French manicure French manicure, like a French kiss,for three decades now it has been stirring the minds of beautiful women. And who can remain indifferent to elegant, well-groomed nails with a white "smile" on their tips? A business lady in a strict office, an excited bride at a wedding party, a young girl going on a first date - what kind of nail design is ideal for them? Of course, a French manicure, because this is truly a win-win option. Years pass, fashion trends change, and the French manicure has been and remains the most popular service in any beauty salon where there is a manicure room. Moreover, a French jacket is the only kind of manicure that men agree to.

"French manicure" is not French at all?

So who invented this amazing designnails, who first came up with the idea to cover the nail bed with a pearly pink varnish and draw a white smile on the tip (such is the classical French manicure)? In fact, there is still no exact answer to this question. Two great powers are fighting for the right to be known as the ancestors of a French jacket, namely France and America. France? Of course, you will say, where do the French manicure come from, not from the streets of Fleur, Rezh, Montmartre, the Champs Elysees and other names that are dear to our hearts? And in fact, your guesses are not far from the truth. According to one of the versions, it was French fashion designers who created a new kind of manicure. The fact is that at fashion shows the models should look ideally "to the tips of your fingers", and to repaint your nails under the color of each outfit usually there is neither time nor opportunity. It is believed that thirty years ago, a modest, unknown French fashion designer took and invented a French manicure, ideally suited to any kind of clothing. However, this version is far from being the most popular, because the United States of America is fighting very successfully for the palm tree in creating the most elegant manicure in the world. Yes, do not be surprised: it is possible that the French manicure was invented not in France, but in America. So, the cinema industry has inspired the creation of a new nail design for American specialists. Seventieth year of the last century became a real boom in American cinema in terms of the number of films shot. Often, the same actresses were engaged in several films at the same time. Playing different roles, they had to get used to different characters, different eras, and, of course, try on different suits. Sometimes such a change of the image took place over the course of one day several times, and therefore poor women, as well as their make-up artists, could only sympathize. Imagine how long it took to replace the image as a whole and manicure in particular? Moreover, it was at that time that American filmmakers began to shoot close-ups, which means that the appearance of film actresses, including hands, should have been ideal. Tired of the complaints of actresses and their stylists, the producers turned to the ambitious and talented Jeff Pink, owner of the American cosmetic company Orly, for help. Now this man is considered a legend of the nail business, because it was he who "opened the world with the technique of the original French manicure" with an easy movement of his hand. " All that he did - improved the classic design of nails, highlighting the tips of the nails with a thin strip of white smile. It would seem, what a trifle! But it is with this manicure that any dress - from the extravagant to the strict black - looks just perfect. Since then, this manicure is done not only to actresses, but also to the most ordinary girls who want the marigolds on their fingers to always look beautiful and well-groomed. And the name "French" this design has received owing to that in the world all refined and elegant it is accepted to refer to France. What is really a sin to conceal: the words "French" and "fashionable" a long time ago for most of us have become synonymous. Because the name "the French manicure" very quickly and has got accustomed, and the technology of a covering of fingernails or nails has quickly extended all over the world ... French manicure

French manicure technique

Any manicure, including French, is more convenienteverything to do in the beauty salon. After all, it is so nice when an experienced master looks after your hands, creating a real beauty for the marigold (especially since the technique of the French manicure is not so simple). Unfortunately, the opportunity to relax in a cozy manicure chair is not at all, so we'll tell you about how to make a similar manicure at home. Perhaps, it is not necessary to stop the attention to how correctly to cut off the cuticle and to file nails - in this part the French manicure differs little from any other. The shape of the nail, you can choose any - even a square, though oval - the jacket looks great in both versions. Also do not forget to use a base coat and a fixer for the varnish, because with these tools your manicure will look much more professional. Well, but the fact that the coating is done very carefully, without streaks and spots of varnish on the skin, we think, it should not be said at all: it's just on the French manicure that such flaws simply strike the eye! So, the most important and difficult thing in the French manicure is to accurately and smoothly draw a "smile" on the tip of the nail. You need to do this with a thin brush, making sure that the thickness and the curve line on all nails are the same. If you find it difficult to cope with this task on your own, then glue on the nails special stencils for the jacket, which are sold in almost any cosmetic store. After the varnish dries, you can apply the basic color - pink or transparent, at your discretion. variants of the French manicure

Variants of the French manicure

Time does not stand still, and the famous Frenchmanicure does not lag behind modern trends. If once used mainly classic nail design (pink nail and white "smile" on the protruding tip), now the jacket provides an infinite space for imagination. At the moment there are so many varieties of French manicure that they are able to satisfy the taste and mood of absolutely any fashionista. So, let's consider the novelties of the French manicure, which can decorate the nails of the most fastidious beauties:

  • Fan-french Mostly, a certain mastermanicure was a cheerful mood, and he, instead of the usual classic jacket, decided to create a design turntab. That is, the client's nail plate was covered with bright white lacquer, and the "smile" on the tip is a light pink nail varnish. It turned out so unusual and funny that the manicure was called: a fan-french (cheerful French). If you decide to try this nail design on yourself, then you can safely use lacquers of any other colors, the main thing is their contrast and compatibility.
  • Color frenchchNazvanie this version of the Frenchmanicure speaks for itself: here you are given just an unlimited space for imagination. Want, make a jacket in two colors, you want - three or more, but you want - apply on the nails drawings of any colors and themes. The main thing is not to forget about the "smile", otherwise it will not be a jacket, but an ordinary manicure.
  • French millenium The only difference between a French jacket and a colored jacket is that the tip of the nail - "smile" - shines with sparkles.
  • Twist - French This design of nails is distinguished by the fact that the end of the nail is painted with two or more colors.
  • Hollywood French manicure Here the tip of the nail is painted not with a semicircular line in the form of a smile, but in a zigzag, comma, in the form of a "lightning" and so on.
  • Stylized french This type of French manicure allows any combination of colors, any drawings, as well as sequins and rhinestones.
  • Lunar jacket It is also a kind of "flip-flop", but its essence lies in the fact that the separate color is not the tip of the nail, but its base (the light part, the "moon").
  • If you are tired of a classic manicure and want topamper yourself with something new, then you can easily make yourself any unusual jacket. Do not be afraid to experiment and choose colors that match your image and mood. This year is especially popular combination of black with red, black with pink or gold, as well as white with blue and white with gold. Do not forget that a girl with a French manicure on her hands always looks stylish and fashionable! We advise you to read: