women's leggings Quite a lot of things women's wardrobe,which were at the height of fame in the 80's, later gradually began to go out of fashion. So you can say about leggings, but they returned again and serve as a worthy adornment for many women of fashion. In those days everything changed dramatically, the fashion for such things immediately passed. Today, women's leggings look not only as their predecessors - defiantly, and even somewhat nobly, if this word can be applied to such clothes. The choice of women's leggings is so diverse that it is necessary to be able to correctly choose them according to the figure. In addition, it is very important to understand whether this thing is suitable for personal style. Because leggings can perfectly complement your image, and at the same time emphasize the shortcomings of your hips and legs. These pants are great for different clothes in your wardrobe. In various combinations, they will create the most recent images, interesting and non-trivial. women's leggings made of wool

Revival and transformation of leggings

Leggings originally belonged to men's clothing andwere an integral part of the military form. They so fell in love with the female sex that they soon moved to their wardrobes. Today they are rightly considered to be exclusively female pants, which are often worn with a skirt or dress. In recent years, many fashion designers remembered the existence of fashionable women's leggings, diversified them, and eventually acquired a fashionable and desirable thing, which is now becoming very popular. Today this kind of trousers, like women's leggings, has a calmer coloring than in the 80's. Popular colors are gray, brown, black, dark blue, wine, burgundy - any quiet shades. They can be worn both in winter and in hot summer - in this case it is important, from what they are created the material. In the cold season the most significant and warm will be knit or leggings woolen women. Winter version can be combined with the color of the fur coat, and, conversely, be in contrast with the outer clothing. When it comes to such pants for parties in the warm season, there are also full of different variations for selection. women's winter leggings

Trendy leggings of the upcoming season

  • Until now, the most popular is in vogueLeggings model of the past year - classic or leather black. In them, each of us can feel comfortable and at the same time look elegant. The perfect combination with them was a light jacket, and complemented by a party - a free top and a bright jacket.
  • Hit of the season - leggings of silver or gold metallized fabrics.
  • For those who want to pay special attention, fit leggings, which are decorated with metal rivets.
  • The most actual will be these pants with a variety of animal prints, for example, snake or leopard.
  • The novelty of the new seasons will be velor.
  • Very fashionable will be leggings with an ornament of the 90's, which are made of wool.

women's leggings with what to wear

What leggings to put on in frosts?

Warm trousers occupy one of the most importantpositions in our wardrobe. One of the last hits of the season in the current cold is the women's leggings made of wool. It is determined that sheep wool has enough positive properties that distinguish it from other types of wool. It is twice as light and much stronger than all the rest. Biologically active substances are stored in it, which positively affects human health. Such leggings are indispensable for finding in conditions of cold, drafts and humidity. They are perfect for people who are actively involved in sports, as well as summer residents, fishermen and tourists. Almost all ladies wondered how to wear women's winter leggings correctly. And again, we recall that they can be combined with almost any clothing. In the beginning of winter, leggings perfectly match with ankle boots, but already in cold and frosty times it is better to wear high and warm boots and warm leggings. One of the few things with which to put on leggings is not recommended in any case, are sandals, since with open shoes look like such pants will be very vulgar and ugly.