Honeymoon trip Wedding travel is a great opportunityEnjoy your vacation alone with your loved one and realize all your dreams, previously thought unrealizable, into reality. This trip is not just a holiday, but a special romantic trip for only two people. And it must be remembered for life. Hence, and you need to take this even more seriously than to organize the wedding itself. You should start by choosing a place of rest. It can be anything you want: a sandy beach, mountains, a lake, a large overseas megacity or even a tour with a lot of excursions. It all depends on your mood and preferences. Very romantic and quiet will be a holiday on the beach, where the hot sand and azure sea. In this respect, Cyprus is good, where you can enjoy not only the beach, but also the cool cedar forests. Famous for their white sandy beaches and coral Maldives. Greece, bewitching its ancient architecture, clean beaches and ski slopes, also does not stand aside. For lovers of city holidays a trip to Western European cities is suitable. Be it London, with its various shops. Paris is a city of love, which is good, both day and night. An unforgettable honeymoon can be spent and, without leaving the borders of the country, for example on lakes such as Seliger or Baikal. Interesting will be a trip along the Golden Ring, St. Petersburg with its white nights. Of course, this is only a small part of where you can go. The main thing in a trip is to enjoy rest with your loved one - to dream, to make plans for the future, and maybe even to choose names for your future kids. Perhaps, it is during the trip that the first family disputes may begin. This is not surprising, because the stress after the wedding (especially if it is both for the first time), this is common. After all, how much strength and mental and physical was spent on the organization of the most important event in life, on experiences, what can be done, something can not be done or something can go not as much as you wanted and much, much more. Therefore, it is necessary to be more reserved and loyal to each other, to be able to listen and understand.