how to forget a man No other emotion in the world can matchwith a sense of love. You just feel at the top of the whole world, and your happiness knows no bounds. A beloved man makes you feel the most important person in this world, and even the sound of his name fascinates you. But, unfortunately, it also happens in another way. Too many people in this world suffer from the pain that parting brings them. What is happening to them? For the most part, they find the strength and invent ways to get rid of the memories that cause them pain, and try to move on. Are you one of those who survived the rupture of relationships? And you want to learn how to forget the man with whom you had to part?

The ways with which you can forget a man

We list the different ways that you canreally help. Following our advice, you will quickly forget the former lover, and it will be much easier for you to leave the past behind and start a new life. Here's how you should proceed:

  • The first thing you need to do in order toreally start to forget your guy, it's get rid of all his photos. Remove his photo from a computer or mobile phone, and in the first place those of them where you two are and still quite happy. Of course, from those photos, where he is alone, one must also get rid of, no matter how sorry you feel about it.
  • If you want to forget it, then you will have tostop thinking about those moments when you were fine with him. Get these memories from yourself. Do not remember the bad things that you had to hear and experience during parting. Thoughts about it will again and again hurt your soul and cause you new pain.
  • Try not to appear where you canto meet his ex-man. Remove his number from his mobile phone, close him access to your pages on social networks. Do not ask about it from your mutual friends and do not try to give him anything through them.
  • Involve yourself in what you reallylike. Instead of sitting and grieving over the past love, do better by dancing, reading good books, drawing, needlework. The most important thing is that you must be busy all the time, so that you do not have time for melancholy and sadness about the past.
  • Surround yourself with people who really loveyou, whether your friends or family members. Let this be even a dog! Although they all can not completely replace your former lover, you can still feel that it is much easier for you that there are living souls who love you so sincerely!
  • Do not try again and again to think about whatthings went wrong in your relationship and what could be done to prevent the separation. Accept the fact that you are no longer together, move on - each your own way. An infinite mental return to the past will not change anything, it will not help to return your man and will not ease your pain.
  • Use yourself to the advantage appeared freetime. Communicate with friends, make trips to interesting places, look at your appearance. Try to dress and generally look perfect. Sitting at home in a rumpled robe and with a unkempt head, you will not ease your suffering and you will not be able to quickly get distracted from your unhappy thoughts.

how quickly to forget a man

How to "repair" a broken heart

Bess Meyerson, Miss America 1945, oncesaid: "To fall in love is terribly simple, but falling out of love is just awful!" Especially if you are one of a couple who would like to keep a relationship. Curing a broken heart is sometimes difficult. And there are hardly any ways with which you could very quickly fall out of love. But how do you get rid of your heartache? We want to give you some more tips so that you can gradually return to normal life and move on. Go through the mountain, and not bypass it The most difficult task for a man with a broken heart is to stand still and sink into the quagmire of pain. But this is exactly what you need to do immediately after parting. You must grieve in order to then successfully move on. If you hide your pain deep inside yourself, then in the end you will be stung by it more than once. Having gone through your pain and giving vent to grief, in the end you will become a stronger person, ready to solve your problems. And the pain will quickly weaken its intensity, and you will feel that it leaves your heart. Feel your independence Try to fill the void inside yourself that formed after the departure of your man. When you feel that the devastation consumes you, tell yourself: "I do not need anyone and nothing to be happy. Now I find it so hard to believe that I can be happy without this person, but I will learn to be happy again! "Let it seem to you that it is very difficult to do this, but you must learn to fill the inner emptiness with your own forces. Your inner harmony should not depend on anyone! To restore balance, read more, listen to good music, take a walk in nature, do creativity, sport, favorite things - everything that gives you pleasure. One ancient eastern parable tells how a gardener came to the Great Monk and said:

  • Great Monk, let me know - how to achieve freedom of the spirit?
  • And who tied you up?
  • No one.
  • So why do you then seek liberation?

So do you - always remember that your spiritualThe balance should depend only on you, and on no one else. Make a list of your strengths. Do not worry about the thought that you, probably, did something wrong and in something turned out to be too bad, uninteresting, ugly, fat, and so on, since your ex went away from you. So you will only become depressed more. Decide for yourself: we broke up not because someone is better, but someone is worse, but because we are not meant for each other. The next thing you need to do to help yourself is to take a piece of paper and begin to write down all of your features that characterize you on the best side. Here you need to write down the strengths of your character, and the advantages of your appearance. Try to keep this list as long as possible. Put it or hang it in the most visible place and reread each time it hits your eyes. Continue to replenish the list as soon as new facts of your attractiveness come to your mind. Rereading and filling in this list, you will stop looking for flaws in yourself and begin to believe that you are an interesting, unique and attractive woman who is worthy of happiness. You will quickly cease to be sad and turn into a positive person. Laugh out loud. And cry! Laughter is able to heal, and this has long been proven. Therefore, try to be there, where the atmosphere of fun prevails, and try to create yourself such a mood. For example, watch humorous programs and good comedies, listen only to incendiary, cheerful music, read in magazines and newspapers columns with anecdotes. Crying is also useful, especially at first. Do you think this is a coincidence when we women feel better after we pay? No, there are many physiological reasons that determine the healing power of tears. Some of them were discovered and described by the American biochemist William Frey, who for fifteen years led the group on the study of the properties of tears. One of his conclusions is that emotional tears (compared to tears from irritation of the mucous eye, such as when you cut a bow) contain toxic waste of biochemical processes occurring in the body. Crying removes toxic substances and relieves emotional tension. So grab more handkerchiefs and cry for nothing! Work on yourself Work hard to survive your grief, literally: load your body with exercise. Run, swim, do physical exercises, make walks - all this will give you instant relief. At the physiological level - because physical activity contributes to the increased production of serotonin and other hormones that stimulate the brain and promote the growth of nerve cells. (And one more "bonus" you get, doing sports - normalize the weight, put your figure in order, and after that you will significantly increase self-esteem). At the emotional level, too, there is an improvement, because you understand that you are taking an important step and take responsibility for becoming the mistress of your own mind and body. In addition, you can imagine instead of, for example, a pillow, the person who hurt you, and you can properly hatch it. So you can use emotional action to release emotional "pairs". From this action you immediately felt better, right? Give yourself hope In the cartoon "The Tale of Despereaux" there is a very strong phrase that one of the characters says: "There is one emotion that is stronger than fear, and this is forgiveness!" But forgiveness requires that there is hope. Assuming that the pain of losing gradually goes away (even if you can not even imagine how to forget a man you still can not forgive), one day you will feel that even quite simple actions - to make yourself a coffee in the morning or go in movies with friends - they start to bring you joy. Hope will help to believe that sadness will evaporate when you, overcoming the pain in your soul, will move on in your life. And the smile on your face will eventually cease to be tortured. Therefore, to move past grief and fear to the healing of a broken heart, you need to put hope in it! how to forget the ex-man

Do not be afraid to love again!

As soon as our heart is broken from collapserelations, we have two options: we can close it forever so that no one else can get there. Or we can heal our wounded heart and once again fall in love. As deep and strong as they used to be. And our heart will only become stronger and more enduring than the love that we give. The more you love and allow yourself to suffer because of love, the more rich and multifaceted your soul will become. Yes, the pain of failure, rupture and even death can eventually become fruitful. And if you do not close in yourself, but retain the ability to love and give love, then happiness will certainly find your way! We advise you to read: