if a woman is older than a man The situation when a couple in a man is younger than a woman, inour days are quite common. Moreover, there is a tendency to an increase in the number of marriages of this kind. Why? But who knows ... Maybe it's the fault of the examples of stars changing young husbands, like gloves, maybe the desire of women to feel younger and more attractive, maybe the whims of love, and maybe something else ... Anyway , but if a man is younger than a woman, their relationship is somewhat different than that of peers or couples in which a man is older. Problems in such unequal marriages can arise simply from scratch. So is it worth, dear ladies, to decide on a relationship with a man who is significantly younger than us? Let's see what this threatens us.

If a woman is a couple older than a man

Sometimes life presents us with unexpectedsurprises. We suddenly fall in love with someone who is much younger than us, and he answers the same. Is it fateful, or is it another blunder that should not be surrendered? After all, if a woman is older than a man, she should be smarter than him and understand that falling in love with this guy is dangerous. Well, it's clear that sex with him is good, that communication is pleasant, that you feel different ... But he has not yet realized that a joint life is not a continuous paradise, but mountains of difficulties that one must be able to overcome. Besides, no one gives a guarantee that tomorrow our beloved will not like a young and fresh girl, and he will leave us, not particularly doubtful? Problems, problems, problems ... Unequal marriages by age have always been questioned by society and by those who married these marriages. Whatever it was, but someone who is much older in a marriage always experiences some inconvenience. In the same case, if a man is younger than a woman, there are a lot of problems in the relationship. However, such a gloomy prospect - it's not a reason to break with a man, because any problem, with the right approach to it, can be easily solved. Yes, our society does not welcome such unequal marriages the young husband in whom is considered an alfonso or mama's son. Well, and if two simply sincerely love each other? You never know what people around you think! It's not for them that we live in this world, but for our own happiness. And you can not order your heart, and it does not focus on the age of our beloved. Nevertheless, there are a number of common reasons that can interfere with the well-being of marriage, if a man is younger than a woman. What are these reasons? if a man is younger than a woman

Mature woman and young man. Features of relations

One of the features of the relationship between maturea woman and a young man is that from the very beginning she usually almost deifies her young lover. A woman from the skin climbs, trying to create him maximum comfort. Pampering her lover, she, in fact, is rendering him a disservice, making a man weak, dependent, unable to make independent decisions. Eventually. having received instead of the husband of the child, the spouse will be compelled to pull a shoulder strap of household cares during all joint life. But does each of us dream about such happiness? In addition, adult men, if they are men, usually do not like excessive custody by women. They want to be independent in their actions and perform duties without instructions from the outside. And this often leads to conflicts in the marriage between a mature woman and a young man, if she is overly cared for. Therefore, for such a marriage to be relatively prosperous, a woman should not tremble over her faithful, like a fragile flower. It is better to immediately define the terms of reference for him and give him the opportunity to choose his own way of performing them. Do not make a husband of your beloved son. Another of the significant hindrances in unequal marriage with a young husband is the material component. Often, a wife in such marriages has already achieved something in life and has a good and fairly stable income. On the one hand, it's good, because the family will not experience anything special. On the other hand, the provision of a wife can cause discomfort in the soul of a young husband, because a normal man thinks that he should be the earner in the family. Such discomfort can also provoke conflicts. To avoid them, a woman should give her husband the opportunity to develop in the professional sphere and not limit the freedom of action by any instructions. Let him create a career at his own discretion. Sooner or later the young spouse will stand firmly on his feet and feel himself a real support for the family. In the same case, if a man is quite happy that his wife provides, the wife must be ready for the fact that over time it will not be easy. The husband is either lazy permanently, or he will start all the hard, completely disregarding his wife at the same time. Of course, not every woman can safely treat this state of affairs. It is unlikely that the wife in such an unequal marriage by age will have patience for a long time. Sooner or later, she will either constantly nag her husband, or simply put him out the door. And, maybe, he himself will leave, exhausted by the constant torments of his wife. To avoid such consequences of unequal marriages, a young husband must understand from the very beginning that it is impossible to completely sit down on his wife's neck. For this, a woman, as a person more wise, should tactfully help him go forward, develop and achieve some goals. Otherwise, sooner or later, marriage will end. Another, quite serious problem that often arises in such marriages is common friends and social circle. If men are younger than women, their environment, naturally, has an age difference with the environment of the second half. And it is quite difficult to find a common language between friends of the husband and his wife's friends. As a result, spouses either have to limit their social circle, being content with each other, or spending their free time separately. Which is undesirable, because it can breed suspicions (not always groundless) and, accordingly, jealousy. No, of course, there are examples of unequal marriages, when friends of the couple are common. But, unfortunately, there are not so many of them. However, this situation is often formed not only in unequal marriages, but also in traditional marriages. The husband does not tolerate his wife's friends, the wife does not accept his friends, is it not familiar? It is familiar to many. Hence - conflicts, suspicions, quarrels and other negative costs of relations. The solution to the problem in this case is one thing - you need to try to find a common language with friends-buddies, while not forgetting that everyone has the right to their personal space. In addition, the couple sometimes need to stay apart to have a little rest from each other. Of course, meetings with friends and girlfriends should not be delayed for the whole night. Why ruffle your nerves? Well, and finally, another significant complexity of unequal marriage, in which the husband is younger than his wife, are "wise" and "benevolent" advisers. Such marriages, as a rule, cause great interest from others. They either always seek something to advise and interfere in the relations of the spouses, or actively discuss these relations behind the back of the husband and wife. Such advice and discussion often negatively affect the integrity of marriage. Here, for example, someone casually dropped: "He is so young and beautiful, he can not love you!" Or "She just found a perfect couple for sex!". All. In the soul of his wife or husband, a worm of doubt has begun, which begins to gnaw, forcing to find confirmation of what was said. The result - scandals, alienation, divorce. The solution here is the only thing - do not pay attention to the advice and opinion of others. Far from always they are true. In addition, usually the surrounding are just a curious side, which, in principle, does not care about the happiness of the couple. Best case scenario. In the worst - they, even subconsciously, but resist him. And marriage is a world created only by two, and there is nothing for outsiders in this world. A union in which there is a significant age difference is always a test for a couple. A marriage in which the husband is younger than his wife is doubly. Because it is less acceptable to society than a family where the husband is much older. So it was led. And consequently, such a marriage will be subject to condemnations longer and longer. However, there are a lot of examples of such marriages that last a long time and are quite prosperous. If two people are drawn to each other, you can overcome anything: gossip, squabbles, communication difficulties and other obstacles. Moreover, a woman in such an unequal marriage already has a good baggage of experience and can easily be wiser than her husband and be patient with him. And this makes it possible to easily navigate those underwater reefs on which many ordinary young families are wrecked. In short, a marriage in which a man is younger than a woman is not good and not bad. This is a normal marriage, if two people love each other and want to be together. It happens, of course, that such marriages are based on other conditions. But this is a completely different story ... 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