body scrub with coffee Who among us does not like the smell of freshly brewed coffee bymornings? And the wrong coffee - a freeze-dried product, sold in the form of fine dust in multi-colored jars in supermarkets - and the one that is crazy with its aroma and taste. Although, who said that a pleasant awakening in the mornings is the only advantage of a good coffee? After all, one of the ways to use natural coffee beans is a body scrub. Absolutely natural components have the peeling effect and will help to exfoliate the dead particles of your skin, make it more smooth, youthful and supple. Does it make sense to go to the store and pay hundreds of rubles for a fashionable remedy in a beautiful box, if you can just make a stunning body scrub from coffee yourself? Certainly not! The cosmetic industry offers us a choice from a huge number of scrubs, creams and other body care products, but not all of us can take advantage of them. Someone has serious allergic reactions to chemical components and preservatives contained in such drugs, while others simply can not afford to spend large sums on quality but expensive creams and scrubs. Yes, and why, because make such a scrub in the home can any girl, and the benefits of such a natural cosmetic means is not worse (or even better!).

Effect of coffee components on skin condition

Before proceeding to the recipes of creationcoffee scrub for the body, let's find out why coffee is so useful for our skin. Do you know that substances contained in coffee beans have long been used by women to maintain beauty and health of the body? The fact that caffeine perfectly stimulates the nervous system, so even external application has a soothing and relaxing effect on the body. Another undoubted advantage of ground coffee is that natural grains contain antioxidants that actively fight free radicals and help restore skin cells. The older we become, the more aging our skin grows due to a lack of substances that can help the tissues of the body self-repair. Therefore, any natural remedy, rich in antioxidants - is the best solution for the "age" skin of a woman. Solid particles of coffee grounds, getting on the skin, easily exfoliate old, dead cells and help to speed up the recovery of new ones. Moreover, they redistribute the location of the subcutaneous fat cells, which helps to reduce the signs of cellulite. As a result, our body becomes more elastic and smooth. Many women who suffer from varicose veins have long resigned themselves to their fate and consider the blue swollen bands on their feet "an unavoidable evil". However, if you know for sure that you have a predisposition to this disease, then it can be prevented! And it will help you in this coffee scrub for the body. The main component of the coffee grounds - caffeine - contributes to the narrowing of the blood vessels, thereby preventing the development of this disease. With regular use of natural coffee scrub, you can make the existing varicose veins much less noticeable. coffee body scrub

Recipes of scrubs from the coffee grounds

What are good home-made scrubs? Yes, the fact that their creation does not require a lot of money, because almost all the necessary ingredients are in your kitchen. You will be firmly sure that before you is a 100% natural, environmentally friendly product that does not contain allergens for your skin. Well, in the end, doing scrubs yourself - it's fun and funny, a great alternative to just lying on the couch and endless chatter on the phone with girlfriends. So, forward to beauty and irresistibility! Anti-cellulite coffee scrub For this recipe you will need a thicker of two cups of freshly brewed coffee. The brand of coffee at the same time does not matter - the main thing is that the coffee was natural, without any impurities. So, add to the coffee grounds half a cup of sugar or sea salt, as well as one teaspoon of any massage oil (you can just any vegetable). If desired, you can add a little powder of cinnamon or vanilla to the resulting mixture - this scrub will give an additional soothing effect and leave a pleasant smell on the skin. As for the fragrance, another addition to this scrub will be a couple drops of your favorite aromatic oil. Just be careful, the high content of aromatics in the scrub can lead to an unexpected allergic reaction! For example, if you have always used lavender oil with pleasure, but instead of a couple of drops poured into the coffee grounds of good half a bottle, then you can fully rely on redness and itching in the field of application. So be careful and reasonable in using such tools. After mixing all the ingredients, apply a scrub to a clean damp skin. You can rub the scrub with your hands, but it will be much more effective if you apply it to a loofah or a wet towel. Do not forget that you need to rub the coffee scrub exactly in a circular motion - this will help to evenly distribute the caffeine and quickly eliminate the signs of cellulite on the skin. This procedure lasts for ten to fifteen minutes, after which the scrub is washed off with water. Coffee Scrub for Oily Skin Face If you are the owner of oily skin of the face, then you are well aware of the problem of how important it is to regularly cleanse the skin in order to avoid greasy shine and acne. A scrub made from natural coffee beans is ideally suited to solve these problems. In order to prepare a coffee scrub for oily skin of the face, which is very glossy, we need: coffee grounds, apple or grape puree (it is best to do it yourself). Ingredients carefully mix and apply to the skin, rubbing the resulting scrub on the facial massage lines. If you need to narrow and clean the pores, then try the following recipe for a coffee scrub for oily skin. You will need: one teaspoon of ground coffee beans (do not thicken!), Two teaspoons of cosmetic clay (preferably white or blue) and one teaspoon of grated orange peel. Add so much water to this mixture to get a viscous gruel, then put there baking soda (at the tip of the knife), slaked apple cider vinegar. Apply the obtained scrub to the previously cleansed skin with light massaging movements. It is recommended to leave the mixture on the skin for eight to ten minutes, then rinse with warm water. Tonic scrub for the body of coffee beans and honey Everyone knows the benefits of honey for the skin: it stimulates blood circulation, moisturizes, softens and promotes accelerated cell regeneration. That's why we bring to your attention a wonderful coffee scrub with the use of natural, non-sugar-free honey. If you do not have any allergic reactions to this product, then with regular use of scrub from coffee and honey you will achieve amazing results: the skin will become noticeably more smooth, elastic and elastic. So, we need five teaspoons of ground coffee, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil (if there is not one in the kitchen, then any other vegetable will do). If, mixing all the ingredients, you get a hard-to-mix mass, then you can add a little more honey. We apply this mixture to the problem areas of the skin (if on the face - then avoid areas around the eyes and mouth). We rub the scrub with massaging circular motions for four to five minutes, after which it is washed off with warm water. As you can see, home-made scrubs have a lot of advantages over purchased counterparts: it's cheap, environmentally friendly, and, besides, you can strictly control the presence of all the ingredients in the composition. And such an important component as coffee is available in almost any home and will serve the benefit of your beauty and youth. We advise you to read: