1 Superstitions in pregnant women can be many. The most exciting and most significant period in the life of every woman is, of course, when she is carrying her baby. The woman in this period is transformed, the future child takes all her thoughts and becomes at the center of everything. Everything would be great, if she were not so scared at this crucial moment. As you know, fear is at the basis of everything unknown. If a woman is going to give birth to her first child, no books can not tell her what it really is. The organism undergoes great changes. A woman is especially vulnerable. But what do people often do? Do you think they are protecting a woman expecting a baby from all fears? Unfortunately, often it is exactly the opposite. They aggravate her condition, throwing out a heap of superstitions and myths on the poor fellow. In this people are strong - to envelop the mystery of a significant event with prejudices. For centuries, without medical knowledge, people have tried to fill this vacuum with their own conjectures and conjectures. Sounds popular wisdom is sometimes so inconceivable that you marvel at how you can follow such advice. From time immemorial people were afraid of a "bad eye". Fear that the "evil eye" can spoil any initiative and lead to terrible consequences and resulted in a myth that it is better not to tell anyone about your interesting situation. However, I will venture to state yet another version of the origin of the myth, but more on this later. In principle, the myth is harmless, if your daily life is not related to physical overload. Otherwise, it can do a disservice. It will be better if your colleagues do not put too much pressure on you and burden you with work. Future mums, moreover, it is important to protect from stress. It should be said that this myth may simply be a punishment for the management of enterprises. One woman so cleverly concealed from all her interesting situation, disguising him under competently picked clothes, that the director was simply dumbfounded and did not know what to replace the valuable employee when she put the statement on the table and went on maternity leave. Grandmothers do not stop repeating that you can not sew, you can not knit, you can not recognize the sex of the child, take a bath and another bunch of meaningless things that will turn life into a real nightmare for the child. For example, the people's code of rules forbids a pregnant woman from cutting her hair. Allegedly, the scissors shorten the child's eyelids. But the changed structure of the hair requires care. So the haircut will only benefit. A beautiful woman will feel much better psychologically, which will have a beneficial effect on her physical condition. Myth to buy things in advance - also has no basis. A systematic preparation for an important event will be a big plus when a crumb appears in the house. All attention is to the baby, the house is quiet, and no one is rushing around in the shops, trying to replenish the supplies of quickly disappearing diapers. There is a misconception that the sex of the child can be determined by gastronomic predilections. In fact, this choice is affected only by the acute need for certain vitamins. Eating everything "for two", as advised by the people, is also not necessary. The food should be useful, and it should not be much. You just run the risk of getting complications in the process of giving birth. A large fruit is not at all a guarantee of the health of the baby, and difficulties in the process of birth can lead to injuries, both mother and child. Do not torture yourself with strict diet. But they are found among myths and quite rational. For example, the myth that you can not sit on your foot is not so stupid. The truth, according to which the popular rumor added him to the code of rules, is no good. Myth says that because of this, a child can become a clubfoot. In fact, this pose is harmful, because it interferes with good circulation. Myth, which forbids sleeping on its back, is also reasonable for the wave. A large fruit presses on the spine, especially in the last trimester, which also disrupts blood circulation. You should not blindly believe everything you are told, look for a rational grain in everything, otherwise you risk becoming a nervous person. Otherwise, it may make sense to take advantage of the myth with which we started this narrative. Do not talk about your pregnancy to those who are extremely superstitious, so that a hail of "people's wisdom" falls on your head. Perhaps this myth was invented by sorcerers to protect mothers from them in the process of waiting? Make a wonderful waiting period for the child unforgettable. Listen to your inner voice and the heart of your baby. Now you are one and all your fears will be transferred to him. Do not scare your baby! We advise you to read: