how to choose the right coat Demi-season coat is a very important part of the femalewardrobe, without which it is very difficult to do in the off-season. This item of women's clothing is becoming more popular every year. And this is not surprising, because the coat, unlike other outerwear, allows the female sex to always look fashionable, stylish and elegant. Early spring, the weather is unpredictable, so no demi-season coat can not do. How to choose the right coat so that it was not only fashionable and beautiful, but also fit well in the figure? It's no secret that in the spring, when everything is blooming and blossoming around, every woman wants to look stylish and feminine. We will try to facilitate your task. Having listened to the advice of stylists, you can easily choose the right style of outerwear, you will feel comfortable and comfortable and at the same time look perfect in any situation.

The most fashionable styles: choose a coat by the type of figure

So, you decided to buy a coat of demifemale: how to choose a style? The existing variety of models of women's outerwear allows satisfying the taste of all women without exception. Let's figure this out!

  • The classic model of the English coat isToday this style is the most versatile option, which is ideal for all occasions. And it's hard not to agree with this. From year to year, it does not change its shape, made of wool or cashmere, a little below the knee - this model goes well to owners of high stature with an angular figure.
  • Strict double-breasted British trench - this stylealready several seasons in a row does not leave fashionable podiums. For this model, epaulettes, patch pockets and a wide belt are characteristic. This coat-coat looks equally good both on the owners of magnificent forms, and on skinny girls. The presence of such an accessory, like a wide belt with a massive buckle, will help focus on the high chest.
  • Overcoat - another very fashionable female stylea coat that visually lengthens the female figure and makes it slimmer. Especially good this dress looks in combination with high-heeled shoes or a platform. A straight long coat with a belt fits well with tall, slender girls.

But full of women and girls of short staturewhen choosing a demi-season coat, you should pay attention to the trapezoidal cut. Coat-trapezium length just below the knee will hide the wide hips and other shortcomings of the figure. Women with a V-shaped figure (broad shoulders, chic bust and narrow thighs) in choosing outerwear should follow the following rules: try to avoid the combination of different textures, bright patterns and unnecessary decor elements, especially at the top. It is very important when choosing the outer clothing to correctly determine the choice of size. To do this, you need to try on a fancy model on a thick sweater, then during socks the product will not bubble on the back and squeeze in the armpits. Try on the coat, note whether the hem does not prevent your legs from walking and do not pull the sleeves. coat women's demi-season how to choose

The most popular fabrics

For the manufacture of women's outerwear fashion designers prefer to use natural fabrics, which allows to increase not only the strength, but also the durability of the products made of them.

  • 100% wool has been used for centuries for sewing both women's and men's outerwear.
  • Cashmere - the easiest, the most unmarketable and, most importantlyimportant, the most heat-consuming material from all the fabrics used today in the production of coats. Thanks to his advantages, he conquered the hearts of several million women around the world.
  • Tweed is another type of wool, which is characterized by heat capacity and wear resistance.
  • Rattles - this is a fairly rough and heavy fabric, is currently used mainly in the manufacture of uniforms.
  • Velor and boucle are incredibly beautiful, but at the same time the most impractical fabrics that quickly lose their perfect appearance.
  • Leather and suede are very popular materials,used in the manufacture of outerwear. However, the choice of leather or suede coats must be taken very responsibly. And buy these things best in specialized stores. This will avoid disappointment from buying a substandard product.

When buying a coat of wool, make sure of itquality. For this, carefully consider the product in good light. First of all pay attention to the seams. Their quality, as a rule, is checked by the fineness of the thread and the frequency of the stitches. The fabric along the entire length of the product should be evenly dense. The shape of the sleeve should be free, and its length should extend to the middle of the palm, be bent inward by at least two centimeters, while the hem should be no less than three centimeters. In products with fur inserts, seams should be visible, and if they are not visible, then most likely they are glued together - such coats with a high probability will not last long.

What color to choose?

Fashionable women's demi seasonal coats in collections2012 is not characterized by a riot of colors, mostly dominated by dark classical tones. To look fashionable and stylish this spring, stylists advise to give preference to brown, gray, black and khaki color. But this does not mean that the coming spring will be held in gloomy colors. Along with the dark palette, fashion designers and couturiers are presented many interesting spring models, made in bright and light colors. However, before you buy a coat such a coat, you need to think carefully about how often you will put it on. For every day, non-primary colors are more preferable, whereas on the output you can afford a coat of absolutely any color scale. Now that you know how to choose a coat for the spring, you can safely go shopping in search of a suitable option, in which you will look incredibly chic. We advise you to read: