how to remove gum from clothes Thanks to the large-scale advertising of chewinggum "Orbit" or "Dirol", almost all people chew chewing gum almost always and everywhere. This bad habit has long accepted the nature of a natural disaster in a civilized society. Sometimes you go in public transport, and in front of you is a charming creature and, slowly moving its jaws, carefully chews the cud. And there is one more. And a little further and more. Well, tell me that this is not so! Even more depressingly, this picture looks in the theater or library. Children - those in general chew almost all of everything. But this, as they say, is half bad. Well, I do not like it, and okay. As they say, not a problem. Turn away, and I will not look. Me, what's the matter! I guess, yes. Until I fall into this same cud, spit out by such a sweet creature or stupid child, where it is necessary. But this is my problem.

This unpleasantness we will survive!

Surely, with many of us this happenedtrouble. Sometimes, you leave the cinema or a minibus, and on your sleeve, or worse, on ... well, let's say, on jeans behind an unsightly sticky spot of grayish-white color. The mood drops sharply. Well, how to remove the chewing gum from the clothes now? It's just that this sticky mass can not be scraped off, and, moreover, not washed. What to do? But you can not take us with your bare hands! Our people have found methods of fighting and with this misfortune. What is there to do! Do not throw out almost new jeans, or, for example, a jacket. So, consider different ways how to remove the stain from the chewing gum. If this happens to you, do not touch this spot before returning home: do not try to rub it or scrape it off the fabric. Part of the gum you, of course, take off. Perhaps even the most. But then the remnants of the chewing gum you will carefully rub through these fibers directly into the fibers of the fabric, from which they will finally become completely unrealistic. But already having reached the house, immediately take the most decisive action.

How to remove chewing gum from clothing in a "cold" way

There are several ways to remove the chewing gum fromclothes. The simplest of them is to cool the adhered chewing gum, and then carefully remove the stuck disgrace from your clothes. To do this, put the spoiled thing in a plastic bag in the freezer. After an hour or two, get it from there, get to work. After freezing, the chewing gum will crumble and easily take off. If it is more tightly entwined with the tissue, and this did not happen, then try to pull the tweezers by the forceps and take it off gradually from the tissue. When you are far from home and there are no freezers at hand, get a few ice cubes and in the same way as above, try to get rid of the sticky chewing gum. You can try to put a spoiled thing under a stream of cold water and clean out the chewing gum with some toothbrush. To cool the adhered chewing gum, you can use a tool for cooling the "Freezer" chips, which is sold in any radio parts store. But sometimes even after such measures, the chewing gum is not all removed from clothing, and there remains a stain on it. What to do in this case, than to remove the stain from the chewing gum? For this, dimethylformamide or dichloroethane is suitable. You ask, what is it? Do not worry, this is the usual gasoline for lighters. Before removing the stain, hold it over the steam so that the cud is softened. Then apply solvent on it and hold for 5 minutes. Then, with a tissue napkin, collect the cud from the clothes, wiping the stain from the center to the edge. By the way, before working with the solvent, check how your thing reacts to it, so as not to spoil it completely. To do this, from the underside, drip a couple of drops on the fabric and see if it changes color, or even worse, if a hole appears.

How to clean gum from clothes in a "hot" way

Experienced people say that to remove chewing gum fromclothes, sticky stain, it is necessary, on the contrary, to heat. To do this, iron a place with a sticky chewing gum with a hot iron through a diaper or paper. Molten gum will remain on paper. You can heat the stain with a hair dryer or boiling water, and then clean it with a toothbrush. There is one more original way of removing the chewing gum attached to the clothes. Here the principle is used: the wedge is kicked out by a wedge. To do this, you need to chew a plate of chewing gum, stretch it in your fingers, so that it begins to stick to them, and then clean this ball of chewing gum sticky stain on the clothes: sharp movements are stuck, molded, stuck, stuck. And so on, until you clean everything. Or almost everything. Clean the residue with a solvent. Well, the best way is to hand the thing over to a dry cleaner. After the due time you will take it as a new one!