What is a bodysuit? Modern clothes are very diverse. One of its popular types is the body, which was previously associated with the underwear element - combo, but the purpose of this object is much wider than just providing heat in winter. "Bodi" is an English word, one of its meanings is the body. It is entirely justified that this word is called a similar element of the wardrobe, because it connects ordinary clothes and underwear. Today there are several different body options.

Body Shirt

A shirt is a wardrobe thing that likesboys and girls, women and men. But the combination with other clothes can become not very convenient. To begin with, at the most unexpected moment (for example, when you are among people who are not close to you), you can lean over the tucked edge of the shirt to avoid this, it's best to get a shirt - body. What is available to the eyes of others, does not differ from the usual shirt, but panties are sewn to the bottom edge, which differ in texture from the top.

Body blouse

The convenience of this wardrobe is obvious. Blouse-bodi saves you from anxiety and distress. It is much more pleasant, for example, to sit at a business meeting and not worry about the state of your clothes. No position of your body will not surprise your blouse, its edges will obediently be on the place for them.


Lingerie-body, as , should be unsurpassed and refined. Sexy body will be an ornament of any romantic evening. The maximum closeness of the body and the insertion of lace will add contrast and will not leave your man indifferent. Make sure that this underwear is not only incredibly spectacular, but also comfortable.

How to wear a body?

When buying or first acquaintance with the body, the woman thinks about how to wear it, because it is not which is included in the network foroperation. So, in order that when wearing a body did not have problems, we advise adhering to several simple rules. For starters, it should be noted that you should not combine it with underwear (including panties). In addition, carefully study when purchasing a fastener, which is most often located between the legs. Its size should not be large. Also, be careful of the extreme seams: they should not be too hard, since they can cause various inconveniences during sock.