cottage planning So, you decided to build your own house forcity. We collected a family council, we weighed all the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that housing located in the open air, and not in a stuffy multi-storey "birdhouse", is vitally important for your family. Well, the decision is right, because sometimes you want to go out into the yard in the spring morning, lie in a hammock in the shade of trees, gather with the whole family at a big table in your own garden. And now the land for construction is chosen and bought. What next? Before you start building, you need to think about such an important task as planning a summer residence.

We think over everything to the smallest detail

It is necessary to think in advance all the nuances. And in order not to get into a difficult situation later, the site planning does not need to be postponed until later. Many people think so - here we will build a house, let's live, and then will think about everything else. This decision is fundamentally wrong, because such an approach can lead, for example, to the fact that your house will obstruct a place by the pool, which you plan on the site later. Or the need to build an economic building will come and for this it will be necessary to remove the already entrenched fruit tree. All these misunderstandings are not only possible, but also need to be eliminated by drawing up a general development plan. Your plan should include both residential and business premises, a place for a gazebo, a swimming pool or a pond, the location of future beds and greenhouses. You do not need to build everything at once. Adhering to the previously prepared scheme of the site planning, you will gradually finish everything, taking into account the physical and material abilities of the family. site planning

Planning Options

Planning of the suburban area impliesa few basic techniques. In the first case, the residential building is built separately from the utility premises. And in the second - a residential building is connected with buildings for household needs. It should also be taken into account that the plan depends not only on the size and location of the house itself, but also on the size of the site itself. For example:

  • If you are going to build a medium-sized house, planning also all outbuildings, a garden, a garden, a bath, then you need 8-10 acres of land.
  • For a small country cottage with the most necessary outbuildings and a small garden - 6-8 acres.
  • For a large country house with a swimming pool, a large garden, greenhouses and a spacious courtyard - up to 30 acres.

And here it is worth returning to the beginning. Before choosing the site itself, think carefully about what you actually want. Just relax on the weekends with your family, or do you cultivate the lop-eared rabbits, have a large fruit-bearing garden and a dozen greenhouses?

Site Design

How to arrange a future home - it's up to you too. In general, the placement in the foreground of the site is used, but if space allows, you can design a living room and in the background. Planning a villa site, the house is best built closer to one of its borders, as this will allow for more rational use of the area. Do not forget that housing after the time needs repair, so take care of the distance between the boundaries of the house and the boundaries of the site. Do not forget about the economic buildings. Large trees or trees with a highly developed root system-for example, spruce-can not be planted closer than five meters from buildings. If planning a plot of land involves a flower garden, then it will look best before the house. The garden is broken on the sides of the site, but the place for rest should be behind the house, away from the neighbors' eyes and from the roadway. The vegetable garden, if it is provided, is located at the end of the site, closer to its rear border. When planning a summer residence, do not forget about the premises, as well as about the bathhouse and the garage. The bath is best located close to the house, next to the terrace, if there is one. But the garage and outbuildings should be located closer to the garden. If the size of the plot allows, you can make a separate entrance to them from the back. So you have a separate courtyard, in which everything will be at hand for carrying out garden-and-garden works. And the last: be sure to take care of all health standards when planning, and also observe the rules of fire safety. After all, you still have to live in this house!