Photographer for a wedding Which is better - take a photographer cheaper andsave or overpay, but get super shots? Guarantees no one can give, that an expensive photographer will work better than a cheap one. A photographer for a wedding is a person whose professionalism can be assessed only by ready-made works. And the prices that he sets for his work - the concept is very subjective. What should I look for when choosing a photographer for a wedding? An important aspect is the name of the photographer. Many, of course, can say that the name does not mean anything, but I'll try not to agree. A person who has earned a good reputation will do everything to support her in the future. That is, a photographer with a name, maybe, will cost more, but it is guaranteed not to fail. The status demands from it punctuality, stability, reliability. Such a man has many useful connections. "Brand" is always more predictable for quality, even in the wedding photography market. But the quality of photographic equipment of special significance for the customer should not have. A professional will be able to create a masterpiece using a minimal set of equipment, and an amateur does not save a wagon of modern equipment. Hence, the main criterion of choice is the work of the photographer. Check out the portfolio first, if you liked it, ask for detailed reports from several surveys. So you can judge the skill of the photographer. Of great importance is the experience and speed of the reaction. After all, a wedding is a dynamic holiday and happens with surprises. Photographer at the wedding should be able to quickly navigate the situation and act correctly. Lack of experience can lead to the fact that the photographer is lost and misses the moment or misses an interesting situation, which can not be repeated in a reportage shooting. In order for the end result to make you happy, the photo must be processed before printing. The complexity of processing depends on the skills of the photographer for the wedding and forms the price. The processing includes changing the format, correcting the illumination, selecting the correct colors, correcting the skin, changing shades. But in everything you need to know the measure, too distorted pictures look unnatural and aggressive. Do not give up printing photos, thinking that you yourself can print them on your printer. The wedding photographer has special equipment, and the photos will look much better than printed at home. Some photographers offer the production of photobooks. This is a creative process that requires a lot of work. The cost of a photobook will depend on its complexity. Call, specify the questions of interest and let's meet, with personal communication we will be able to determine the scope of our cooperation and find out all the nuances. Ready to work with you.