sunblock in the sun A beautiful tan is the dream of many, but how to achieveThis result is not known to everyone. And although today few people decide to go to the beach without cream, but now with knowledge to choose a sunblock for the sun can be few. We will try to convey the most objective information about tanning cosmetics and teach you how to choose creams, emulsions and oils that will protect you from burns, but at the same time give you the most beautiful and even tan you dreamed about.

Sunbathing can not be tanned

Where to put a comma in this sentence, eachsolves itself. It seems to us that sunbathing, of course, is necessary, but excesses in this process are unequivocally unacceptable. Ultraviolet is necessary for our health, in particular, without it, it is impossible to saturate the body with such an important vitamin as vitamin D, in addition, under the influence of sunlight, blood circulation improves, which means that muscles work more actively, the sun helps to get rid of many skin diseases. In a word, we say: sunbathing, you can not avoid sunbathing. And in order to tan brought the same benefit, which we mentioned above, it's time to think about choosing a sunblock. good sunblock in the sun

What should be the perfect sunblock?

The cream for sunburn solves the whole complex of questions:

  • protects the skin from dehydration
  • protects against sunburn
  • prevents wrinkles
  • saturates the skin with useful substances and vitamins

In addition, the creams are divided into groups that:

  • strengthen sunburn
  • make it more sustainable
  • activate the production of melanin in the body

When choosing a cream, no doubt,be guided by common sense and choose the cream that is best for your skin type. So, owners of light skin, prone to allergic reactions, should give preference to creams with a high level of protection, dark-skinned people can use funds with a lower sunscreen factor. Specialists divide sunscreen products into several groups according to the type of skin.

  • The first group includes creams, oils and emulsionswith SPF 30 - that is, means with such a coefficient contain 30 sunscreens. They are recommended for light-skinned people whose skin is prone to burning, often it has freckles that become even more noticeable after exposure to the sun without the necessary protection.
  • The second group includes agents with a level of SPF 20. They are suitable for women with moderately light skin with gray, blue, green eyes.
  • The third group is SPF 15. These products are optimally suited for slightly dark skinned skin. As a rule, such a skin is good for insolation, it does not burn.
  • And, finally, the fourth group - means SPF 10. They are recommended for swarthy, dark-haired and dark-eyed. Such people are not likely to get burned, very quickly get a dark even tan.
  • Think about which group you would relate yourself to, andbased on these considerations, select the appropriate tool. Of course, do not take these recommendations as a kind of dogma. This is a kind of landmark. Probably, even very dark people who leave from our latitudes to the southern regions, it is necessary to start sunbathing with the use of a cream or oil with a higher level of protection. useful sunblock in the sun

    From what protect sunscreen creams

    Well, the question, for sure, each of you will think. It is clear from what - from the sun, the very name indicates it. However, not all so simple. Our luminary gives the Earth three types of rays: alpha rays, or UVA; beta-UVB and gamma-UVC. Alpha rays are considered the most "soft", although they penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin. Scientists believe that this radiation provokes the appearance of malignant neoplasms. Beta rays are quite aggressive, it is their fault that burns occur. As for gamma rays, they are generally destructive to the production of living organisms. Fortunately, this radiation practically does not reach the surface of our planet, losing itself in the atmosphere. When choosing a sunblock in the sun, notice which rays it will protect you from. This information is necessarily contained in the annotation to the tool. We already spoke about the sun protection factor, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that even the highest coefficient (for example, 50 units) does not mean that you can stay in the sun for as long as you want. Use common sense and sunbathe in the morning and after four in the afternoon. From the scorching day sun will not protect even very effective means. We advise you to read: