antiperspirant The sweat glands are the "thermoregulator" of ourThe body, which, with the release of moisture, maintains a constant body temperature. But everything is fine in moderation. Many people, especially in hot summer, face the problem of hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating of the feet. This unpleasant phenomenon weakens the skin and is almost always accompanied by an unpleasant odor. Sweat consists of water by 99%, along with which excreted nitrogenous substances, cholesterol, microelements, fatty acids are excreted from the body. Sweating of feet - the reason of unpleasant smell: because of bacterial splitting of these allocation, their oxidation by oxygen. And under such conditions, microbes actively multiply. Both men and women are predisposed to sweating.

Causes of Perspiration of the Feet

The causes of sweating may be different:

  • Illiterate or insufficient care for the feet;
  • Stress, excitement;
  • Great physical activity, increased work of the leg muscles;
  • Closed shoes, synthetic socks;
  • Skin diseases, including fungal infections, often cause sweating of the feet: treatment in this case should be started immediately, so that they do not spread all over the body;
  • Diseases of the endocrine system can also provoke strong sweating of the legs;
  • Malignant tumors, any pathology of the central nervous system.
  • The main rules for getting rid of sweating

    The fight against sweating of the feet will be successful only inIf you follow a few simple but necessary rules. Legs need to be paid attention at least twice a day. In the morning and evening, wash them and carefully dry with a towel. Deodorant - an excellent remedy for sweating feet. Get a special deodorant, which contains antibacterial and antifungal substances. If this means does not help to achieve the proper result, then it is worth using a quality antiperspirant, which prevents the appearance of sweat. Remember that you can use any remedy for sweating only on cleanly washed legs. If excessive sweating of the legs causes you problems, then pick up your shoes especially carefully. Your shoes should let in air, and in the hot season it is better to give preference to maximally open shoes. Regularly clean and wash your shoes outside and inside. It is recommended to wash the insoles daily and change them at least once a month. Of course, it is necessary to change socks, stockings and pantyhose daily. If you have excessive sweating of your feet, then socks made from synthetic fabrics are taboo. You must wear products made from natural light materials. sweating remedies for feet

    Cosmetical tools

    To achieve a positive effect, it is necessaryuse cosmetics from sweating daily. There are a lot of such drugs for today. When choosing a specialized cosmetics, keep in mind that:

    • All hygiene products need to be bought in pharmacies or beauty salons, and not in markets;
    • It is best to stock up two preparations from sweating of feet: for morning and evening use;
    • Balms and creams from sweating are recommended to be applied before bedtime, so that overnight they are absorbed into the skin;
    • For morning treatments, sprays, talcs and liquid lotions are perfect.

    Most of the world's largest cosmeticcompanies produce foot care lines. Russian firms are trying to keep up, so among the domestic cosmetics to combat sweating of the feet can be found quite worthy drugs. Creams and balms are produced by the companies "Linda", "Nevskaya Cosmetics", "Freedom". In the famous series "Black Pearl" recently appeared cream-balm "Cross", cooling on warming gels for legs and antiperspirant cream "Deo-control". It is worth noting that "Deo-control" has a prolonged effect. This remedy is applied once a week after bathing on dry feet. After this short procedure, your legs will be "protected" from sweat throughout the week. In the collection "Green Mama" you can buy a deodorizing cream from sweating and scrub. The trade mark "Grandma's pharmacy" offers the following drugs for sweating: scrub, gel and deodorizing cream. We advise you to use cosmetics of one line. When buying, pay attention to the instructions. It should mention two main functions: the elimination of excessive sweating of the feet and the prevention of fungal diseases. In the development of anti-hyperhidrosis products, manufacturers recently often include essential oils in their composition. For example, you can try a novelty from the brand Yves Rocher - lavender oil.


    How to get rid of sweating, if cosmeticmeans are not effective enough? It is necessary to resort to the help of medications. Well established himself formorron. It can be used for a long time. Side effects - redness - are extremely rare. But if it did happen, then the drug should be stopped. Another good option is the Borozine. It is not only an effective remedy for sweating, but also treats fungal diseases in the early stages. Therefore, when appearing on the skin of the foot of the cracks, the first symptoms of the fungus, go to the pharmacy behind the borrosine. The deodorizing effect of this remedy will help you get rid of one more "attendant" problem - a specific smell. One of the most effective remedies for sweating is Drisol. Its therapeutic effect is based on the blockage of sweat pores. That's why you should not abuse the frequent use of this drug. There is a rather high risk of allergic reactions.

    Means for shoes

    It is necessary both to treat sweating of the legs, andto monitor the condition of their shoes. I want to stop the attention on the means in the form of powder and deodorants-sprays for shoes. The inner surface of the shoes is treated by them. It is recommended to process a new, just bought shoes, in order to achieve the best effect. Good reviews deserved a means of long-acting "Five Days". If you have a strong sweating of the legs, it is not superfluous to wear deodorizing insoles, which absorb water and unpleasant odors. For example, you can buy insoles "stepman". These are inexpensive insoles based on cardboard, processed by natural substances, preventing the reproduction of bacteria. The cardboard is covered with a layer of cotton fabric. These insoles must be dried every day at room temperature. An additional remedy for sweating of the feet is the high-quality insoles of the German company producing orthopedic Sholl footwear.


    When sweating feet can be treated withusing a special device - the Drinic. The method is based on electrophoresis, that is, the effect on the skin of a weak electric current. The electric current suppresses the action of sweat glands, so after a cycle of procedures, sweating is actually reduced. What is this wonderful device? This is a plastic bath, in which you must pour ordinary water and lower your leg. After that, the device turns on for half an hour. You will be surprised at how to reduce the sweating of this legs at a glance simple apparatus. After a daily two-week application of Sweating Diarrhea, it stops for 5-6 weeks, after which it begins to resume again. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct repeated treatment sessions, which will take much less time.


    How to remove perspiration of the feet for a long time? Unfortunately, the universal medicine has not yet been invented, but today the most long-term and the best remedy for sweating is botox. Why? The fact is that Botox prevents the passage of a nerve impulse to the sweat gland. In this case, the iron is not damaged, and sweating is reduced. The effect of this method of treatment lasts from 6 to 8 months, after which you will have to do a second procedure. The cost of Botox injection is quite acceptable, so that almost everyone with an average income level can afford it. from sweating of feet

    Folk remedies for sweating feet

    Folk remedies for sweating feet can be as effective as cosmetic or medicinal. The most popular folk methods are foot baths.

    • Oak bark

    Oak bark from sweating helps very effectively. Preparation: 2 tablespoons of oak bark and 1 tablespoon of willow bark poured into 1.5 liters of water, boiled for 10 minutes over low heat. The resulting broth is filtered, cooled, the feet fall into it for 15.20 minutes. The effectiveness of the bath from the bark of oak will increase if you do it regularly once a day or every other day. Before the procedure begins, wash your feet with soap and water.

    • Horsetail

    Another bath is made of horsetail leaves. Recipe: 4 tablespoons of crushed horsetail leaves are poured with 1 liter of boiling water and cooked for 5 minutes. After that, the broth is filtered and poured into the pelvis, again diluted with 1 liter of water. Put the foot in such a bath for 20 minutes.

    • Sage

    High efficiency of the sage bath. Prepare it simply: half a glass of chopped herbs is poured with 1 liter of boiling water, after which it is infused under the lid for 5-7 minutes. The broth must be filtered and slightly cooled. The procedure time is 20 minutes, we advise you to spend it every day.

    • Salt

    How to deal with sweating of the feet with justusing salt? We tell the recipe: pour 2 liters of water into the basin, dilute 3 tablespoons of sea or ordinary table salt in it, lower the legs in the solution for 20 minutes. This bath will be useful after every washing of the feet.

    • Blueberries

    Folk remedies use medicinal propertiesboth herbs and berries. An example of this is a bath of blueberries or strawberries. By the way, it helps to get rid of the smell. Preparation: 2 tablespoons of berries and bilberry leaves (strawberries) are brewed in a liter of boiling water and insisted under the lid for 20 minutes. Then the broth is filtered and diluted with a liter of water, legs fall into it. Duration of the procedure is half an hour.

    • Rosehip

    The bass from the briar will show you how to curesweating of feet. To do this, take half a glass of berries or rosehip leaves, pour 1 liter of water and cook for 10 minutes over a small fire. Let the broth a little nastoyatsya, then strain it and dilute another 2 liters of water. Put your feet in a warm bath for 10-15 We hope, with the help of our advice, you will find for yourself the most effective way how to treat sweating of the feet. Beautiful legs without an unpleasant smell - this is the pride of any woman. Take care of their health! We advise you to read: