We buy sneakers Can I find sneakers for any occasion? Is it possible to run along the asphalt, climb a mountain, jump over a puddle in one shoe? In fact, the ideal sneakers to find is not so unrealistic. The main thing is to know how to search. So, the sole should be quite wide in the heel and on the toe. Sneakers for running should fit the leg well, and the insole should have an anatomical shape. Put Adidas sneakers on and try to roll back and forth. If the outsole helps guide the movement, the shoe fits. Sneakers should have shock absorption and a wide sole on the heel and anterior area of ​​the foot. Segmented outsole provides the opportunity to guarantee the best adhesion to the surface. Amortization in running shoes depends on the interlayer between the upper and lower parts of the sole. As a rule, a silicone gel acts as a layer. Especially pleasant for jogging models, in which the gel is not only under the heel, but under the pillow of the thumb. So you can run without harm to the knee joints and spine. Amortization becomes especially important for people with a high arch of foot. To find out your type of foot, test. Wet your feet, stand on a dry sheet of paper and evaluate the picture. If the fingers and heel are drawn, and there is nothing between them, you are the owner of the high arch of the foot. This means that you need sneakers with maximum shock absorption. And if on paper the foot is imprinted completely or almost completely - you have a low or normal arch of the foot. You can use sneakers with insteps that will not allow the foot to flatten strongly at the moment of impact load when running. Pay attention to the weight of sports shoes. However, if you do not run professionally, do not chase the lightest pair. Legs may not feel the difference in a hundred grams of weight, but their cost can be quite noticeable. Shoes for movement on rough terrain, that is, on the ground, for hiking and tourism is different from running shoes, like an SUV from a sports car. Even the outsole of some models of this series resembles rubber with spikes and iron inserts. Pay special attention to the comfort of shoes. Bad steam in the heat can quickly wear off, and in winter freeze and tan. The damping gel in this case can be replaced with ethylenenyl citate, from which Crocs are made. It is not so easy to damage as gel, if you come across sharp stones. Remember the details: the upper part must be made of membrane materials - breathable and fast drying, laces - of Kevlar, which is distinguished by its strength, and the toes must be rubberized. Deciding to go to fitness classes, many girls want to show off and choose just stylish sneakers. However, this is fundamentally wrong approach, as in gymnastics fitness the ankle should be well fixed. For most workouts in the hall, the damping adidas sneakers are recommended. This advice does not apply to dance training, where work is done on the half-toes and it is better to give preference to jazz musicians. If you just stick to the sporty style in clothes and try to find shoes for every day, then you can look for your pair among the classic running models with strong depreciation. They are safer than sneakers, which are contraindicated in flatfoot. By the way, if you bought into advertising sneakers that pump the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and calves, you will be interested to know that in theory they work thanks to unstable inserts in the sole. Such a sole makes the muscles work. Movement can be compared to occupation on a balancing platform. However, walking to the office and back, you do not create yourself beautiful buttocks. On the most balancing platform to achieve the effect you need pretty sweat. So all the same it is necessary to be engaged in any kind of sports if you want to have forms, as at any beauty from advertising. We advise you to read: