how to whiten your teeth at home with folk remedies A visit to the dentist is not a cheap treat. And, it concerns not only treatment of caries and work on prosthetics. Teeth whitening is also included in the services offered by modern dental clinics. Get a snow-white smile can everyone - the main desire, time, and of course, money. The last item is the most common reason for refusing the services of an expensive specialist. And that's why many women think about how to whiten their teeth at home with folk remedies? Surely there are some secrets that our ancestors used? After all, they certainly did not have the opportunity to surrender to the specialist, because at that time there were no such specialists. Independent tooth whitening is quite possible. And most importantly - this procedure is not costly and practically excludes the appearance of negative consequences, for example, such as damage to tooth enamel. The main thing is to know all the subtleties of the procedure and prepare your teeth for it. Dentists believe that home bleaching does not bring the most effective results. However, the correct use of folk remedies can not only make your smile snow-white, but also prevent some caries, stomatitis and other diseases of the oral cavity. teeth whitening at home with folk remedies

Preparing the teeth for the whitening procedure

The risk of damage to tooth enamel is always there. To avoid consequences, try to strengthen your teeth. By the way, you can also do it with folk remedies.

  • Eat more dairy products. They contain natural calcium, strengthening enamel. Fresh vegetables and fruits should also become frequent "guests" on your table;
  • If there is no possibility in daily use of milk, cottage cheese and yogurt, buy in the pharmacy calcium in tablets. It is worth a penny, but with its task is doing fine;
  • Well strengthens the teeth of tea tree oil. Before going to bed, rinse your mouth with water with a few drops of this remedy. It and inflammation of the gums will remove (if any), and the bacterium will kill better than any toothpaste.

Applying the above tips in practice, within 3-4 weeks you will prepare your teeth for home bleaching and can safely proceed to the procedure itself.

Folk recipes for teeth whitening

  • Soda. Add a little baking soda to the paste and brush your teeth for three minutes. This method can be used only once a week, because frequent use of soda leads to thinning of the enamel and to damaging the gums;
  • Wood ash. Contains potassium hydroxide, which is a substance for bleaching. Pour some ash on the brush and gently brush your teeth. Use as often as once a week;
  • Activated carbon. Acts on the principle of wood ash. Rinse the tablet and use it instead of toothpaste;
  • Berries. Strawberries and strawberries have a whitening effect. You need to stretch the berry to a mushy condition and brush your teeth. Here such natural tooth-paste, besides very tasty;
  • Lemon juice. Squeeze the juice from the lemon and apply a brush on the teeth, leave for five minutes. Then rinse your mouth;
  • Essential oils. You will need 2-3 drops of lemon or grapefruit oil and half a cup of warm water. Pour the water into the bottle, add the oil there, shake well. It turned out a rinse aid. You can apply 1-2 times a week, the frequency of application depends on the sensitivity of your teeth;
  • Bleaching with hydrogen peroxide. This method can not be called popular, but it works well. To begin with, many modern bleaching agents are manufactured using peroxide. She can just wipe her teeth (to do this, moisten with a cotton swab in the solution). Or add a few drops to the warm water you use to rinse.

In order for the results to please you for a long timetime, try not to abuse coffee, too strong tea, carbonated sweet drinks (especially Coca-Cola). Nicotine also has a negative effect on whiteness of teeth. Therefore, if you want to shine a Hollywood smile without dental surgery - stop smoking! Whitening can be delayed, the timing here depends on many factors. For example, if your teeth have darkened from frequent drinking of coffee, you will cope with the task in a couple of weeks. But if you smoke, and a long time and a lot, then bleaching can last several months. And it is not a fact that you will achieve a positive result. It may be necessary to seek help from a dentist who will choose the right tools for you or make laser teeth whitening. quality teeth whitening at home by folk remedies

Side effects and contraindications

Quite often at home bleaching ariseproblems with the gums. Hydrogen peroxide, citric acid can cause irritation. And the frequent use of coal or ash will lead to small cracks. When cleaning, try to touch the gums less, and afterwards rinse your mouth with chamomile broth. For rinsing, you can use "Forest Balsam", which is sold in pharmacies. It contains herbs that have a healing effect. As with any treatment procedure, home bleaching has contraindications. These include pregnancy, lactation time, an allergy to hydrogen peroxide, the intake of certain medicines. In addition, if you have a neglected form of caries or periodontitis, you should still visit the dentist, at least in order to restore health to the teeth. And only then to be engaged in bleaching. At the age of 13 years, any bleaching is contraindicated, because at this age the structure of the teeth is formed. In any case, try to monitor the condition of the oral cavity. Regularly visit the dentist, do not forget to brush your teeth twice a day, and after a cup of coffee, always caress your mouth. After all, untimely treatment can lead to far more terrible consequences than a spoiled color. We advise you to read: