how to refresh relationships All of us, when we start to meet ourelect, we experience awe and joyful excitement from communicating with him. Oh, what are these pleasant, bright feelings that you want so much to feel for as long as possible! Very much it would be desirable, but it is impossible. It takes several years of marriage, and from the former unrest there is no trace. Relationships often become warm, close, but predictable and monotonous. And from this sometimes it's a little sad. It seems to be all right, but something is missing. How to be in this case? How to refresh the relationship after several years of marriage?

Why does romance disappear in marriage and what to do about it?

Well, here we finally found our soul mateand created a wonderful strong family. At first glance, everything is fine. There is mutual understanding, help, care. The two turned into a single whole. What else, it would seem, to dream? And he dreams. He dreams, at least occasionally, of returning to the relationship their original romanticism. But for some reason this fails. What's the matter? The reason lies precisely in this "one whole", meaning a complete merger with another person. It contributes to the extinction of interest and excitement. After all, your own hand or leg can not cause excitement and constant interest! So what now, do not become one with the husband and keep him at some distance from himself? So not for long and completely lose your beloved man! And what if a more intimate woman turns up tomorrow and the faithful, without thinking twice, will move to her? Or just leave the family, having decided that there is really nothing to lose! Similar relationships can be built with any other young lady, so why strain, shoulder to shoulder responsibility for another, in fact, someone else's person? Yes, but to live with my husband, as with the next of kin, does not smile at all - it's still a husband, not a brother or father. And how to be here? The dilemma ... In fact, this question is quite solvable. We just need to periodically refresh the relationship in marriage, so that sometimes we can see each other again. This happens when there is something unexpected in the habitual existence of communication between husband and wife. Let it be a mere trifle, but it should pleasantly surprise the spouse and adjust it to a romantic wave. What can there be such surprises? How to refresh relationships in marriage?

Surprise for the spouse. Anonymous gift

Unexpected gift is a very good wayto introduce a touch of intrigue into family relations. You can make it any day, sending, for example, a courier present without a signature directly to work for the faithful. Only while buying something expensive does not follow. The husband will certainly be dumbfounded by such generosity from the unknown person and is simply confused. Therefore, it is better to send something naughty, frivolous: balloons, some amusing ashtray, a cap with the inscription "invisible cap" and so on. Let her beloved all day wondering who came to mind to surprise him. And we admit everything in the evening. True, it should be noted that if the husband is not too good with a sense of humor, such gifts do not be safe. Still begin to grumble that we interfere with the working process and in general, would keep their women's quirks better with them. And he - a serious man, responsible, and such frills to him to anything. First, distract from the work process, and secondly, cause an inadequate reaction of employees to this process. So, "you would not go, my dear, away with your scraps" ... Do not make such surprises even when we are too jealous. The spouse may just be scared and not even hint at home about an unexpected gift. And how then to be? Tell me yourself? There is a high probability of reproaches from him in the attempt to verify. In this case, if we are going to make an expensive surprise, it will be better to sign it. Then the gift will surely please him. After all, it will be a testament to the fact that we still need his attention.

Surprise for the spouse. Romantic letter

Another good way of how to reviveromance in relationships - lyric letters. They can be sent to the spouse both by usual and by e-mail from an address unfamiliar to him. Messages should be long, intriguing and tender. The beginning of the text should be written in such a way that it is completely incomprehensible who is the author of the letter. Let the husband be interested. Well, what kind of man is not curious, why is it that someone suddenly inflamed his love for him? Let him be interested in it! And we suddenly in the middle of the letter will paint the details of the relationship, known only to two! And until the very end we will celebrate intimate moments that could only happen in our family. That will be his surprise, - a woman, who seems to be familiar almost in everything, throws out such a trick! Through the years of marriage, she confesses her husband's love ... lights up? And how! He ignites the youthful trembling inside already forgotten during the period of his life together. refresh relationships in marriage

Surprise for the spouse. Collage of photos

A letter to revive romance in a marriage is an ideanot bad. However, not every one of us knows the word so well to write it. In addition, love letters - too traditional symbolism, which is not always desirable to apply. Well, a letter and a letter ... How many of them were written at the very beginning of courtship! Therefore, another good answer to the question of how to refresh your relationship with her husband will be a collage of funny pictures, which show the most pleasant moments of a life together. You can call such a collage, for example: "My happiness is with you", "You are the man of my dreams" or something like that. It is desirable that the spouse of these photos have not seen before - then they will become for him a real surprise. To do this, the pictures are taken in secret, in various places and under different circumstances. Such photos show an undeniable interest in both the faithful and the fact that marriage occurs to him. If we have at least mastered the computer a little, we can download the program and make an elementary video clip from the collection of photos, scrolling to your favorite music. The effect of this will be simply stunning! Not only does the video promise to be very romantic. It will be evidence of a very serious and careful attitude to marriage on our part.

Surprise for the spouse. Unusual dinner

Our husbands tend to like to eat deliciously. But, if at first she admires the culinary abilities of his wife, then later, with the passage of time, they get used to them. Therefore, it's quite difficult to impress them with some chef's delights. A spouse can safely eat some rare delicacy and, without expressing admiration, fall down after on the sofa in the belief that it should be so. Well, we will not do magic over delicacies! We will make a fairly familiar dish, but with a surprise inside. For example, you can bake a pie and hide in it a note with a confession of your feelings. Alternatively, bake pies with a number equal to the number of years lived together. And in each of these pies put on a note, with an inscription, especially significant for a particular year. For example, this: "This year we first kissed", "This year we went on a cruise", "This year you admitted to love" and so on. Great? Well, of course! But you just need to warn your husband to take care with pies. Otherwise, all romance will wander, not looking, and our efforts will go wrong.

Surprise for the spouse. Participation of children

Not always it is possible to arrange a romanticsurprise your faithful and spend an exciting evening alone with him. Well, let's change our mindset! You can bring an element of surprise and into the existing everyday life, without returning to the memories of the first days of dating. To do this, it is enough to agree with your children and find a way with them to remind mom and dad that there is true love between them. Children are what is an indicator of the depth of relationships and their regulator. So why not involve them in action? Let the little son or daughter cook (not without the participation of the mother) a favorite dish of the pope, draw something for parents, write words of love, put a small play about the history of their acquaintance and so on. Can such things leave anyone indifferent? how to refresh your relationship with her husband

Surprise for the spouse. Theater with scandal

There are married couples in which scandals -a kind of way to wake up the former sensuality and look at your partner from a new perspective. No, it's not about quarreling, destructive to the family. We are talking about a deliberately arranged scandal, based on the desire to charge excitement. Here, for example, we will invent a lot of claims to my husband and start throwing dishes on the floor. Only the plates should be chosen at the same time cheaper, so that later it was "painfully painful". You can even buy their inexpensive set for this. Claims must be insignificant, otherwise it will not be a game version of the quarrel, but a real conflict. Is this what we need? Of course not. Therefore, we find fault with the fact that half forgot to wash the cup, splashed the mirror in the bathroom with toothpaste, falls asleep at the wrong time, snores at night and so on. You can invent many such quibbles. And, uttering each of them, break down on a plate. From such actions, if they are grotesque and do not provoke real malice, a double benefit. Not only will they, in the end, throw their spouses into each other's arms. Such a theater will later in the future, instead of the usual irritation from some actions of its half, feel for it condescension and even tenderness. Well, think, again, my cheburaha cup did not wash, scattered socks or a mirror dirty! But he is my ....

Surprise for the spouse. Resuscitation of the past

A very good method of introducing romance into long-termrelations - the re-creation of the moment of acquaintance. No, when we first met at the far end of the world from a real place of residence or somewhere in the same place of work, it will not be easy. But it's possible to go for sure in the café, parks or discotheques on the territory of which the first meetings were held. And it is quite possible to arrange a trip to those places that have become especially significant for the strengthening of love in a married couple. In the end, there is always the opportunity to find some things that remind you of your first meetings with your loved one. Old scarf, mittens, old perfume, postcard, letter, message ... All this affects the most remote corners of our soul and makes us start seemingly completely forgotten emotions. A person does not forget anything. He only puts everything into the shelves of memory, cluttering them with all sorts of rubbish. If we get to some of these shelves through the deposits for years, the feelings stored on it come to life. And they help us to be renewed and feel energetic, full of strength and desire for love. People resist such reactions to people's memories. The world of feelings is boundless and multifaceted. And romanticism is an integral part of it. What method to choose in order to re-establish romance in family relationships depends on the type of relationship and the characters of the spouses. Or from what we want from this. Perhaps we want to please our soulmate, remind her of love, make an unusual night of love or apologize for the mass of wrongs caused? Yes, in general, what a difference! The main thing in this matter is to remember that there is love in the world, and it exists when the marriage is alive. But such a love "does not call and does not drive." Just floating in the sky. " So let's take off to her though sometimes! We advise you to read: