Fight against cellulite Ah, this hateful cellulite, it spoils the femalefigure, and get rid of it is not so easy. But, in the war with him, all means are good, and the strongest wins. And who said that we are weak? It is necessary to arrange cellulite attack on all fronts, and methods of fighting against it today are enough. Exercising fitness or any other kind of sport is an important stage in the fight against the "orange peel" make the blood move more actively through the vessels,blood supply will reach the fat layer, and this will stop cellulite. You can fight with cellulite not only in beauty salons, but also at home. Change in the subcutaneous fat layer, increase in fat cells in the volume and led to changes in the skin in the hips, abdomen and buttocks. How to say goodbye to dermal tubercles and , that would not cause harm to health? Doing sports, eating properly, massage and using creams from cellulite, will become your helpers and allies in an unequal battle, where you have to win. Modern cosmetology offers a ton of procedures in beauty salons, which are also aimed at effective fight against cellulite. The doctor will choose an individual program, taking into account the condition of your skin, skin, and type of cellulite. The procedure of lymph drainage will help to cleanse the body of toxins, which are removed from the lymphatic vessels. Improves blood circulation, normalizes the metabolism, slags are removed - the skin becomes smooth and smooth. The oxygen-oxygen therapy method can be used for any kind of cellulite, both soft and harder. On the area affected by cellulite, I use ozone and oxygen, it is injected into the fatty deposits. Cellulite in cells produces oxygen starvation, due to impaired blood supply, and incoming oxygen destroys them. Anti-cellulite massage - a mechanical effect on problem areas, it is usually done with the use of aromatic oils. The massage procedure is not pleasant and a little painful at first, as the fat layer breaks down. But the effect of ultrasound is not so sensitive, it penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and eliminates adipose tissue. Cold and hot wrapping or thalassotherapy - salon procedures that can rid you of dermal tubercles, and beauty requires sacrifices, so you will have to give up the old way of life. Proper nutrition, exercise in conjunction with the procedures will become faithful assistants in the fight against cellulite, and you will be the winner. We advise you to read: