"Home Business": narrow specialization cleaning Recently, cleaning services are in demandcommercial and trade enterprises or individuals. This is due to the high quality of professional cleaning. Entrepreneurs this activity attracts, first of all, a relatively low cost of organizing cleaning business and a good indicator of profitability, which in the segment of narrow specialization can reach 40 percent already nine months after the commencement of work. A small cleaning company is easy to register: for this field of activity, you do not need to register a license. A small enterprise employing two or three people (not infrequently members of the family) can position itself as highly specialized - for example, cleaning carpets, including at the customer's home. In this case, there is no need to rent an office and premises for cleaning. It is enough to purchase professional equipment for cleaning. As soon as it comes to the equipment for cleaning, I can not help recalling that this color is the visiting card of the leading manufacturer in this segment of the market. To organize your own cleaning agency you need a powerful vacuum cleaner, which includes a function of collecting water, an extractor machine for cleaning carpets and carpets, washing and cleaning products, transport. These are the main types of equipment, without which professional cleaning of carpets can not be made. If it is planned to clean the porches, it is advisable to purchase a sink as well: it is advantageous for high power and affordable cost. It is necessary to take care of consumables (pads, filters, fashion, gloves). It is advisable to order a uniform - this will have a positive effect on the attitude of potential and existing customers to the sphere of everyday life. On average, the cost of opening a cleaning company and the purchase of equipment will be about 7-10 thousand dollars. You can save money by purchasing equipment via the Internet. For example, through , in which the terms of sale are attractive. The second way to cut costs is to think through an advertising campaign. Traditional tools for promoting services to the consumer market are expensive, but not always effective. Advertising on the Internet in this case is less expensive. As for expenses, experts advise to calculate the cost of a square meter of cleaning or cleaning, in order to form optimal break-even tariffs. In this case, the profitability of the business is guaranteed.