how to restore eyelashes after building In our time no one is surprised by the long,velvety false eyelashes. However, like acrylic nails, accreted hair. The movie and television stars flaunt their unnatural beauty, giving us not the best role model. Especially impressionable teenagers, they often copy their idols and stick to themselves artificial eyelashes. In the end, it's much easier to do than take care of your eyelashes daily, so that they become long and silky. Has come, has increased, and here already result - smart eyelashes up to the brows. Is it only so safe, as it seems, and will these girls soon wonder, how to restore eyelashes after building up? The choice of artificial eyelashes is not so small - by and large, everything depends on the budget. Someone buys the usual cheap false eyelashes in the department where the comb with hairpins is sold, then worries about finding a special glue, even for a couple of days to flaunt the "luxurious" eyelashes. Someone acquires separate cilia and imperceptibly glues them to their own to hide the effect of unnaturalness. Well, someone goes to the beauty salon and increases his long, thick eyelashes, paying for the pleasure of a considerable amount of money. Everything is fast and simple. Unfortunately, any of these options inevitably harm the condition of your natural eyelashes, you will in any case need treatment in order to strengthen the remaining cilia. Of course, there are moments in life when the procedure for eyelash extension is really necessary: ​​for example, you have thin, short or rare eyelashes, and on the nose the most important celebration in your life is a wedding or an anniversary. A short-term increase in special harm will not bring, but that category of girls that no longer think themselves without eyes with fluffy artificial eyelashes, awaits a cruel disappointment: they can lose their natural, "native" eyelashes! As with hair extensions, artificial eyelashes are attached with a very strong glue. The trouble is that for a positive result this glue must come in contact with absolutely every your own cilia - otherwise the new one will not have anything to hold on. As with hair extensions, the result can be catastrophic. Your natural eyelashes can simply not withstand gravity, and also react negatively to the composition of the glue - and then wait for misfortunes. Over time, cilia will begin to fall one after another, you will no longer be able to glue lengthened eyelashes, and you will meet in the mirror a repulsive "spider's eye" - this is how "bald" eyes without eyelashes look. A terrible prospect, is not it? restoration of eyelashes after building

Methods of restoring eyelashes after building

Salon perm or dailythe use of tweezers for eyelashes also lead to deplorable results - the cilia break down at the fold and fall out faster. In theory, in place of the fallen eyelashes, a few days later a new one appears. But in real life, because of poor-quality cosmetics and poor ecology, the growth of eyelashes slows down, they urgently need treatment. Restoration of eyelashes after the buildup should be carried out by every girl who wants to keep her own cilia unharmed. In order to accelerate the growth and strengthen the structure of your own eyelashes, take advantage of the recipes of our grandmothers: they were able to take care of their natural beauty. Daily care and home care will help you restore eyelashes after building.

  • The best treatment for eyelashes is to usevarious oils for their strengthening and recovery. Daily apply to your eyelashes olive, sea-buckthorn or castor little, using a special cosmetic brush for this. Since all of the above oils contain a lot of different vitamins and nutrients, the effect of this procedure will be simply stunning. Oil applied at night, a few minutes after its application, do not forget to get wet eyelashes with a paper napkin or cotton swab that would remove excess.
  • In order to quickly put in order the dimand lifeless eyelashes, it is recommended to add vitamins "A" and "E", which are sold in any pharmacy in the form of oily solutions. Apply the mixture gently and gently over the entire length of the eyelashes with a brush from the carcass, preferably before going to bed (do not rub your eyes with your hands, otherwise the oil will get on the skin around the eyes and the next morning you will wake up with swelling). You can store the oil-vitamin preparation of your own in a well washed and dried bottle from the carcass.
  • If you are exposed to constant stress, then in thisYour eyelashes need special care. Prepare for them compresses from herbal decoctions. For these purposes, green or black tea, chamomile, cornflower or sage are good. Moisten a tissue or towel in the prepared broth, cool to room temperature, and attach to the eyes.
  • For the healing of eyelashes, giving them length andvolume, you can use different masks from plant extracts. From time to time, pamper your eyelids and eyelashes with a mask of aloe juice. Mix a small amount of massage oil, aloe juice and finely chopped parsley. Mix everything thoroughly and apply on eyes, after fifteen minutes rinse with warm water.

Using folk beauty recipes regularly, youfor a relatively short time (two to four weeks) will be able to restore the health of your eyelashes after building up and flaunt with long, fluffy eyelashes. We advise you to read: