how to become a good wife If you are reading this article - it means you wantbe not just a wife, but a beautiful wife and an excellent hostess. But what does this mean and how to become a good wife? Well, in the end it depends not only on you, but also on your husband. After all, a good wife should be able to determine the needs of her husband, and she must act according to these needs. It should be remembered that marriage is a partnership, so you have the right to expect that your husband will also make certain efforts for your well-being. But now it's about you.

Qualities of a good wife

Every married man wants to have a good wife. And at the wedding, every bride hears the wish to be a good wife to her husband and a good housewife in the house. But what does this mean - a good wife? Many girls do not know what makings can make her an ideal wife, and the qualities of good housewives can be judged only by the stories of more experienced married women. But many of these qualities are inherent in women from nature. If something is missing, it can be raised in itself. So, what are the qualities that a man usually looks for in a woman, you need to educate yourself?

  • Pleasant and easy to communicate

As they say, be yourself as you wantsee others. Never be rude to your husband, children, friends. Be warmer, kinder, more positive. Do not forget about the need for mutual understanding. Do not be one of those people who know how to constantly keep everyone in suspense only because they themselves had a difficult day. A good wife always talks to her husband, maintaining a pleasant tone of voice, and always meets her husband with a smile, and not with an acidic mine.

  • Feeling respect for her husband

If you want your husband to respect you, considerand you to it with respect. Respect begins to manifest itself in how a person talks and behaves with others. In conversation with the husband it is necessary to refrain from hard statements. A good wife will never humiliate her husband or talk disrespectfully with him, either in public or in private. Accept your husband as he is, and do not try to change him according to your understanding. He will do much for you, if only you will give him the opportunity to be himself. Your husband, too, like you, is a person, moreover, a person developing. Just help him grow in the direction that he chooses himself, and give him a chance to help you develop your personality.

  • Mutual understanding and relationship

These qualities are the key to a healthy, strong marriage. Never deceive each other, do not hide anything. Be always honest with your husband. Every day, take the time to sit down and talk about something, even if this communication is not too long. Although for half an hour, but regularly. Each of you must know what his precious half lives. Each of you must feel that you are open to each other. As soon as there is a feeling that there are such things that you can not share with your husband - it will mean that your marriage is in trouble. Good relations between spouses help to build confidence and make the link between them more solid. Do not make any decisions about family matters without consulting your husband.

  • Support

The husband expects from his wife support and understanding, especiallyWhen it starts to pursue failure. What does it mean to be a good wife in difficult times? It means - to continue to love your husband in times of his failures as much as when he is successful. So - to support her husband at all stages of his career and life. Never diminish the achievements of men, do not hurt him with reproaches. There is no quicker way to get your man outraged than to start criticizing or humiliating him, especially in the presence of outsiders. Be proud of his achievements and sincerely praise him. If you do this, then you can be sure that your husband will treat you in the same way, and will respect and appreciate you for your support.

  • Never saw

No man likes when a wife startsread him notations. But many women, unfortunately, mistakenly believe that this is the only way to get her husband to do something right. The truth is that such behavior on your part can significantly undermine your relationship; relations can deteriorate and even reach the gap. Your husband is an adult with his thoughts and desires. He can see the situation in his own way. And the fact that you think that he has to do something in one way or another does not at all mean that he really should do it this way.

  • Ability to clearly express your feelings and needs

Except for the rare cases when your husbandpsychic, do not expect that he will be able to guess your thoughts and desires. If you want something - tell him about it. If he did something wrong - calmly explain to him this, and do not sulk silently while sitting in the corner. Speak directly when you need something, and do not make hints and do not go around the bush. Any, even the most complex problem should be discussed openly and clearly, without allegory. Express their emotions calmly and directly - that's what it means to be a good wife in the understanding of a man.

  • Give him freedom

As a person close to your husband you mustunderstand that he has other interests besides you. He has parents, friends and colleagues who are also part of his life. He, like you, can have hobbies and hobbies. Do not expect constant attention from him. Do not stop him if he wants to go talk with friends or go to gym classes. The wife, who tries to prevent this, causes the man only irritation and desire to do everything out of protest out of spite.

  • To make surprises

Men also like surprises and displays of attention. It can be anything - for example, an organization secretly on behalf of a birthday party on the occasion of his birthday, or preparing a script for a stormy night of passion, where you act as a seducer. Your surprises do not have to be complex or expensive - the main thing is that they are made from the heart and with love. Even if it's just an inscription on a beautiful postcard - the man will be touched, and on the first romantic evening will be especially gentle with you. And if you do not skimp on pleasant surprises for your husband - then you already know how to be a good wife.

  • Talk more often about love and gratitude

Men are very fond of praise and gratitude. Do not pity him kind words. Men like women like to hear the words "I love you". Give him gifts, in which your care and love is invested, instead of getting rid of nothing meaningful souvenirs. Let it be a very inexpensive little thing, the main thing is that it is something that he will surely like or will be useful for. Spoil it with something, especially if you are at home and no one disturbs you. For example, you can make your husband a relaxing massage. Men love to luxuriate! If you will often spoil it, he will dream of getting home faster, be bored without you and often think about you. Your love and care will not go unnoticed; they can even inspire your husband to a "feat" for you. For example, you get flowers not for the holiday, but just like that.

  • Honesty, loyalty, devotion

Reasoning about what it means to be a good wife,It is impossible not to say even a few words about these qualities. It goes without saying that a good wife should be honest, faithful to her husband, dedicating her life to him. After all, it's exactly such a commitment that you both took upon yourself by marrying. And this is the most important thing that a man values ​​in his wife. Much can be forgiven a beloved woman, but not treachery or deception.

  • Home cosiness

For all the seeming inability of a mankeep cleanliness and order, home comfort, he highly appreciates. And he will also appreciate his wife, who constantly tries to be an exemplary mistress, maintains order in the house and keeps all things clean and tidy. In addition, men like it very much when the wife takes care of money and takes seriously the family budget.

  • Make him happy in bed

Sexual intimacy is an essential partany marriage. Most men have the strongest emotional and physical needs and desires associated with sex, and your relationship to intimacy with your husband is often crucial to his happiness in particular and to the strength of marriage in general. And if you deprive the husband of this happiness, he will go where he can get it. In the end, a man is always a man first! Without affection, intimate conversations, without love, which could come from your relationship in bed, a man becomes irritable and grumpy. He will suffer from a sense of rejection and will no longer feel tender feelings for his wife. Remember that love affection makes you more intimate, which is important for both of you. Therefore, try to make your intimate life more interesting and diverse, and in everyday life do not skimp on the affection and physical contact with her husband - hug, touch the hand, pat on the cheek. Any man would be happy to get a wife with all the qualities mentioned. Maybe we missed something? Let the men correct us if they catch these lines. And you, dear women, tell me honestly - is it so difficult to fulfill the wishes of men for each named item? No, of course, our men do not expect anything impossible from us. And they are ready to pay with gratitude and love for our attention to them. Now that we have "overheard" male thoughts, we can firmly be sure of what it means to be a good wife for our husband and how to make him happy. And to forget nothing - we put the rules in a frame and hang in the brightest and cozy corner of our soul: how to become a good housewife and wife

How to become an ideal wife for your husband?

  • Always prepare to meet with your husband;
  • Supper should always be ready before the husband returns home. Even if he returns late, dinner should wait for him. This is your way of showing your husband what you think of him and taking care of his needs;
  • Wear clean clothes, check if it is OKyour hairstyle. Rest at least fifteen minutes before the arrival of her husband, so as not to look exhausted. Your husband has already spent the whole day in emotional tension among the tired people. He will be very happy to return home and see his wife fresh and beautiful. Before the arrival of her husband, make sure that the house is clean and orderly. Turn on the TV on your beloved husband's channel, put a fresh newspaper near his chair. Ask the children not to make noise. Upon returning home, your husband will feel that he has returned to a quiet cozy harbor where he can relax and enjoy peace.
  • Rejoice in the return of her husband, coming out to him with a smile. Listen to him when he wants to talk about how his day went.
  • Even if you yourself wanted to tell him a lot, let your husband talk first. It's important to show that his topics for conversation are more important to you.
  • Do not meet your husband with complaints and problems right on the doorstep. Let him at first eat dinner and rest a little.
  • Do not grumble if he is late for dinner or for dinnerYou should understand that important things could have delayed him. Even if these things do not seem very important to you, they can really be important to your husband.
  • Criticism can ruin the relationship Let the husband do everything in his own way. Do not worry about the little things - the main thing is that the final result suits both.
  • Sometimes you will be wrong. You must learn to listen quietly to the arguments of your husband, acknowledge your mistakes and apologize.
  • At first glance it looks like we are calling youbecome a slave to her husband, is not it? Just like a page from the modern "Domostroi". But if you think critically and ask yourself, is not a woman who loves her husband do it the same way every day? If we love our husbands, then we will do everything we can to make him happy and always happily go home, where he is not only loved, but also respected, valued and protected by his peace. And he will pay us with love, care, protection, creating conditions for a prosperous and prosperous life. Modern women can be progressive, educated and successful, but modern men still want to see in their wives centuries of valued qualities. So do not forget how to become a good wife, and remember - the happiness of the family is in your hands! We advise you to read: