calculate the sex of the child The birth of a child is an important event in every family. Of course, parents are happy with the birth of both boys and girls. But sometimes you want to "outsmart" nature a little and conceive a child of a certain sex. This can help and "grandfathering" ways, and scientific and technological progress. At all times, a large number of people have a desire to have a child of a certain sex, and in this regard, a huge number of different techniques that affect the sex of the child. However, no method is able to guarantee you a 100% result. So try the methods of sex prediction that interested you, and in case of the opposite result do not worry, because happiness is not in the child's field, but in the health of children!

On the renewal of blood

This method is based on the update cycle (andin men, and in women) of blood. The results of the studies say that men have blood renewed once in 4 years, and in women - 1 time in 3 years. The state of the blood (blood strength) varies from the maximum (at the beginning of each cycle) to the minimum (at the end of the cycle). At conception, the sex of the child depends on whose blood at this time will be younger (stronger). Calculate the blood condition in future parents can be as follows: the age of the father is divided by 4, and the mother's age is divided by 3, and the results are compared. The main thing in the received figures is the remainder - the figures that were obtained as a result of division, after the decimal point. Example: the mother at the time of conception is 24, and her father is 29.

  • 24: 3 = 8.0
  • 29: 4 = 7.25

Now the remainder is compared: the mother - 0, and the father - 25. At that of the parents who have less residue, the blood is considered to be younger and stronger, that sex and the child should be expected. In this case, since the remainder is smaller than that of the mother, the girl should be expected. When determining the sex by the method of blood renewal, pay attention: if you had significant blood loss, you are a donor or blood transfused to you, then the date of blood renewal should be calculated not from birth, but from this date, tk. it will be the date of renewal of your blood. calculation of a child's sex by calendar

Planning for ovulation

Knowing what day ovulation has occurred and the datesexual intercourse, it is possible to compile a pregnancy calendar - to calculate the sex of the child using the Hatsold method. Scientists have found that sperm carrying the Y chromosome (which is responsible for the birth of the boy) are more mobile than the spermatozoa that carry the X chromosome. However, spermatozoa with Y-chromosome quickly die in the acidic environment of the vagina, and their cousins ​​with the X-chromosome can survive a few more days. This means that during sexual intercourse a few days before ovulation is more likely to conceive a girl, and if you refrain from having sexual intercourse a week before ovulation and resume sexual relations on the day or on the day of ovulation, the probability of a baby's birth is high. The method is called "Hatsold's method" because It was developed by the demographer Otfried Hutzold. He also tells how to calculate the time of onset of ovulation with the help of basal temperature (body temperature at rest, which is measured immediately after awakening, without getting out of bed). To calculate the day of ovulation, you must daily measure basal temperature (no matter where - in the mouth, rectum or vagina, most importantly, do not change the location throughout the cycle) and build a temperature chart based on the data obtained. In the first half of the cycle, up to ovulation, the temperature will be below 37 ° C, and after ovulation - above 37 ° C, on the chart you will see a temperature jump. For greater reliability, the temperature is measured for 2-3 months. As a rule, ovulation occurs somewhere on the 12-16 day of the cycle. If you do not want to spend a lot of time drawing up charts, you can try to rely on your own feelings. During ovulation, a woman may experience a stabbing or stitching pain in the area of ​​one of the ovaries (at this time the egg leaves the follicle). In connection with the change in the hormonal background, mood swings, swelling of the chest, a feeling of irrepressible hunger, or loss of appetite may occur, and the discharge from the vagina becomes more viscous and resemble an egg white in consistency. If this method also does not suit you, you can purchase an ovulation test in a pharmacy. Using test strips that react to the level of the hormone in the urine, you can determine whether ovulation has occurred or not. But the cost of these tests is high enough, and you need to use them for several days to determine the moment of ovulation. Even in pharmacies, you can find a mini-mic Maybe Baby (Maby Baby), which at home will help you determine ovulation with a drop of saliva. Once spent on acquiring it (the price is about 2500 rubles), you can repeatedly use it to determine favorable and unfavorable for the conception days during many cycles. child's sex by ovulation

According to the lunar calendar

Astrologers are confident that the moon is alsoexerts its influence on the sex of the child. If conception occurs in those days when the Moon is in the "female" sign of the zodiac, then the probability of a girl's birth is great. And at conception in those days when the Moon is in the "male" sign, the probability of a boy's birth is great. "Female" signs are considered to be: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpion and Fish. "Mens" - twins, Aries, Lion, Aquarius, Sagittarius, scales. Dr. Eugene Jonas, who interviewed 30,000 women in childbirth, believes that the probability of a "hit" when using this method is 90%. Specialists discovered another regularity: if a woman is even at the time of conception, then in odd months of the year (January, March, etc.) girls are more often born, and in even months (February, April, etc.) - boys . If a woman at the time of conception of the child an odd number of years, then the probability of conception of the boy rises in even months, and girls in odd numbers. And another calculation: this method is similar to the ancient Chinese table for calculating the sex of the child, but is represented by the formula: (Bzh + Mp + Ms + 3) / 2, where Bzh is the age of the woman (the number of full years), Mp is the month in which the woman was born, and Ms is the month of conception. If the figure is even during the calculation, expect the girl, the odd one, to be the boy. And then the pregnancy came! At once there is a question, on what of weeks of pregnancy the sex of the child will already be seen on ultrasound. The pregnancy calendar will prompt the answer. Optimal will be the period of 21-23 weeks of pregnancy, tk. By this age the embryo is quite mobile and will show its gender when the doctor's insistence. In attempts to calculate the gender of the child, do not forget that none of the methods gives 100% guarantee. But none of the methods will give you and less than 50% of the hit (after all, it turns out either a boy or a girl). Treat this with understanding and a sense of humor. And do not forget that your child will be the most intelligent, healthy, beautiful and talented regardless of whether he is born a girl or a boy. It will be your child!