nail design Every woman wants to look great fromhead and to the tips of the fingernails. Well-groomed and beautiful hands attract the eye; achieving a well-groomed appearance, it is necessary to pay special attention not only to the condition of the skin of the hands, but also to the nails. Express your personality, emphasize the mood or put into practice any fantasy woman helps in the design of nails, or Nail art, as it is often called today. Drawings on their nails for the first time in history began to cause the inhabitants of ancient Egypt. Then, according to the drawing on the nails, it was possible to determine to which estate this or that woman belongs. Over time, the tradition of decorating their nails was adopted by the Egyptians in India, and then by the fair sex who live in the Slavic countries. Often, the design of nails was not at all decorative, but, rather, ritualistic.

Methods of decorating nails

Today, with the design of nails, you can safelyexperiment. Some craftsmen come up with their own ways of decorating their nails, and someone prefers to use the services of professionals. In nail art are used sequins and rhinestones, lace and foil, paints (on the nails can be painted exclusively with water-acrylic paints), varnishes, special gels and acrylic. You can decorate not only natural, but also nails. With each new day, piercing for the nails becomes more and more popular. More often pierce the advanced fingernails, however, if natural nails possess enviable durability, it is possible to do piercing and on them. Puncture is recommended for the nail of the ring finger or the little finger of the left hand, if you are right-handed, or your right hand if you are left-handed. So you will not constantly touch the piercing, it will not interfere with your work. Nail design is also considered today labeled on the nails, french-build-up (when the tip of the nail is highlighted in white), a colored jacket (when the tip of the nail is highlighted by a variety of colors of the rainbow).

Painting of nails

Nail painting today is considered one of the mostpopular and incredibly trendy directions of nail design. It's nice that today the nail painting became available for any modern woman. On the nails, you can draw almost any picture. Patterns can be of different texture - when painting nails, as a rule, professionals use not only brushes of different thickness, but also sticks and needles. The nail painting is made using: water-acrylic paints, sparkles, varnishes, colored powder. You can bring your own design sketches to the salon (in order to find something interesting on the Internet, simply enter the phrase "nail design in pictures" in the search line of the system, and it will give you a huge number of photos), or take advantage of the master's work - maybe you will be interested in the design he proposed.

Types of nail design

Today, there are many types of nail design, each of which has its own characteristics, unique technique of application. The most popular types of nail design are:

  • Art nails painting;
  • three-dimensional design of nails;
  • aquarium design of nails.

Let's dwell on each type of detail in more detail, considering its characteristics. nail design photo

Art nails painting

The most popular technology for drawing a drawing onThe nails is their artistic painting. The professional master paints drawings using water-acrylic paints. Good to know! Water-acrylic paints and nail design, a photo of which you will find in a huge amount not only on our resource, but also on the Internet as a whole, are inextricably linked with each other. These paints are incredibly easy to use: they do not flow, they have a very bright and pleasant saturated color. Mixing different shades of water-acrylic paints, you can get new interesting colors. Among other things, these paints practically do not have a negative effect on the human body, they dry quickly and are very convenient to use. With artistic nail painting, professional tools (airbrush, gel pens) are used, and the technique of applying even the simplest drawing at first glance requires special skills. Advantages of art nails painting:

  • Nails are incredibly smooth;
  • Under the layer of transparent lacquer, if a woman wishes, even petals of real flowers can be placed;
  • Handles look very attractive and beautiful, even if the drawing is applied to transparent nails;
  • You can achieve on the nails the effect of a smooth transition of one color to another.

3D design

Nails with a three-dimensional design look veryeffectively. However, the voluminous design of the nail is recommended for holidays or for parties. It is very inconvenient to work, do any household chores with voluminous nails. You can not only damage your nails, but also scratch people, leave puffs on your clothes. When applying to the nails of volumetric design specialists use a special gel or acrylic powder. Of them figurines are sculpted, decorative materials are attached to these materials. The advantages of volumetric nail design:

  • The voluminous design of the nails can be convex, virtually indistinguishable from the design executed in
  • accordance with the technology of artistic nails painting;
  • the image on your nails can be three-dimensional.

Aquarian design

Aquarium design is performed exclusively on nails. Pros of aquarium design:

  • The surface of the nail remains very smooth, while thickening;
  • the effect of "aquarium glass" is created;
  • this kind of design is very durable.

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