wedding preparations

One of the most important events in the life of eachGirls - wedding. From early childhood, we all dream of putting on such a luxurious, so beautiful wedding dress and feel like a real princess! And if you still ride in a limousine, being strewn with a whole heap of roses, then in general the true queen. We dream, we dream about the wedding day, and when it starts to loom on the horizon, we suddenly seriously think about how to make the wedding fun unforgettable. After all, it's no secret that sometimes such a long-awaited triumph turns into a dull feast, occasionally exploding with languid cries of "Bitter!" Or in full of unpleasant surprises day. And most often the reason for this is poor preparation for the wedding. But you want the event to be memorable. And if the preparation for the wedding is not careless, and to approach this task responsibly and creatively, this grandiose event promises to be truly unforgettable, not only for the young, but also for the guests. Well, let's reflect on how interesting to hold this event, and what should be the preparation for the wedding.

Ways of preparing for a wedding

Here you do not have a big choice, or rather,minimum. You can apply to a wedding agency specializing in a wedding or you can organize everything on your own, and you can even do something yourself. In the first case, you save time and energy (but not nerves!), And in the second, you will save money considerably. Consider the poles and minuses of both variants. If you are going to entrust the wedding organization to specialists, then, first of all, choose an agency with a good reputation. Some organizers offer a full range of services, from script writing and restaurant selection to picking out outfits and providing transport for the wedding cortege. Other agencies act as intermediaries and simply find you those who provide a decent banquet, music and entertainment support and rental of wedding accessories. So ask not only the prices, but also the list of services provided by such an organization. If you think that with the preparation of the wedding you can manage on your own, then be prepared not only for the big expenses, but also for the maximum waste of time, mental and physical strength. Of course, to train the wedding will not have to one person - it's a common holiday of the newlyweds and their parents. Therefore, it will be expedient to distribute the duties. For example, some parents completely take on the organization of a banquet, while the latter are engaged in the purchase of wedding dresses and provide wedding transport. The script can be developed by young people themselves or by asking friends and relatives for help. In a word, there are not so many options, but there are not so many opportunities. Advantages of applying to specialists: saving your own time and the ability to avoid different overlays. Cons, perhaps, only one - the need to lay out a tidy sum for the work of the organizers themselves. With self-preparation of the wedding, you will save much money, you can choose the restaurant that suits you for the price and cuisine, and make a lot of wedding attributes and accessories with your own hands. There are a lot of minuses in this variant - you can simply not meet the deadlines, you will need a lot of free time, you can just get tired so that the holiday will not be happy. And, nevertheless, the choice will have to be made. However, regardless of the option that you prefer, you can save, and also choose a holiday scenario. Let's dwell on these points in more detail. preparation for a wedding by one's own hands

How to spend a wedding inexpensively?

Although the preparation and planning of a wedding dayrequire a thorough approach, everything begins usually with the intention of young people not to spend too much on the wedding. They can be understood, because the money will be useful in a wedding trip. So why throw them to the wind, arranging a lavish feast and inviting a lot of guests to the wedding? How cheap to spend a wedding and at the same time a bride to put on such a beautiful white dress and ride a limousine for at least a couple of kilometers? Correctly. Save on the number of guests. This is where the first trick lies. Because the wedding is a wedding, and if you invite her friend Lena to her, and forget about Olga's girlfriend, Olya will be mortally wounded and become an enemy for the rest of her life. And if you call my mother's sister Aunt Lida and my father's uncle Sasha, but do not call their second sisters and brothers, it will be unfair. And it does not matter that we do not even remember how they look. It's ugly, that's all! Also try something to object to the daddy with mum. From the point of view of the parents, the ideal wedding is the wedding, on which there are all, without exception, relatives whose names we do not remember and do not know the persons. It's nothing, it's normal, parents say, because the money collected from the guests should pay back the wedding. Whether it will be paid off, it is not known, but the question of how to spend a wedding inexpensively disappears by itself. All the "inexpensive" come before the presentation of parents about the perfect wedding. No, young people intending to conduct a wedding inexpensively have, of course, an alternative. They can go to the registrar's office in jeans without telling their parents about it, drink a bottle of champagne on the street, and then take and roll somewhere for a whole honeymoon. But, firstly, it is fraught with resentment of mothers, dads and other relatives, and secondly, it is unlikely that after such a modest marriage, there will be some vivid memories about him. You can switch off for a month to the warm sea at any time. A wedding happens once in a lifetime. In a word, we forget about the word "inexpensive" and change it to the phrase "as economically as possible." There are more spaces here. You can save on the wedding salon, and on dishes, and on renting the place where the wedding will be held, and even on the toastmaster. And you can not buy, and make your own invitations, bonbonniere, seating cards. Yes, and some attributes of the costumes of young people can also be done by themselves. For example, many girls will find it an honor to make their own hands a boutonniere for a groom, with pleasure they will make a bridal handbag or even a bouquet for their attire. And you can ask especially skilled craftsmen or relatives to make a cushion for your rings or a chest for money, embroider a towel, bake a loaf or even make a wedding cake.

Wedding Day Scenario

It is very important for any wedding script preparation. The script for a wedding day is serious. The wedding day schedule should not be made, focusing on the program of the mother's wedding with the pope, girlfriends, uncles with an aunt or grandmother. They had their own wedding, we have our own, and we arrange it according to our own desires. No, of course, from the screams "Bitter!" And the parade of relatives and friends, you can not go anywhere at the wedding, but they have an indirect relationship to the wedding day schedule. How to compile this schedule? A wedding is a celebration of the bride and groom. And only they can decide how to make a plan for a wedding day, where to celebrate a wedding, what to treat guests, and what, in the end, to wear it. Because a white dress with crinoline is super, but spending the whole day in it is not as easy as it seems. Especially if the place of the wedding, - a country house, some rock club or a beautiful meadow on the shore of the reservoir. Long in the crinoline and the stilettos here you can not run. I do not want wedding contests for the second day, and do not! Do not want to redeem the bride stolen by friends, - and do not! Do not want to drink champagne from the bride's shoe - and do not! All this is already full of nastiness and does not add to the fun at the party. In planning the wedding day should be a maximum of imagination and free creativity. Wish the bride and groom to marry in a balloon, - go ahead! They dream to ride this day in the city on motorcycles, surrounded by a detachment of bikers, - yes for God's sake! They want to force relatives to frolic in the virgin nature and sleep in tents - and let yourself! Away the bored traditions, except boredom nothing provocative! In a word, if we reflect on how interesting it is to hold a wedding, then we think, first of all, about what we want. And not to others. When starting the planning of a wedding day, one must remember - everything can not go perfectly. Well, it does not happen like this, that's all! We can say that if something happened through a stump-deck, then the wedding was a success. The bride's dress will not be the same, instead of a limousine it will be possible to order a black Lexus, the girlfriend of the bride will sleep, on the way to the registrar the car will burst a wheel ... Is it too little? All these force majors should be taken into account and the nerves should not be harnessed, if they do occur. A wedding is a day of joy, not a royal reception. However, even at these receptions, everything happens. wedding preparation

Perfect wedding

Well, of course, not every couple decides todrawing up of an unusual plan for a wedding day. After all, that is usually strictly opposed by the parents. Yes, and the young themselves often want a wedding that would best correspond to the traditions - with a limousine, a photo session, ransom, a walk and so on. In this case, when planning a wedding day, you should make a list of wedding cases and hold a preliminary rehearsal according to this list. When drawing up a list of wedding cases, one must take into account the unpredictability of the weather and the presence of traffic jams on the roads, make a discount for being late for the marriage of the right people, for the fact that someone will forget something and so on. This will help to avoid unpleasant surprises and keep calm. Do not make the wedding program too full. After all, the bride and groom are not stayer. And too long walk after REGISTRY OFFICE can greatly exhaust them. But there is still a restaurant, endless kisses, crowds of guests, dances and all sorts of entertaining quirks. Can you stand it all in one day? No. Therefore, we plan the wedding, focusing on the minimum expenditure of effort on traditional activities: registrar, a walk, a restaurant. Then the forces will remain for joy. When planning a wedding, you need to focus on the budget available for it. All the young, of course, want it to be very pompous. However, to borrow for a wedding or to save for a year is unreasonable. It is not a fact that at the wedding it will be possible to collect the amount of money that will not only cover all the expenses for it, but will also pay off with interest. There is no money for a grand dinner, - we will make a buffet with champagne, there is no money for musicians, - we will invite a DJ. The main thing - that was fun! And, to be fun and happy, the preparation for the wedding should include the psychological aspect. That is, you need to be ready to everything. Because the stylist can differently make up his eyes or cook up a horrible hairstyle, the groom get drunk in the trash on the night before the wedding, the second cousin enter into a fist fight with the toastmaster, and the witness falls asleep in the face of Olivier. Well, let! It's a wedding! And it is these incidents that will be remembered after many years with a warm smile. And all this does not matter. It is important that the girl and the guy from now on are not just lovers. They are now - a real family, which has a great future, very interesting and full of all kinds of events. And they will go to him alone. We advise you to read: