Clean house for a new season Autumn general cleaning is a mustafter a hot and dusty summer. House without dirt and dust - water motto of good housewives! Autumn is the time of general cleaning for the winter season. The dust and mud that accumulated during the hot summer must be destroyed as much as possible, so that in the winter, when the windows are opened rarely, it breathes easily and freely. Usually a house cleaning takes a lot of time and effort. If there really is not any time, you can order , and then the professionals will do everything very quickly,literally in a few hours. However, not every woman wants to have outsiders cleaned up where she is, the mistress of the house. To clean it was easy and did not have to spend a lot of effort on it, you need to focus your attention and efforts on the places that are most prone to pollution: on the bathroom, the hallway and the kitchen.

Some tips for housewives

Our mothers and grandmothers, wise women, know the laws of proper harvesting, but they boil down to the following:

  • Before you start cleaning in a house or apartment, you really need to estimate how much work you have to do. Surely, there will be a lot of work, because and cleaning of living quarters - two big differences. Therefore, we clearly plan our first day off, so that on Sunday it's time to rest and recover.
  • In order not to look for rags, mops and detergents,everything must be prepared and bought in advance: glass cleaners, special detergents for linoleum, tiles, laminated flooring, microwave ovens and extractors, gas stoves and ovens, and microfiber napkins for furniture and other surfaces.
  • The principle of "cleaning is carried from top to bottom" is still no onedid not cancel. At first, dust is wiped off the top of the furniture, lamps, the corners of the ceiling are vacuumed, and then the doors of cabinets are rubbed, the carpets are cleaned and the floor is washed.
  • Before cleaning, you need to deal with clothes and shoes: summer shoes are wiped and hides in shelves, clothing is also retracted into the closet.

These rules will allow the landlady not to get lost and not run from the closet to the window, from the window to the bathroom and so on. Planning is a great thing!

The subtleties of cleaning

If the family has children, then you have to give upsome active chemicals for cleaning carpets, because a child loves to play on it! Initially, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed, and if there is an opportunity, it is taken out onto the street and knocked out. Freshen the color of the carpet and canvases. A simple folk recipe: we rub several potatoes on a small grater and fill it with water. Let it stand for two hours. Then, strain the liquid through a fine strainer or several layers of tissue and wipe the carpet with the resulting solution. Let it lie down for a while, until it dries. Cleaning the bathroom will take less time if the home is accustomed to accuracy. The first rule that is important for them to establish: after taking a bath, rinse it with hot water from the shower. Attention! Tools for toilet cleaning are not suitable for bath cleaning. The acids contained in these drugs will eventually destroy the enamel. Washing modern plastic windows requires a special approach, here are not suitable means containing solvents. Ordinary soapy water will perfectly wash glass, and a microfibre cloth wipes them dry. These simple tips will help housewives quickly and efficiently clean up at home before a long and cold winter. We advise you to read: