The problem of dilated pores on the face is verycommon. This problem is peculiar to oily skin. Extended pores make the skin ugly, because very often it appears black spots and pimples. Company thanks to simple tips will help for a long time to forget about fragile, weak and thin nails. Facial care

Causes of dilated pores

Here are the main reasons why the pores can expand:

  • not proper care. Not competent care can very quickly provoke enlarged pores even in a person with a dry type of skin.
  • imbalance of androgenic hormone. It can arise because of heredity or because of age features;
  • not a healthy diet;
  • stress;
  • Lifestyle;
  • ecology.

The formation of sebum is a natural process,but excessive formation quickly forms enlarged pores, in which dirt is quickly clogged and black dots are formed and acne appears. If you do not take care of such skin and do not forget about competent daily care, you can always suffer and lose all confidence.

The best tips for dealing with extended pores

Before following the following tips, you should know that for each person you need to choose an individual method of care.

  • Treat your skin daily. Skin, which is given due attention, will please in the answer the well-groomed healthy appearance. Try not to forget every day to wash in the morning and in the evening, to use maxi, but do not overdo with leaving, everything should be in moderation, otherwise the skin can be very easily dried, cause irritation and redness. Wash with foam, scrubs and gels that do not contain fat and do not overdry the skin.
  • Minimize the use of cosmeticmeans that do not contain natural ingredients, especially for foundation. Pay attention to hypoallergenic cosmetics, which contains minerals, it is very useful for the skin of the face.
  • Wipe the skin with cucumber lotion, tincturecalendula or salicylic acid. Alcohol narrows the pores, thoroughly cleans them, so tinctures on alcohol are very useful for oily skin of the face. Do not apply alcohol natsoyki to the injured skin of the face, where there are fresh wounds or pimples. In this case, it is possible to apply the solution pointwise to the problem areas, avoiding fresh wounds. Clay masks are an excellent solution. The use of such masks is extremely important, the mask of clay is a real find, for owners of oily skin with enlarged pores. Green and white clay are especially useful. Clay mask should not be applied more often than once a week.
  • Effective mask: whisk one protein, add 2 teaspoons of alcohol and 2 drops of iodine, carefully move to a homogeneous consistency. Instruct the mass to be applied to the face and leave to dry completely, wash off and repeat the procedure one more time. You need to do this once a week. The effect of this mask is simply stunning, it has helped many owners of oily skin with enlarged pores to permanently get rid of pimples and acne.
  • Say "no" to fatty, smoked and sweet food. Such food easily provokes a greasy shine on the face and expands the pores.
  • Only healthy facial skin can attract everyone around. Expanded pores, not a sentence, if you fight correctly, take off and do not forget about the daily careful attitude to your face skin.