I want a good husband No, well, which of the girls does not dream about a goodhusband? No doubt, there are a lot of free women, excellently feeling and without a stamp in the passport. But who knows how they would react to the absence of this stamp, get to them an excellent candidate for life companions. It is likely that they would try to make a mark on a certain page of their document. Just while this candidate was not found. Most of the young ladies sleep and see themselves next to a family man, who should be a support for his wife and children. Ladies, looking for only tight purses, we do not take into account. These qualities of the character of a man are indifferent. If only he had a bank account with several zeros. The rest poboku. We are now talking about women, for whom it is vitally important to decide how to choose a good husband. Yes, a couple of centuries ago it was easier with this case. There was a lady at the ball, and there worthy suitors - a dime a dozen. About each of them the society was sufficiently informed, and to jump out to marry a rake, a scoundrel, a greedy person or a tyrant could only be a too frivolous or unused person. There were, of course, cases when a woman "I want-I do not want" was not considered, and the marriage was against the will of the young lady. Today, fortunately, this is rare. But quite often you can spoil your life by choosing a man for marriage from a variety of low-quality specimens of the opposite sex. So where then is it better to look for it, this carrier of the highest family test, and how should it be?

Where and how to choose a good husband

In fact, you can find a good husband anywhere. But how lucky it is. And luck is a capricious and unpredictable thing. At someone it literally turns under the feet, and someone does not turn up very often. So we will not hope for luck. It is better to try to outline the circle of places where the bachelors who are able to form a worthy party are most often mistaken.

  • Supermarket If the man is free, then,Of course, he goes for groceries to the store himself. To catch such a fish in supermarkets is better in the evenings. Because people usually work during the day. And when their homes are not waiting for dinner, they after work jump into the store to buy some instant food. No, it happens that bachelors acquire something more impressive, - few men these days know how to cook well! But still most of them prefer to quickly put some frost into the microwave. Well, they cook boiled meat dumplings, fry eggs ... Very we must hang out in the kitchen after a day's work! So we go to the supermarket in the evening and watch for the male buyers. A suitable object should choose a product, not a name for someone and not looking in the list. After discovering it, we swim closer and ask, for example, to get a jar of spices from the top shelf. Do not get it - then, not our option. Will get - think out what to ask for next.
  • Bowling That's where the expanse! It is worth the girl to show that she does not know how to roll balls on the path, as soon as there are a lot of people willing to teach her such wisdom. And if we know how to roll them, it's not necessary for others to know about it. In the end, a woman is an actress from nature. One can always pretend that both pins and balls we see for the first time in life. Let the diversified teachers of art trickle in and try their best to show their own skills. No, well, what kind of man will miss the moment to show off before a pretty young lady? We will only have to carefully probe each of them for ringing and choose the most suitable candidate for the grooms.
  • A library or a bookstore. Yes, and socomputerized time there are eccentrics wandering around in such places. It is not known what they lost there, but it does not matter. The important thing is that these men have time to read. What does this fact mean? First of all, that the intellect should be present. This is great, because a fool-husband can hardly make a normal woman happy. Well, and secondly that the book has enough free time. Having a family, his wife probably would have limited this limit. However, the wives are different. Yes, and men, sticking out in libraries and bookstores, often live in their own world, not letting anyone in. But you can try! Moreover, it is not difficult to get acquainted in such places. It is enough to start a conversation about a book. And then everything will go like clockwork. And if the interlocutor is still a family man, we simply politely say goodbye. Big deal!
  • Fishing Oooo, this is an excellent search optioncandidate for husbands! Not only that they are near each puddle, called a pond, a dime a dozen, so also fish in this "pond" is easy to catch. To do this, you just need to buy gear and learn to distinguish the float from the line. Worms on the hook to be able to nasazhivat not necessarily. Will with what pester the experts in this matter. And you can also get attached to them with a request to help throw the fishing rod, a couple of times waving to her and catching a hook for the nearest bushes. That's just makeup for fishing can not be applied in any case! Not that the helpers will suspect the wrong and throw the newly-made fisherman to the mercy of fate. Well, if without make-up we feel like a cyanotic corpse, then we'll lie on the beach, pretending to be sunbathing. However, in this case, to find an excuse to talk with a fan of fishing will be more difficult.
  • Internet To dating on the network usually belongskeptically. That's kind of starting to correspond with an imposing man or a cute young man. And on the other side of the monitor sits a bored teenager or an entertaining elderly lady. But even if this is quite a suitable for us the age of the gentleman and he appointed a meeting, then come to her can fussy bitch, unable to pay for the girl, even in the tram. Or slovenly fan of devouring, who always walks in greasy trousers. Or ... In a word, some misunderstanding. But! In addition to such sub-agents on dating sites there are also quite worthy people. You just need not set out to find a husband there. To begin with, just an interesting interlocutor. Intelligent compatibility is already something. A man will not be suitable for a family union, so at least it will be another! But in general, it's better to look for a couple on thematic forums and blogs. It is unlikely that there rubs those who need a girlfriend for one night.
  • Courses or studies These are traditional search sitesa good husband. It is unlikely that an amateur looking in the bottle is going to study foreign languages ​​or ballroom dances. Do not go there and skuperdyay, considering every penny. For such things money and time to spend should be honored except that a man who is striving for self-development. This already causes respect. No, of course, he can be an outlandish egoist or a narcissistic turkey. But you can not hide such character traits! At least, a sensible woman will notice them after several meetings. The main thing is not to look at the man through rose-colored glasses. We are looking for someone who will make our life more comfortable, not gray hair on your head!
  • Events of different types All kinds of exhibitions,festivals, presentations, conferences and other similar gatherings - just Klondike for the search for a life partner. There are bachelors of all ages and categories, ranging from bohemian creations not from this world to the overly enterprising devotees of the "Yellow Devil." Neither bohemian creatures, nor devotees of the "yellow devil" are not suitable for the role of a high-quality family man. The first to the light bulb problems are close, the second will be above the gold wither and keep both the wife and children in a black body. Therefore, the best option for choosing a potential groom in this case is the middle between those and these. That is, it should be a person, enthusiastic, moderately romantic, but at the same businesslike, capable of thinking about the comfort of the family.
  • Looking for someone who can be wonderfulspouse and a good father, it is possible through friends and acquaintances, at work and even in night clubs. There is an opinion that in such institutions only different kinds of burning are hanging out. This is not quite true. There are clubs in which a rather decent audience gathers. That is, progressive, creative, sensible people, while resting and discussing some pressing issues. In order to get into this kind of society, you just need to choose the right institution. Well, well, we are more or less determined where the worthy titles of the husband are bachelors. But by what criteria to determine if the gentleman is suitable for family life or is it better to look for someone better? signs of a good husband

    Signs that a man can become a wonderful husband

    We often fall into the trap, guided bychoosing a life partner only for one's own feelings. No doubt, any girl wants to marry a loved one. But, alas, the reality proves that marriages for love are rarely successful and strong. Because when emotions are raging, the mind is silent. And we simply ignore the alarming signs that a person is not suitable for family life. It is understandable. In the euphoria of falling in love, you do not want to darken your condition with a pragmatic approach to the qualities of a partner. But if we really intend to create a completely prosperous alliance, if you want, you do not want to, and let the rose-colored glasses with difficulty, but you'll have to take off. So that you can not eat your elbows, regretting your own frivolity and short-sightedness. So, what are the main signs that a man can become a good husband?

  • Sincerity If the gentleman in the conversation is tryingto get away from discussing some personal issues and prefers to talk as little as possible about himself, we need to be alert. It may very well be that after the wedding there will be not entirely pleasant circumstances concerning his past, present and future plans. Well, the past is like the past. In life, everything happens, and people often change for the better. But the present and future plans may be completely unacceptable for us. Therefore, a person should be open, not concealing what is in his soul and on his mind. Such frankness testifies to trust, which is a good basis for creating a serious relationship.
  • Reliability We often fall head over heels in fellows,whose behavior is similar to that of the wind. You never know which way your beloved will go and what he will throw out. Is it worth saying that for family life this fact - that the knife in its core? A husband who can not be trusted in anything can not be a support. Although as a defense, it sometimes comes up. But how to feel completely safe without a firmament under your feet? When there is a volatile, unpredictable, even a very decent person next door, how can you rely on him? Is it possible to be sure that in such a difficult husband there will always be support? Of course not. So, first check the gentleman for reliability, and then we are already thinking about marriage with him.
  • Ability to listen In principle, this qualityit is necessary to have both a man and a woman. In a family life without the ability to listen and hear each other is indispensable. No, in superficial discussions on general topics, it is sometimes possible not to delve into each word. If the issue under discussion is not so important, it is not necessary to pay all of its attention to it. But when talking about things that are significant - about what's worrying, frustrating, or, on the contrary, gives pleasure - then each of the spouses should listen to their mate. Otherwise, they can not achieve mutual understanding. And if at the very beginning of the relationship there are signs that the guy does not listen to our statements about personal experiences, we need to be alert. It is likely that he will also be deaf to discussing some family problems.
  • The ability to argue Often, choosing a husband, we wantto see in the chosen person a person with whom there will never be any disagreement in the future. This is an incorrect approach to marriage. Disagreements are an integral part of the normal coexistence of two people. After all, they are the ones that allow us to find the optimal solution to a particular problem. The dispute is the father of truth. But he must be honest and fair. If the guy during the discussion is furious and may even insult, these are bad signs. Because in marriage, for sure he will become a scandal in the occurrence of any ambiguous situation. In order to become a good husband, a young man should be able to discuss contentious issues without much fervor and transition to personalities. Only in this case it will be possible to always come to a compromise and save the marriage, despite all the life troubles.
  • Activity in the development of relations This means thatthe guy should strive to take care of the young lady, help her make some decisions, work with the girl to plan something, be interested in her problems. Unfortunately, today there are many men who hold a passive position in such matters. They either wait, when all the gordian knots are broken by a friend, or they let everything go by themselves. It is rather difficult to live with such a person. If, of course, we do not intend to be the head of the family. Because he is unlikely to bear responsibility for loved ones. In any case, try to stay away from her, pushing the lion's share of obligations on his wife's shoulders.
  • You can still argue for a long time about what should bebe signs of who among the bachelors in the future will become a good husband. However, there is in all this one significant nuance. Some generally good guys just do not have an idea about the requirements of marriage. They relate to family life, based on the extensive concepts of it. There are even young people who are sure that marriage should not change anything in their life. And when it does change, or do not know how to behave, or try to get rid of this unexpected state. And get rid of in different ways. Someone goes into a spree, and someone generally escapes from the family. Therefore, the task of the girl who says to herself: "I want a good husband!", Not so much to find it, how many to mold for myself. What is the essence of creating a life partner? what should be a good husband

    How to make a man of the best husband

    That the husband was really good, it's not enough to have a littlesuitable for this role of the groom. Even the best workpiece can make an ugly defective product. And with men. If you do not own the art of correct influence on them, the probability is high that a person will begin to resist, even destroying himself. Of course, there is no need to speak about any favorable atmosphere in the family. What is this art of influence on the spouse? First of all, in understanding of when it is necessary to exercise firmness, and when it is necessary to make concessions to it. And how you need to convince your husband something. Someone needs a strong perseverance from the woman, and someone - a soft, at times compassionate approach. The ambition of a man must be able to warm up, simultaneously developing in him respect for himself, and not destroy. And then he will certainly want to become better and make every effort. A close, hysterical, quarrelsome wife will never achieve such an effect. In a word, a good husband should not be sought, but done. He - not a gift of fate, but the result of painstaking work of his half. Only this work should be such that the loved one does not even know about it. Let him save his face, delicately altering in his own way certain qualities and tactfully directing him to the desired path of development. Let him think that he makes the right decisions. And then the man, in the end, will really learn how to take them. We advise you to read: