how to remove the smell from shoes We women, of course, are gentle and veryscrupulously related to their appearance. And we are worried about not only how we look, but also how we smell. Which, in general, is not surprising. We are created from blood and flesh, and flesh, as is known, has an artful property to make smells, and not always pleasant. And the most offensive, these unpleasant smells can stay in clothes and shoes for a long time. And if in relation to clothes this problem is easily eliminated, then the footwear does not want to part with the smell. And if it's also men's shoes ... Oh, yes! The men's shoes and sneakers smell so that the first thought that comes to mind, catching this magical ambregee - is to immediately send this source of smell to the trash. However, we will not be too biased: children's and women's shoes also smell slightly. So what remains to be done? It remains only to find out how to remove the smell from shoes and immediately tackle this not very pleasant, but very useful thing.

Why does the shoe smell?

Let's start with the fact that every footwear smells, evenbrand new. It is no accident that shoe stores have a specific, stable and very recognizable smell. Trying to update in the store, we do not pay any attention to this. But, coming home, suddenly find that brand new shoes or boots make a tangible smell. And they smell all at once: skin (kozhzamom), glue, packing. Of course, you can not call this smell unpleasant, but you do not want to defile on the street or at the office, leaving a trail of such a fragrance after yourself. And the footwear that has been in operation in general is a traitor. You wash it, you clean it, you smear it with all sorts of creams (not worse than your own face), and take it and zavonyay at the most inopportune moment. That's really embarrassing! And why does she allow herself this? Perhaps because it is made of synthetic materials that can not pass air. However, leather or rags (from "breathing" materials) can also start to produce an unpleasant smell. Why? The old shoes smell then of our feet and the dirt gathering inside of her. And this smell is known to cause bacteria. And no matter how clean you were, sooner or later the shoes will start to smell anyway. Legs perspire, even if it seems to you that this does not happen, the dust gets inside the shoes, the bacteria begin their black business and the whole mix gets a specific smell of dirty socks or old shoes. What we (and, unfortunately, not only we) begin to feel clearly, especially when taking off after a long working day. But no woman will tolerate such a state of affairs. And so she will try to eliminate this smell. how to remove the smell from shoes

Eliminate the smell of new shoes

So, after raiding the shoe stores, wecome home, get the coveted out of the box and immediately feel this smell. On the one hand, it's even nice: it smells of new shoes and raises the mood. But on the other hand - very much it would not be desirable so to smell most, and it is necessary, if not to remove a smell from new footwear. In some not very severe cases, simple ventilation helps: it is enough to leave shoes on the outdoor balcony for the night (especially in the cold season). But this measure is not always effective. Then we can proceed as follows.

  • Take hydrogen peroxide, moisten a cloth in itor a cotton pad and thoroughly wipe the shoes from the inside. If one procedure is not enough, then it can be repeated (and more than once). And instead of hydrogen peroxide, a solution of potassium permanganate or an ordinary alcohol (vodka), which has an antibacterial and deodorizing effect, is suitable.
  • Normal deodorants for shoes also help to remove odor. Only to begin with, it is still necessary to wipe the shoes with peroxide or manganese, and then sprinkle with deodorant.
  • To cope with the smell will help and adsorbents -substances that absorb moisture and odor. As such assistants you can use flour or baking soda. They just need to pour inside the shoes, leave for an hour or two, and then vacuum the shoes. Adsorbent is also activated charcoal, but it can leave black marks inside the shoes. Therefore, it is better not to take risks.
  • Vinegar. Also a good smell destroyer. Wet cotton wool in the vinegar and put them in the shoes for three hours (or even overnight). Take out the discs and ventilate the shoes.
  • Each of these tools is good already in itself,But if you combine them, the effect will be palpable. Therefore, you can first wipe the shoes with peroxide or vinegar, wind and sprinkle with deodorant. Or, for example, pour flour into shoes, leave for the night, and then thoroughly vacuum and rub with potassium permanganate. Simple enough. But with old shoes you have to tinker. how to remove odor from shoes yourself

    Remove the smell from old shoes?

    That shoes strongly did not stink (and to smell it allit will be equal!), try to observe (and make it do your own households) the rules of hygiene. So, for example, that the legs do not sweat much, and then the shoes do not stink, wear not synthetic, but cotton socks. Use deodorants or powder for feet and never wear worn socks or pantyhose in the morning! These things are only for one day, and then they must necessarily be washed. Try to convince your man of this and in every possible way suppress his attempts to put on the morning lovingly zanykanye dirty socks in the evening. And yet, every time coming home in the evening, shoes need to be washed, ventilated and dried. This is especially true for the cold season, when we begin to wear winter or demi-season shoes. Some shoes can be washed, for example, sneakers, sneakers or slippers. And other shoes (summer sandals, sandals, rubber boots, shoes) can be washed in warm soapy water. Harder with boots and boots. Of course, ideally, you need to have at least two pairs of winter or demi-season shoes and wear them alternately. Then the shoes will have time to be ventilated. But not everyone can afford such a luxury and are satisfied with one single pair of boots for the winter and one for the spring and autumn. Then try to change the insoles more often, because they absorb and keep an unpleasant smell. And you can buy scented or antibacterial insoles or use a deodorant for shoes every day. Only use it in advance, and not before leaving the house. By the way, the measures that are relevant to combat the smell of new shoes will help here. Try not to be in one pair of shoes all day long: first, staying indoors in street shoes is not comme il faut, and secondly, in two or three hours in closed shoes the leg will start to sweat. Therefore, at work, always use replaceable shoes, but at home try to walk more barefoot. In general, to prevent the appearance of odor is easier than to remove it later. Do not skimp on quality shoes, be sure to wash and dry it every time after walking on snow or puddles. Try at least once a week to properly ventilate and dry shoes, and also treat it with deodorizing agents. And when your shoes are clean outside and inside, then it will not smell! Well, if only a little, and then - a good skin or deodorant. All in your hands, and shoes - too. Good luck!