beautiful tan Going to a sunny beach, each of ussets itself an important goal: to quickly find a smooth, beautiful tan. But not everyone can get a seductive, golden shade of skin in the shortest possible time. Much more often we blush like crayfish, a couple of times we climb, and only then we cover with a brown tan on the back, legs and hands. The abdomen and sides, as a rule, are several tones lighter than the rest of the body. Looking at the photos of tanned models in swimsuits, we enviously think that they have some tricky secret, how it is possible to tan beautifully and without compromising the health of the skin. Is it so?

Secrets of a quick tan

There are indeed secrets, and if yougo to the beach, wanting to just "fry" in the sun for a whole day and get a beautiful tan, you may face some troubles. This is sunburn, and an uneven shade of sunburn, and even the opportunity to get a sunstroke. In order to avoid this, listen to our advice. Protection from ultraviolet Doctors around the world have long and seriously worried that more skin diseases appear precisely from prolonged exposure to the sun without special protection. It is not a secret for anyone that pigment spots, early wrinkles and dry skin are far from the only manifestations of direct sun rays on the skin. Unwillingness to take care of one's health and neglect of protective equipment can lead to a serious disease - skin cancer. Therefore, the main motto of any girl who wants to preserve beauty and health is not a minute in bright sunlight without creams with SPF-protection. Especially, if it concerns a long stay on the beach. This will not only protect you from the troubles associated with skin diseases, but will also allow tanning smoothly and beautifully. Think about yourself: what beautiful tan can there be, if your skin got a few burns and already peeled off in some places? So do not be lazy and use sunscreen to make your skin look smooth and beautiful. The best time for tanning Why does our skin, being in the sunlight, acquire a darker shade? It's all a matter of melanin. It is he who is responsible for that the body is covered with beautiful, bronze color. Protecting from solar activity, it stains skin cells in a darker color, not allowing sunlight to harm health. If you think that lying around in the scorching sun all day, quickly get the coveted sunburn, you are deeply mistaken. The fact is that the active action of melanin lasts about fifty minutes, after which the skin color practically does not change. Therefore, you do not have to torment yourself by "frying" in the sun for days - otherwise even a good remedy with a high level of SPF will not save you from burns. The best time for tanning is before ten in the morning and after sixteen in the afternoon; it is during these periods that solar radiation is the softest. And in order for the tan to turn out to be beautiful and even, it is necessary that the sun's rays touch you at an angle, and not directly. So avoid sunbathing during the day - better do it in the morning and in the evening. Surprisingly, you can tan, even being in the shade. Especially good is the tan obtained in the shade of trees: the green leaves transform solar radiation, making it almost safe for our skin. Therefore, if you decide to sunbathe in the daytime, then leave the sun and lie down under the lush crown of some tree - and for health it's good, and sunburn will turn out even. the right beautiful tan

Means for a beautiful sunburn

On sale there is a huge amount of lotionsand creams for a quick, effective tan. However, not everyone can afford the luxury of buying these funds regularly, especially since they are easily washed off, it is worth to you to go into the water. Therefore, we offer you lotion recipes that can be cooked at home - without chemicals, allergens (a big problem of purchased products) and extra money spent. Coffee lotion Coffee is good not only that wakes us up beautifully in the mornings, but with an excellent effect on the skin when applied externally. In order to get a luxurious, bronze tan, you need a strong chilled drink. Take a large cotton swab, dab it in coffee and gently rub it into the skin all over the body. You need to do this twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. Using this recipe, you very quickly get the coveted bronze shade of the skin. If you are an opponent of coffee, you can use strong tea instead of it - he also copes with such a task perfectly. From it the skin not only quickly tans, but also becomes smooth and elastic. Lotion from the string and chamomile You can collect these herbs yourself, but it is better to buy them in the pharmacy. There are plants that are collected in the correct period by all the rules familiar only to experienced herbalists. Take four tablespoons of each plant, mix and pour boiling water (about one liter). Insist for three to four hours, then strain and cool. You can wash with this infusion, wipe your body, and you can make ice by pouring into molds and putting it in the refrigerator. It will not only be a tanning lotion, but also an excellent tonic that will make your skin tender and smooth. Lotion of base oils Base oils are called natural oils, which can protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. The most effective and popular are the following three types: sunflower oil, St. John's wort oil and walnut oil. Buy them will not be difficult - they are sold in any grocery store and pharmacy, but do it and prepare the mixture you need at least three days before the upcoming trip to the beach. Mixing the ingredients, pour the resulting product into a glass jar and store in a dark, cool place (but not in the refrigerator). Apply this lotion on the skin just before taking a sun bath, and also every day before going to sleep - this will help to strengthen the action of melanin in your skin. Rhubarb Lotion for oily skin If you are the owner of oily skin, then you are perfect tanning agent, prepared with the help of a remarkable plant - rhubarb. Very many planted it on their garden plots for the sake of its excellent healing properties .. So, we need a medium-sized root, which should be grated on a small grater and squeezed juice. Use it as a tanning lotion, wiping your skin twice a day. Another option is to brew the rhubarb root in the water. To do this, take one tablespoon of dry grated mass and pour a glass of boiling water. Brew this "potion" you need about twenty minutes, stirring constantly. The resulting product must be filtered, cooled and applied evenly to the body. After about fifteen or twenty minutes, you need to take a bath or shower in order to wash off the solution. Lotion of olive oil and iodine Olive oil is a wonderful antioxidant that works very well on our skin. It makes it smooth, velvety, smoothes fine wrinkles and protects from the harmful effects of the sun. Iodine helps to get an incredibly beautiful, golden tint - this is what happens for those who rest on the seashore. In addition, iodine perfectly affects the skin condition, softening and smoothing it. For the preparation of lotion, we need half a glass of olive oil and five drops of tincture of iodine. This mixture must be poured into a glass bottle and rubbed into the skin immediately before sunbathing. With this wonderful lotion, you not only additionally protect the skin from burns, but also get a terrific "sea" tan. Coconut oil lotion For many of us, coconut oil is a real wonder that we do not know the application. Nevertheless, this oil is just a storehouse of vitamins, it gives a tremendous effect on skin care. Coconut oil softens it, moisturizes, while leaving no sticky residue and gloss. Moreover, coconut oil covers the skin with a thin protective film, completely not clogging the pores. In order to prepare an excellent tanning lotion, you will need: the coconut oil, olive oil, ethereal little tea tree (can be replaced by any other, based on your preferences). Mix coconut and olive oil in equal proportions and add there three or four drops of essential oil. We assure you that you will certainly love this lotion and achieve with its help a beautiful, even tan. Do not forget that before you use any tanning lotion, you need to put your skin in order. After all, only a smooth, clean skin tan lies perfectly flat. For this, do not forget to perform exfoliating procedures using scrubs and peeling agents. smooth beautiful tan

Diet for a better tan

As mentioned above, quality and speedtan depends largely on the amount of melanin in the skin and the degree of its activity. The higher these figures, the faster and more beautiful you will tan. If melanin is not enough, then it can be increased by eating certain foods. We present to your attention the list of products necessary for a quick, high-quality tan.

  • Grapes This is a wonderful antioxidant thathelps fight aging skin. In addition, it protects the immune system. It is enough to eat one small brush a day, and you will improve the condition of your skin, and also get a beautiful tan. Just do not get carried away with grapes too much: it contains a lot of sugar, and you risk to gain a couple of extra pounds.
  • Carrots This valuable vegetable, located in eachrefrigerator, help you quickly and effectively tan. And it's not in its orange color. All of the wine beta-carotene, which is in carrots in large quantities - it is he who protects the skin from burns and enhances the action of melanin. Before you go to the beach, drink a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice - and a smooth golden tan you are provided. Contraindicated is a tool for girls with gastritis with high acidity and for patients suffering from diabetes.
  • Peaches These delicious southern fruits do notonly an excellent taste, but also the ability to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. In addition, using these fruits every day, you will increase the production of melanin and tan much faster.
  • Melon In order to magical properties of melonacted and you got a beautiful, even tan in the shortest time - eat at least three hundred grams of this product, not mixing with other food. By following these recommendations, you will very quickly get an effective result.
  • Tomatoes This delicious, juicy product containsan important substance lycopene, able to prevent the occurrence of sunburn and the development of skin diseases. All you need is a glass of tomato juice a day, and you get a smooth, beautiful tan. In addition, if you neglected the means of protection and still received a sunburn, then a slice of fresh tomato, applied to a sore spot, will produce a remarkable healing effect.

Among other things, do not forget that,that during the sunbathing the body is dehydrated. So try to drink as much pure, still water as possible. In addition, for effective and quick tanning, you need to exclude those products that interfere with the production of melanin. These include alcohol, chocolate, pickles, nuts, cooked corn, pastry flour products. Using our valuable tips, you will return from a beach holiday with no nasty burns and skinning skin, but with a perfectly even, beautiful tan. Skin is the biggest organ of a person, it requires careful care and care. Therefore do not take in head to be lazy and take care of your beauty and health in advance, then you can surprise your friends and acquaintances with sunburn, which only happens with the most beautiful and spectacular women. We advise you to read: