conception of a girl The birth of children has always been associated with a largejoy. In general, it is not so important who is born in the family: a boy or a girl. But sometimes it is so desirable to plan the sex of the child, in order to know for certain who the family will soon replenish. That is why future mothers and dads resort to various methods of planning a child. All these methods can be divided into two groups: scientific and unscientific. It is worth considering both categories, so that everyone can learn something useful and necessary for themselves. So, read the tips - how to conceive a girl.

Medical methods of conception of the girl

There is no doubt that this group belongs toscientific category. To begin with, it is worth considering how you can conceive a girl using methods that are based on a scientific approach. At the same time, only the physiological aspects of the issue of conception of the child are taken into account. For today it is possible to single out only one method, which gives almost a 100% guarantee that the future child will be female. This is in vitro fertilization. In this case, the so-called genetic pre-implantation diagnosis is performed. The sex of the future sex is known even before it is transferred to the woman's womb. With in vitro fertilization, a procedure such as separation of X and Y chromosomes can be performed. As you know, it is the X chromosome that determines the fact that the fetus will be female. For this manipulation, the father's sperm is taken, which is placed in a special apparatus (centrifuge), where the necessary chromosomes are separated. However, such procedure as in vitro fertilization is performed strictly according to indications. Therefore, if a woman has the opportunity to conceive a child without this intervention, then, alas, have to say goodbye with an absolute guarantee that the child of the desired sex will be born. It is not possible to determine, but the sex of the child at a very early age can be determined using a procedure called invasive diagnosis. Thanks to her, in the seventh week of pregnancy, you can recognize the sex of the fetus. This is done with a special blood test, where free fetal DNA is determined. The accuracy of this analysis is approximately 98%. But do not get upset, because there are other proven options in order to get pregnant with a girl. Although they do not give an absolute guarantee, but it's better than nothing. And these are not empty words, because they are based on facts related to human physiology. medical methods of conceiving a girl

Methods based on human physiology

This group can also be attributed to the scientific,Because all the proposed methods in it are based on human physiology. So, you need to have at least a minimal idea of ​​what a male sperm is. As mentioned earlier, it consists of X and Y chromosomes, where X is responsible for the female sex of the child, and Y, in turn, empowers the embryo to belong to the male sex. In this case, each type of spermatozoon has its own distinctive properties. For example, spermatozoa with Y-chromosomes are more mobile and impetuous from the point of view of penetration to the oocyte. However, the duration of their "life" is very low. The spermatozoa of this group quickly die, especially for them the destructive alkaline environment. But for spermatozoa with a female chromosome this is just what you need. Spermatozoa with an X-chromosome have less mobility than their counterparts. However, they have one advantage: they can live for a long time in the female body. It is on these physiological facts that further methods of how to conceive a girl are based. One of these options for conceiving a girl is associated with the date of ovulation, more precisely, with its beginning. A few days before the onset of ovulation, sexual intercourse should occur. In this case, the egg itself, without which, in fact, conception will be impossible, has not yet matured. Thus, spermatozoa with a male chromosome simply die quickly. And at this time, the specimens with the female chromosome can wait for the maturation of the egg, and then fertilize it. Sexual intercourse should occur three days before the onset of ovulation. Calculate ovulation is not so difficult. For this purpose, a basal temperature measurement, a special ovulation test, and a calendar method are suitable. So it looks like a way to conceive a girl by ovulation. conception of a girl by ovulation

Some intimate details

There is also a number of features in sexual intercourse,which can increase the chances of becoming pregnant by a girl. It is believed that orgasm during sex contributes to the fact that the sex of the unborn child with a high probability may be masculine. The thing is that after the woman reaches orgasm, the environment in her vagina becomes exactly what is necessary for the conception of the boy. Also, muscle contractions during orgasm have the ability to push faster spermatozoa into the uterus, which is exactly the same "masculine" specimens. As mentioned earlier, they move very fast, the speed is much higher than that of women. Therefore, if you want to conceive a daughter should abandon such pleasure, as an orgasm. In addition, penetration of a man's penis during intercourse, if desired, to become pregnant with a girl should not be very deep. Suffering unhurried sex without a deep penetration, because the deeper the penis will be in the vagina, the easier it is for the Y chromosomes to reach their goal, that is, before the egg. And because of their speed advantage, a boy can conceive. One more detail of the sexual act: before conception of the girl it is better to abstain from sexual intercourse some time. This is due to the fact that in the accumulated sperm there are many more spermatozoa that contain female chromosomes. special diet for the conception of a girl

Unscientific methods of how and when it is better to conceive a girl

Finally, it's time to talk about someunscientific options. The first is a Chinese table or calendar. There are placed such indicators as the age of the mother and the month the child conceived. Having checked these indicators in the calendar with their own, a woman can assume the sex of her child. It is important to remember one detail in order to calculate everything correctly and quickly. In China, a person's age is not counted from the moment when he appeared from the mother's womb (that is, not in the civil calendar), but from the time he appeared in the form of a fetus. Therefore, to the existing age should be added the months that are required in one or another case for gestation. This will get the most accurate and truthful indicators according to the Chinese conception calendar. By the way, such a calendar is very popular among female representatives. Specifically, the calendar will tell you when it's better to make a conception. The next very popular method of how to conceive a girl is a special diet. By the way, it will have to respect both the man and the woman. It is believed that in order to become pregnant with a girl, you must choose a diet that includes as much magnesium and calcium as possible. This especially affects the composition of male sperm. The diet should include the following components: boiled meat (lean), shrimps, mussels, squid and other seafood, kefir, milk, fermented milk, yogurt, eggs, mandarins, apples, pears, strawberries, grapes, oranges, sweet peppers, cucumbers, carrots, aubergines, cheese, pasta, rice, peanuts, almonds, raisins. Active nutrition with these products should begin no later than a month before the proposed conception. As already mentioned, both parents should adhere to this kind of food. That's how the basic ways of how to conceive a girl look like. They are quite different. Some of them are more rational and reasoned, some less. In conclusion, we need to add one simple, but very wise idea. Conception of the child of the desired sex must begin in the head of his parents. Of course, it's nice to know when it's better to conceive. But the people themselves should, as brightly and clearly as possible, represent the fact that they will finally have a daughter. Psychological attitudes and belief in one's own strengths and capabilities, aspiration to realize dreams are important components, without which hardly anything will come out. Therefore, you need to tune in to a positive mood and strive for your desires. And most importantly, it is worthwhile to understand: the greatest joy is when the child is healthy and happy. And what kind of sex is he - fate will decide ... or his parents!