leather wedding The wedding day has long been celebrated in a circlefamilies. This is the first family holiday of every newly-married couple, therefore the spouses celebrate the date of formation of their union every year. On this day, not only watching wedding photos and films, recalling the brightest moments of the wedding ceremony and funny curiosities that happened during the celebration, but also evaluate the next year together, determining for themselves the most important of its details and outlining future joint projects. For each family, the day of their marriage is a special date, therefore it is customary for married couples to exchange gifts. Some adhere to traditional definitions of wedding dates and present to their own half a symbolic gift in the spirit of our ancestors, others follow modern fashion and choose the standard accepted in our time: jewelry, stylish accessories, tourist trips and even cars. Regardless of the level of security, all families on this day are united by one - congratulating each other on the next year together and exchanging pleasant surprises. simple gifts for a leather wedding

The ancient traditions of the 3 rd anniversary of the wedding

As usual, wedding anniversaries are giventhe names of different materials, depending on the number of years lived together and the degree of strength of the relationship. 3 years of marriage is compared to a strong, but still capricious and demanding skin, for which you need constant care to preserve its shape and shine, so this period of cohabitation is called the leather wedding. Based on the name, on this day the spouses are advised to wear clothes and accessories with leather elements. The traditional component of the festive table is rye bread, from which the husband and wife should be the first to eat a piece. The feast officially begins only after this procedure. The main dish served on the table is meat broth with pieces of rye bread or crackers from it. Such bread is a certain attribute of intimacy as between the perpetrators of the celebration, and all those gathered at the table. Spouses, as usual, exchange gifts from the skin, and guests give products that symbolize coziness in the house and wealth, but which will be uniquely used in everyday life. These can be slippers made of leather, a leather-bound photo album or even a whole animal skin. Another custom of a leather wedding is a ceremony of whipping dishes: a married couple should break a plate into as many pieces as possible. The smaller they are and the more they turn out, the richer and happier the family should become in the future. It was from here that the familiar expression of the beating of utensils followed. Original gifts for a leather wedding

Original gifts for women

Often, the male half of the population approachesthe choice of the presentation is far from being creative. Gift for a leather wedding women become bags, shoes or gloves. Of course, this is better than nothing, but having shown quite a bit of imagination, you can find a lot of interesting gifts that will lead a beloved person into raptures. Lovers of the exclusive, of course, will have to taste leather handicraft adornments. It can be bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches and many other things handmade, having a rabid popularity in our time. Possessors of a large number of ornaments can also be safely presented with a casket for storing them, made of leather. All this can be bought in specialized stores or ordered through the Internet from private craftsmen. Young ladies, who adore reading, should present their favorite book or a collection of poems in leather binding. It will bring joy and point out the special attention of a man to the partiality of his half. Any gift given, related to the woman's favorite activities, will undoubtedly emphasize that a man is aware of her hobby and approves of her hobbies. And nothing so holds the union together, as respect for each other's personal space. And, of course, no girl will give up the gift associated with maintaining the beauty and youth of her face and body. A certificate for a number of cosmetological caregivers, a massage course or a visit to the spa will delight and give unforgettable moments of happiness to its owner. In this case, even the old traditions will be observed indirectly, as the gift is associated with skin care, which means that it can also be considered directly related to this holiday. You can present gifts for joint leisure activities: tickets for a concert, a rare theatrical performance, ballooning, parachute jump or a trip to a holiday home for the weekend. In such signs of attention there is no connection with the leather traditions, but joint activities undoubtedly further unite and give the opportunity to enjoy each other's company. unusual gifts for a leather wedding

Unusual and useful gifts for a man

Leather wedding - 3-year boundary of the jointlife, after which, the married couple literally merged into a single organism and feels each other's skin. In the list of gifts that are most often presented to the spouse, there is nothing unusual, they are united by one thing - they are made of leather. These are diaries, a purse, business cards or briefcases. But in order to remember the date, you need to make a unique present. Any item can be made a piece gift, if you make on it an exclusive inscription or engraving. Business men who value their spare time can give a watch with a smart leather strap, car owners - leather covers in the salon or leather seats. Fans of viewing world football and hockey matches will have to taste a new leather sofa with a built-in bar and backlight. An original and unusual gift for a leather wedding will be an individual massage chair made of leather. Fans of fishing will be pleased to get a ticket to a special tourist voyage to fish places, or you can arrange a weekend tour for two in some colorful and secluded place. Whatever the gift, one thing is important: it is a special sign of the attention of a loving person, and attention to each other is a pledge of a strong union and unconditional mutual understanding for a long time.

Symbolic presents and their meaning

With the years, emotions change so much thatafter another couple of years, you can look at each other with astonishment and sincerely do not understand what makes so many different people together. A sense of euphoria and an intoxicating sense of novelty of relations take place after a year of cohabitation. Only wise and really loving people are able to preserve their fragile world and to reach a new, strengthened level of interconnection. Not the least role in this is played by insignificant signs of attention provided by a married couple to each other, because everyday manifestation of special feelings is very important at the initial stage of building relationships. The tradition to celebrate every anniversary of the wedding can play an excellent role in establishing a life, create a unique model of the family with its own customs and rules of conduct. In addition to the annual preparation of symbolic presents for this date, we can agree on several more options for a festive day. It can be a joint trip to a certain restaurant, where once the couple met, cooking a special dish in 4 hands and erecting it to the rank of the first family tradition. The main thing is that, repeating from year to year, these actions carried all the same meaning and kept the same value for the 2 loving hearts, reminding them and confirming to everyone that they are still a family with a capital letter. Gifts for the anniversary of the wedding can be expensive and symbolic, serious and funny, ordinary and creative - there are plenty of options. But whatever choice, an indispensable part of the surprise should be love, care and attention.