how to drink tequila Alcoholic beverages in the world havedifferent taste, fortress, history. Today we will talk about tequila - a Mexican alcoholic beverage, the taste of which is so bright and unusual that many men compare it to a beautiful girl whose love can bring happiness and insidiousness and pain. To fully experience the taste of this drink you need to know how to properly drink tequila, that is, do not interfere with it with other alcohol, and, of course, know the measure, since tequila, like vodka, gives a strong hangover.

"Cactus Moonshine"

Quite often you can hear how tequilacalled "Mexican moonshine" or "vodka from cacti" - this is far from the case. The prickly plant has nothing to do with it, nor is homemade Russian alcohol. This drink is made from the juice of blue agave - a plant that grows only in Mexico. For Mexicans, tequila is a very important drink, since many historical moments of the country are associated with it. Agave has been growing in Mexico for more than nine thousand years. In ancient times, it was eaten, considered very useful. In the 16th century the first drink from the agave appeared. This happened thanks to the Spanish conquistadors, who did not spend a day without drinking. The brandy brought by them quickly ran out, and the Spaniards, showing ingenuity, tried to make an alcoholic drink from the core of the agave. Thus appeared "mescal" - the ancestor of modern tequila. Mescal exists and now, only this is a slightly different drink than the real tequila, which is made from blue agave, while five varieties of this plant are used for the production of mescal. Drink in the form that is presented now in stores, appeared in the XIX century. There are several different categories of tequila, it differs in the way of production, degrees and endurance. Each of these species has its own flavor and taste. Tequila experts say that the best drink should be aged for at least four years, and made 100 percent agave, without adding additional sugars. The fortress of the drink can range from 40 to 55 degrees - it also depends on the mode of production. Of the simple non-preserved varieties, the "golden tequila" is very popular. To give the right color to the drink, it is tinted with burnt caramel, which gives it a resemblance to the aged tequila. how to drink golden tequila

How to drink and with what to drink

There are many ways to use tequila. It is quite unusual that in Mexico this fact is not assigned an important role, no one thinks about how to drink tequila correctly - everyone drinks a drink the way it suits him. But Europeans have a real ritual, which is given enough time, because it is right to drink tequila - it means to be your own person in the society of its admirers. Man has always been inclined to different kinds of groups and societies, and from this you can not escape ... The most famous and popular way is the use of tequila with lime and salt. You need to prepare a little for the day. Between the middle and index finger on the back of the hand squeeze a few drops of lime and sprinkle the juice with salt. A slice of lime will go for snacks, so put it next to the glass. Now we lick the salt from the hand, quickly drink the drink, and seize it with lime. By the way, if there is no lime, it can be replaced with a lemon. A very common way of drinking tequila in young people is a tequila-boom cocktail. He gained his popularity in nightclubs and discos thanks to his invigorating action. It is necessary to mix tequila with a tonic or a sprite, cover the glass with a palm and sharply hit them on the table. From a shake up drink as if boils, you need to drink quickly, until the cocktail does not settle. They drink tequila and in their pure form, at the same time washing down with a cocktail prepared from tomato and lemon juice with a pinch of chili pepper. In youth clubs this drink is often used for making popular cocktails - El desierto, Sangrita, Margarita. True admirers of tequila add it to tea, coffee, and even cognac. Based on all the facts, to answer the question of how to drink golden tequila, and any other, it is impossible to answer unequivocally. Simply everyone drinks it in his own way, as more like it. So let's take the example from the Mexicans and do not ask this question, and calmly rest, sipping this excellent drink!