pleated skirt The pleated skirt arrived in autumn becamean integral part of a fashionable wardrobe. Many women of fashion fell in love with this model for its lightness and airiness. This skirt can not be called a novelty, it periodically returns to fashion, but in combination with other things and new details. The length can be any: from very short to maxi in the floor. You should pay attention to the next moment: the longer the pleated skirt, the more feminine, elegant and gentle it looks. Many women and girls choose their long pleated skirt. And there are a number of reasons for this:

  • This model is more universal. Depending on the footwear, accessories and outerwear, the skirt can become a part of everyday, business or evening attire.
  • It emphasizes and highlights the waist, it may be beneficial to hide the imperfections of the legs and the figure.
  • The rule of "vertical stripes" works. Plissé slightly lengthens the silhouette, visually makes the woman taller and slimmer.

Pleating can be shallow, and in some models rather large, visually similar to a clear fold.

Colors and materials

pleated skirt in the floor Pleated skirt maxi looks best,if it is made of light material: silk, crepe, chiffon. But for a stylish winter image, you can find models of wool or cottons. By the way, the classic print of autumn-winter collections is a cage. As for colors, there are no restrictions, it all depends on personal preferences and the image chosen. For example, black or gray is suitable for creating a classic version. Calm white or beige - will look good in any style. For young girls and more brave women of fashion will suit a pleated skirt in a bright color: turquoise, pink, light green, purple, bright blue, red. Very popular skirts are neon colors. Pastel colors give a tenderness to the image, and bright will speak of you as a creative and bold nature. Models of skirts can be monophonic or with a floral print, in calm, restrained tones or bright, saturated colors. If you want to get acquainted with such a wonderful trend, like a pleated skirt, photos of models from the latest collections of fashion designers will help you with this. The hits of the collections Lanvin, Dsquared, Bottega Veneta, Haider Ackermann, Rochas, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tommy Hilfiger became the pleated Maxi skirts. This outfit emphasizes all the dignity of the figure, gives an image of refinement, harmony. Do not ignore this model and Ukrainian designers - Lilia Pustovit and Andre Tan. They presented their works at the Ukrainian Fashion Week autumn-winter 2011-2012.

With what to wear a pleated skirt?

Long pleated skirt, according to designersand stylists, very well combined with the voluminous top: knitted sweaters and cardigans, straight jackets, loose coats, wide shirts. This combination was recognized as a hit of the autumn 2011 season. Upper things should be short, to the waist. If they are long, then as an accessory you need to use a thin belt - this will keep proportionality. Looks great such a skirt with a tight top or a transparent blouse. You can safely play with invoices. The upper part of the wardrobe can be made of any material: jersey, satin, leather, jeans, fur. It is very important not to overload it with trimmings and accessories, because all attention is focused on the skirt. Lilia Pustovit offers in her latest collection pleated skirts combined with a park that embodies the concept of sport chic. If you do not know what to wear with a pleated skirt, choose a turtleneck. It is ideal if you choose the right color. Very good will look like a turtleneck, matched in the color of the skirt, but the tone is lighter.

Creating Images

with what to wear a pleated skirt The pleated skirt in the wardrobe is quite an interesting field for activities. Depending on the selected details, shoes, upper part of the ensemble, you can create completely unique images.

  • These models of skirts can diversify the officedress code. A pleated skirt of discreet color can be worn with a blouse and jacket, with a blouse is better to fill, and pick up a jacket fitted. Very stylish look neon-blue skirt with a gray turtleneck or blouse.
  • If instead of a strict blouse wear a top, and instead ofjacket - a short leather jacket, we will get casual style. For warm days vests and short sleeveless jackets will do. You can also try and this combination: a silk pleated skirt is a long, large-knitted jersey, ballet flats, a large bag. Very well complements this image with natural make-up and light hairstyle.
  • To create a romantic image, you canUse a skirt in the floor in combination with a fur vest or a cozy sweater of large mating. Add a clutch, ankle boots with a high heel, a thin strap and get a very elegant image.
  • For an evening toilet to chiffon or silkYou can add a bright corset decorated with embroidery or rhinestones. An excellent addition to such alongside will be the brilliant clutch and elegant shoes on the hairpin. You can try out a pastel skirt and lacy top for the evening. Get a very gentle and refined image.

These images try on models of knowndesign houses. Podiums are full of bright, airy, flying pleated skirts - photos of the latest collections will help you decide on the style, choose an image, accessories and shoes.

What shoes are combined with a pleated skirt in the floor?

With what shoes to wear a pleated skirt? It is pleasantly surprising that almost any footwear suits it - from classic shoes to cowboy boots. It is important to correctly combine them with the rest of the image. Model shoes or simple sandals will perfectly suit the business style. A pleated skirt with a top or T-shirt with a print can be worn with ballet shoes, sandals or any shoes at low speed. Get a free walking image. You can try to play with invoices: rough boots or sandals on the platform, knitted top combined with a light skirt will create a rather interesting image. If the street is cool, you can complement the outfit with a leather jacket. As accessories to the pleated skirt straps are well suited. They can be worn at the waist, or slightly lower. The belt can be either thin or wide, made of leather or fabric, decorated with beads and paillettes, perhaps even with stones. Girdle you can either skirt itself, or the upper part of the wardrobe. Remember, a pleated skirt is long - a bright accent in itself, so do not overload the image with details.

How to choose a skirt for a figure?

long pleated skirt Pleated skirts are at their peakpopularity. Their beauty and originality seduce many women of fashion. But it should be noted that such skirts are not for everyone. Plissa visually adds one size, so most of all certainly suits tall and slender girls. Do not despair of those who have a plump figure, wide hips or short legs. You need to try on several different models, most likely among the vast variety of them there is a skirt that will suit you. Girls with fluffy hips will approach a skirt straight at the waist and with folds starting from the hip. Owners of small stature can also pick up a suitable model, you only need to consider that a long skirt in the floor is unlikely to decorate them. According to leading designers, a pleated skirt in the floor gives an image of incredible lightness and tenderness, femininity, and in combination with natural hairstyles and light make-up, it looks particularly harmonious. And the fact that all women of fashion made her an integral part of her wardrobe, once again confirms this. We advise you to read: