manicure on short nails Slowly but surely fashion for long and bright nailssubsides. It is replaced by naturalness. Accurate, short nails became relevant, like never before. But this does not mean that care for such nails should be reduced to banal filing and removal of the cuticle. To manicure on short nails looked appropriate, you need to give him enough time. How to give a zest to short nails at home? Let's try to figure it out.

Advice of experienced craftsmen

To begin with, consider a few tips that will help you find the right shape and jewelry for short nails.

  • Today the most fashionable are the square nails. However, there is one "but" - this form is suitable only for those who have thin, "musical" fingers. If you are not in this category, choose a classic almond shape;
  • Owners of marigolds in the form of blades can give a manicure of grace with the help of saturated and dark shades. In this case the sides of the nail should remain unpainted;
  • Thin wavy lines also able to visually lengthen the nail;
  • Do not forget - there are such colors and ornaments,which can make a manicure on short nails an undesirable effect, make it rough. For example, do not use for the manicure more than three different shades, heavy parts, modeling, too many small elements;
  • For the square shape of the nails, a bright shade of lacquer is best. As an ornament, draw on them a floral ornament or subtle abstract lines;
  • For girls with oval marigolds, a dark background is more suitable. And also all varieties of the French manicure;
  • Love rhinestones and sequins? Use on health! Only, doing a manicure on short nails at home, try not to overdo it and be extremely careful in applying these decorations.

Well, some of the nuances we have studied, now you can start to consider ideas for manicure. manicure on short nails

Business idea

Easy kind of manicure on short nails, which withyou can easily do it yourself at home. It combines European and classical manicure, will make your hands well-groomed and stylish without a hint of excessive brightness and lustiness.

  • We begin the manicure from the bath, in which we add essential oils, herbs or sea salt. What is more like;
  • Next, you need to treat the cuticle with a special oil. Gently remove it. Either with scissors or an orange stick;
  • We put oil on the nails and rub it well, while doing massage to the entire finger;
  • Now go to the coating with varnish. The color should be discreet, pastel shade;
  • If you want to draw a picture, remember - it's best to choose varnishes of the same palette, but different shades.

Strict, elegant, simple - perfect manicure for a business meeting or an interview.

Spanish manicure

Spanish manicure on short nails givesdeep and saturated hue. This effect is obtained through the use of non-standard basis. That is, instead of a transparent varnish it is applied milk-white or cream. In principle, in the creation of the Spanish manicure at home, varnishes of any shades can be used. But let's take the following steps:

  • We make classical edging manicure;
  • Next, we cover the nail with an ordinary base, let it dry;
  • Then we apply a beige matte varnish, just dry it;
  • The main color can be chosen in a blue hue, so you get a tone that is very reminiscent of a summer cloudy sky. In addition, the nail will look more dense;
  • Apply the main tone in a single layer, very carefully, trying to make the lacquer lie flat and thin.

manicure for short nails

Magnetic Manicure

The novelty of last season is a magnetic varnish. He very quickly gained popularity due to the ease of use. Drawing a drawing with such a varnish is a minute affair.

  • We bring the marigolds in order: we remove the old covering, we cut, cut off the cuticle;
  • We apply the basic coating;
  • As soon as the base dries, we take the magnetic varnish and lightly fast movements cover the nail;
  • While the varnish is not dry, take the magnet (it goes in the kit) and bring it to the nail for a distance of 2-3 millimeters, hold for 20 seconds;
  • The same is done with other marigolds;
  • It is not recommended to coat with a fixative.

Because magnetic sets mean different colors and patterns, you can change the nail design as often as you want.

Several stylish design solutions

  • A cup of coffee on the nails. Quite simple and at the same time original design solution that can be implemented without leaving home. It's better if your marigolds are square. We cover them with the main varnish, not transparent: white, pink, cream. And on the ring finger draw a cup of coffee, over which rises a fragrant smell. For drawing, you need black and white lacquers;
  • Zebra. The basis for this manicure is a classic wide jacket. Just put black lines on top of the white strip, you can go a little beyond the edge - it's not scary;
  • Iridescent classics. We do classical manicure, in any color you like. The main thing is that it should be monophonic. Now we glue in the right upper corner of the nail (on the ring finger) the rhinestones, spreading them in the form of a heart;

Stylish manicure on short nails - quiteachievable task. And, having at least a small experience in creating a design, you can easily perform it at home without resorting to the services of a master. And do not despair if your marigolds are shorter than you would like. Always and in everything look for pluses. In this case, there are a lot of them. This is convenience in everyday life, and simple care, and ease in driving. Yes, and many men tend to believe that a woman with short and well-groomed nails looks more feminine and sexy. What is not a reason for joy? Dare, experiment with color and design, hit the men around you! We advise you to read: