how to choose the right laminate The popularity of laminated flooring in the finishthe floor is gaining more and more turnover, and a huge variety of shades and varieties of this material can satisfy anyone, even the most demanding taste. Therefore, in order to answer the question of how to choose the right laminate, you need a certain knowledge of its advantages over other materials and the ability to understand the performance characteristics of this coating.

Advantages of laminate

Laminate really has so manymerits: it does not burn out in the sun, it is ecological, spots of different origin are easily removed from its surface with the help of ordinary acetone. In the coating of the laminate there are no substances harmful to humans, therefore people with increased allergen feel themselves most comfortable in the premises, the floor of which is finished with this material. Laminated coating is characterized by a very large margin of safety, it is not afraid of any mechanical effects. On the floor with laminate it is possible to walk on heels, move furniture, drop cigarette butts - there is no trace left on it. Another undeniable advantage over material such as parquet is that it does not require any special treatment - no lacquer coating, no sanding, no loosening. Laminated coatings are very easy to assemble, which is done by simply snapping the panels together by cutting the stud and groove. Such a cover can be easily dismantled in the case, for example, of moving to a new place of residence. Laminate construction The laminate of different manufacturers may differ slightly according to the manufacturing method and type of raw materials used, but in any case the laminate consists of at least four layers: a base (a board based on fiberboard or chipboard), the surface of which is covered with a decorative layer, a protective layer and the lowest one - stabilizing layer. It is also possible to use various additional layers. Depending on the various technical characteristics, the thickness of the top layer and the amount of melamine resins in the composition, the wear resistance of the laminate and the scope of its application vary considerably. how to choose the right laminate by color

Operating Classes

To choose the right laminate is not difficult, ifto have an idea of ​​its classification according to performance characteristics. The laminate is subjected to various tests on 18 tests for abrasion resistance, scratching, impact resistance, lightfastness, moisture resistance, etc. Based on the results of these tests, a certain class of exploitation is assigned to the laminate. According to the type of application, two main groups of laminate are distinguished - for public (commercial) and residential premises. For use in commercial purposes in places with large cross-country capacity, 31, 32 and 33 classes of operation are used. The highest wear resistance of the 33 grade laminate floor, it can be used in airports, shopping centers and other large public institutions. Laminate 31 class is quite suitable for rooms in hotels and small office space. For residential premises a laminate of 21.22 and 23 classes is used, the operation of which should not exceed 5-6 years. The largest load on the floor is in such rooms as hallways and kitchens, so it is advisable to use class 23. Less passable are the living rooms and children's, so they can use laminate 22 grade. In the offices, bedrooms and home libraries, the load on the floor is very small, so it is possible to use laminate 21 class. Meanwhile, to increase the service life of the laminate, professionals are advised to use also for home use a coating of a group of commercial premises. This makes it possible to increase the duration of its operation several times. The lifetime of the laminate under these conditions of use can reach 15-20 and even 25 years. Therefore, some manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on their products.

Laminate Thickness

When choosing a laminate it is very important to take it into accountthickness, as this affects the behavior of the floor under the load and its thermal conductivity. The most optimal thickness is 8 mm, but if you want to save, you can choose a laminate thickness of at least 7 mm. However, when using laminated coating together with heating systems, its smaller thickness will require less heat for heating the room. But at the same time it is worth considering that with a laminate thickness of more than 8 mm, it is more resistant to different loads. choose the right laminate

Lacks of laminate

For the sake of justice, it is worth noting the shortcomingslaminate, although in fact they are relatively few. Perhaps its main drawback is low water resistance, with prolonged contact with water, the laminate coating can undergo significant changes in appearance. It should be noted that the main thing is not to confuse the water resistance with the moisture resistance of this material, since under the condition of relatively constant humidity it can last a rather long period. Laminate can be subjected to wet cleaning, the only thing you need to be careful and use special fluids for this. Another serious disadvantage of the laminate is its boominess, which is due to the large resonating capacity of the chipboard panel that lies at its base. When walking and falling objects may cause a fairly loud sound, which, incidentally, you can quickly get used to. To some extent, this noise can be saved by the noise-insulating substrates that are produced by very many companies supplying the laminate to the market. Another rather subjective drawback is the non-naturalness of this finishing material. Laminate in this difficult to compete with parquet and a massive board of natural wood, but it is absolutely safe for health and environmentally friendly material.

Laminate selection by color

How to choose the right laminate in color? This issue is really relevant for those people who carry out repairs in their apartment on their own, without the help of a designer. Let's try to understand this problem together. From the properly selected color and texture of the laminate coating, the perception of the interior as a whole largely depends. Therefore, take this seriously, having considered all the points related to his choice in advance. Do not blindly follow the fashion and listen to the advice of many acquaintances when selecting the cover for your own home. Most often, laminate is selected, based on the color of the doors that you plan to purchase. It is also worthwhile to focus on the overall concept of the interior, because laminated coating, selected in contrast to furniture, looks in the interior is also particularly advantageous. To date, the most popular types of laminate, imitating valuable species of wood - beech, oak, walnut. Dark laminate is often bought for hallways and living rooms with light upholstered furniture, but it should be borne in mind that on its surface is very noticeable dust and dirt. Bright, contrasting types of textures are suitable for the design of the living room and the nursery, and in the bedroom will be more appropriate laminate with soft color transitions. We advise you to read: