goals in any field, absolutely do not accept differentiation of the sexes and different attitudes towards them. The second category of such women comes to the understanding of the need for personal and career development due to the usually negative life circumstances: unsuccessful marriage, the need to raise the child's feet, etc. But no matter how you come to the understanding that you can build your own career and are worthy of significant success in your field of activity, your skills and skills, the style of communication and behavior need to be improved. The etiquette of a woman's clothing is also very important. We offer you the basic rules of business etiquette, which for sure will be useful to you more than once. After all, only such a serious attitude towards small things will allow you to achieve success. what is business etiquette

The style of communication

Do you conduct business negotiations with importantpartners or just present at the next meeting with the bosses, your posture should simultaneously express a sense of self-confidence and respect for the person with whom you are talking, whoever he is. Even if your subordinate is in front of you, do not sit in a folding or stand on widely spaced legs with a hunched back - your success largely depends on how your employees and colleagues perceive you. If the authorities are in front of you, it must understand that you are confident enough, so, for example, do not sit on the edge of the chair, modestly lowering your eyes, but at the same time respectfully, this very boss, and listen to him recommendations, so do not sit, assuming a completely frivolous pose. The best option is a straight back and gesticulation in the zone of your comfort, that is, about half a meter from you. If you have a ladies bag with you, it's better to put it next to you or carefully position behind you: if it is on your knees, it will give the impression that with it you are closing yourself from the outside world. The view should also be appropriate: to express benevolence and interest to the interlocutor. Do not look closely at the speaker, otherwise this may be perceived as insolence on your part. To your interlocutor was comfortable to communicate with you, at least sometimes translate your eyes from his eyes. During business communication it is necessary not to give out your emotions, so try not to look at the bottom half of the face of your partner, boss or subordinate. Try also to watch the timbre of your voice. Speak loud enough and sure, but in any case do not go to screaming or squealing. It is better to dwell on a thoracic calm voice, which, as a rule, inspires confidence. In the speech itself, you pause: haste in this case has not helped anyone. And it's simply impolite and utterly unproductive to talk so quickly that the other person will simply not be able to think and analyze what he has heard. In addition, people who speak quickly are usually perceived as frivolous and frivolous. Often a special discomfort is caused by the moment of greeting, when women do not understand whether they should shake hands or lift it, so that the man with whom they are going, for example, hold talks, could kiss it according to traditional secular etiquette. If you meet a particular person for the first time, try raising your hand so that it can be simultaneously shaken and kissed, give your business partner the right to choose. To make this gesture look completely at ease, you can pre-work it before the mirror. And, of course, watch your gesticulations, because it is your gestures that can say much more about you than what you yourself would like. First, your gesticulation should be smooth and measured. If you are used to large and sweeping movements, you can again practice in front of a mirror, until smoothness becomes a habit. Secondly, if you want to win the trust of the interlocutor, hold your palms so that he can see them. In order not to cause the interlocutor to feel that you are trying to seize power over his thoughts and deeds, do not squeeze your hands into fists and cut them air, as if you want to be shielded from the words and thoughts of another speaker.

Small secrets of the big headmistress

If you really want to reach careerheights, create for yourself a small set of rules, which then strictly adhere to. Similar rules you can deduce and own life experience or take advice of experienced shark business. Even if you have a slave, and you consider yourself a boss, if you want to be really successful business woman, try to use as little as possible of its prerogative and be punctual, no matter what the rank of the person, a meeting to which you are going. So you show your respect for all, and this attitude is expensive and usually rewarded a hundredfold. Do not talk on personal topics with people with whom you are going to do business or already have a business relationship. Even if at the corporate party a glass of wine turned his head, the real successful lady will be able to restrain herself and remain silent and will never say too much. The workplace should remain so, even if in the depths of your soul you are a very romantic and sweet woman. Take away from your table all the funny toys, trinkets, beautiful photo frames - all this does not contribute to the working harmony and characterizes you in the eyes of your superiors and subordinates as a frivolous and frivolous nature. If you have not very good memory for names and faces, you will have to practice it. This is not just a banal etiquette: the image of a business woman, it's even a little thing like that you will remember the names of all the employees and colleagues must stress that you always have time, and everything is always in the middle of the action. Teach yourself to follow every little thing, for example, for the literacy of business notes that you write to colleagues, or for the banal wishes of a good day and, for example, a pleasant appetite. It is from trifles that a holistic view of you is formed not only as a person, but also as a business woman and a valuable worker. business ethics and business etiquette

The appearance of a business woman

As you know, they are usually met by clothes, and evenif you are a promising and prosperous woman, business partners, for the first time seeing you, will evaluate your abilities exactly according to your appearance. A successful woman can not afford to look untidy, to walk with disheveled hair or a mint skirt. The style of a self-confident and working woman should be thought through to the smallest detail and at the same time meet the business etiquette in clothing. First of all, you have to give up bright and flashy colors. If you want to be noticed by you, and for this you don not wear traditional business colors (black, white and gray), but, for example, red, make sure that all the details in your outfit are in harmony and not in great contrast. A classic outfit that corresponds to the etiquette of a business woman's clothes is a white blouse, an English jacket and a lined skirt. It is more preferable that the fabric from which the costume is made has an invoice figure. In this case, instead of a skirt and blouse, a woman at work can afford a strict dress up to her knees. Recently, black suits have been worn only for important and in some ways solemn business events. So, for example, to meet with a top manager, it is better to choose a gray suit or dress, but for an important conference, where you have to read the report, you can afford a black outfit. Etiquette of the business world does not allow shoes from suede and bright skin, for example, crocodile. Preferably, the classic low-heeled shoes are made of genuine leather with a calm shade. If you choose skirts or dresses, be prepared to wear pantyhose or flesh-colored stockings, regardless of the season. Watch your hands: nails and skin should always be in perfect condition. But with the varnish and the color of the nails, you can experiment: whether to apply it or not depends entirely on you, but it is also unacceptable to use bright and eye-catching hues. Business ladies' bags are given fairly loyal requirements: they must have clear rigid contours and adhere to A4-size documents. If the latter is not possible, you will have to additionally purchase a special case or folder. Such strict restrictions often do not appeal to women who are used to always be at the center of events and attract people's attention by their appearance. But an intelligent woman will always find a way out of this situation: office style can always be diversified with an interesting scarf or any other accessory that will successfully blend in with your business suit and at the same time lightly distinguish you among other female employees. We advise you to read: