how to make skin clean Clean face skin is a real luxury formodern lady. Stress, bad ecology, poor-quality cosmetics and improper nutrition do their job - acne, acne, pigmentation spots and "black spots" appear on your face. How to make the skin of the face impeccable and get rid of imperfections?

Causes of skin problems

Acne in some way can be considered an indicatorhealth of the skin. They appear when an unexpected failure occurs in your body. For example, hormonal. Abortion, inflammation of the ovaries or endometriosis can cause the appearance of pustules and subcutaneous inflammation on the cheeks and wings of the nose. On the forehead and chin, acne "jumps" because of problems with the gastrointestinal tract or improper selection of a remedy. Small rashes are familiar to adolescents, as well as smokers and girls during the "riotous" PMS. If you have tried a lot of cosmetics, and acne does not want to leave your face - it is possible that their appearance is associated with a metabolic disorder or with enthusiasm for fast food. In any case, starting a fight for a healthy skin, it is necessary to change the diet, if the regularity of food intake and its quality leave much to be desired. The increased activity of the sebaceous glands is the most common cause of the appearance of acne. Skin fat along with dust and make-up remnants is clogged into the pores and oxidized. The result is "black dots" and pimples. And if you also have weakened immunity due to a recent cold, you can easily become a victim of demodectic infection. This is an infectious inflammation of the upper layers of the skin caused by a fungus that normally appears on the face, but does not penetrate the epidermis. Bacteria Propionibacterium acnes provoke the appearance of placer acne on the skin. They settle in the ducts of the sebaceous glands, actively multiply there and clog them. "To expel" them will turn out not at once - the directed antibacterial leaving that acnes have receded is necessary. Pigmented spots appear due to prolonged exposure to the sun, problems with melanin synthesis, liver diseases and even ... because of the abuse of perfume! If you put perfume constantly on the same points, you should know that the combination of alcohol and essential oils can cause hyperpigmentation. how to make the skin clean cleanly

Prohibitions in the name of beauty

Acne and acne can not be suppressed in any case! No matter how great the temptation to deal with the pustule or comedo, do not try to squeeze it out. This can be done only during mechanical cleaning of the face. Otherwise, the skin will remain "craters" and scars, from which it is not so easy to get rid of. Cut your bangs if you are concerned about pimples on the forehead - constant contact with the hair only irritates the inflamed skin. And do not touch your face with dirty hands under any circumstances! Be sure to rinse your makeup before you go to bed. Remnants of shadows, carcasses and tonal funds are absorbed into the skin, "enriching" it with far from the most useful substances and dyes. In the morning in the mirror you will see bruises under the eyes, grayish skin and a couple of pimples. If sleep with make-up on the face becomes a habit, you will not only have acne, but early wrinkles. Regularly change bed linens, towels, puffs and sponges, which apply powder and tonal funds. What for? Because when you go to bed, you put on your face a thick layer of night cream, which simply does not have time to soak up before your contact with the pillow. You touch the blanket with your hands, smeared with an emollient, and in the morning you fixed your hair with a gel ... The traces of makeup left on the pillowcase and sheet will sooner or later "move" to your face. Do you think your skin will like a cream that is not the first freshness, absorbed in the pillowcase? Foamy sponges that you use, when you impose a tone on your face, are teeming with germs and bacteria that are dangerous to your skin. Rinse them with warm water and toilet soap 2-3 times a month. Use only those cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type. A rare girl, being on vacation or away, will stand before the opportunity to try powder or shower gel belonging to a girlfriend. It is better to do without a mask or cream, than to cause an allergy or to provoke the appearance of a whole scattering of pimples. Make-up cosmetics should meet the needs of your age. If you are 20 years old and you have oily skin, do not buy a cream for fatty epidermis with elastin and hyaluronic acid. Why do you need a rejuvenating care at such a young age? Find an antibacterial and matting agent designed to solve the problems of young skin. The myth that regular visits to the solarium improves the condition of the skin, invented by the owners of beauty salons. During the first sessions, small pimples are dried, and then there are podkozhniki and pigment spots. It turns out, we treat one, we mutilate another. If you are unable to completely abandon the artificial sunburn, use sunscreen before the procedure for the face. Buying powder or lipstick in the store, do not try to smear cosmetics on your face directly from the tube tester. Do you really think that nobody touched this brilliance before you? Is it possible to guarantee that girls who "tried on" this color had no skin diseases? When preparing for shopping, put a pack of cotton discs in your purse. Or demand in shops disposable mini-testers.

Brewer's yeast or how to make the skin clean in a short time

Brewer's yeast can be bought at any pharmacy today. A jar of dry yeast, packaged in the form of tablets, can help you deal with imperfections. A pleasant bonus: the condition of nails and hair will also improve. It is advisable to purchase brewer's yeast with selenium or magnesium - these microelements will strengthen the action of the main component. Fermenting enzymes, of which yeast actually consist, contain vitamin D, incredibly useful for the skin. Regular reception of beer yeast "pacifies" the activity of the sebaceous glands, promotes the accelerated regeneration of tissues, making the skin matte and smooth. The growth of head of hear increases, hair bulbs and nail plates are strengthened. how to make your face clean

Clean skin and proper nutrition

As already mentioned above, the state of the epidermisdirectly depends on what lies on your plate. If you eat hamburgers and French fries, you will not see clean skin like your own ears. Of course, working in the office, not everyone has the opportunity to have a full dinner. Yes, and thermoses with domestic borscht to bring shame. Of the two evils choose the smaller - dine not in a fast food restaurant, but in an ordinary cafe or an office canteen. Order a salad of fresh vegetables or fish cooked for a couple, not nuggets and a carbonated drink. Fish contain useful for your skin Omega-3 acids, and in vegetable salad - vitamin C, known for its antioxidant properties. The frequency of food intake and its number are also important. Scientists have long noticed that people prone to night and overeating, most often suffer from acne and acne. Due to the fact that after a late dinner you go straight to bed, your stomach has to work at night, and not rest. In the dark, hydrolysed metabolism slows down, food is digested much longer, so in the morning you will get heartburn, heaviness in the stomach, acne and increased skininess of the skin. It is better to eat less, but more often. Between the main meals snack dietary loaves, fruits and nuts. "Break" the daily norm of food is not in 3-4 parts, but at 5-6. Ideal breakfast for those who want to make their skin cleaner - porridge. Especially useful is oatmeal. It removes toxins and toxins from the body, cleanses the liver and normalizes the state of the gastrointestinal tract. To oatmeal porridge you are not tired for a couple of days, add to it a spoonful of jam or a handful of dried fruits, in order to diversify the taste.

Cosmetics and skin type

To start the operation "Clean Face" is necessary withdetermine your type of epidermis. This is important, because to achieve perfect skin you can only apply the right make-up. And as you know, it is classified according to this principle. In order to find out what kind of skin you have - combined or dry, normal or fat, you can contact a beautician. He will do the necessary tests and tell you the result. You can save time and money by recognizing your skin type yourself. For example, using a paper handkerchief. Thoroughly cleanse your face and wait a couple of hours. Blot your forehead and cheeks with a tissue. What do you see? On paper, there were marked sebaceous spots - it means that you have a fat epidermis. Spot only on that part of the napkin, which you blotted out your forehead, and the area of ​​your cheeks remained dry? Your skin can be considered combined. Few noticeable spots of fat are typical of a normal type, and dry leaves do not leave any traces on the napkin. how to make the skin clean for a long time

How to make the skin clean: exfoliation

Bacteria that cause acne and acne,multiply in the upper layers of the epidermis. At the same time they "eat" dead skin cells. To get rid of inflammation, it is necessary to destroy bacteria, depriving them of "eating". Use for these purposes a scrub that can be used 1-2 times a week. Owners of oily skin type are allowed to use daily scrubs with polishing particles of fine fraction. For all the others, too frequent use of the exfoliant is fraught with aggravation of the skin condition. In the presence of acne and inflammation, it is strictly forbidden to use a scrub with large granules - for example, ground walnut shells and apricot kernels. He injures the surface of the pimples and spreads the infection all over the face. From such peeling any advantage will not be. Scrub, treating acne and comedones, should have anti-inflammatory ingredients. These are: essential oil of lemon, tea tree oil, eucalyptus extract, salicylic acid and aloe juice. They dry out the inflammation and have an antibacterial effect. Apply a scrub to the face. A small amount of funds evenly spread over the face and massage movements gently "drive" with the pads of fingers. After 2-3 minutes of this massage, rinse the exfoliant with warm water and pat the face with a towel. Scrub, leveling the skin tone and eliminating imperfections, you can prepare yourself. Grind in a blender 2 tablespoons. oatmeal, add 1 tbsp. tinctures of calendula and 1 tbsp. hot water. Stir well and apply on face. Such exfoliant not only copes with inflammations, but also perfectly moisturizes the skin. For oily skin, a salt scrub is suitable. 3 tablespoons of a large sea salt mix with 2 tablespoons. low-fat sour cream or thick cream. Scrub clean skin and leave the face on for a few minutes. As soon as it starts to tingle or pinch, rinse with cool water. After such a peeling, the use of a nutritious cream is mandatory.

Mechanical facial cleansing as a way to fight acne and acne

"Ripened" inflammation and "black" points can beremove at home only during cleaning. In the salon, too, mechanical cleaning of the skin is carried out - modern cosmetologists also offer a hardware and chemical method. But they still do not give such results as manual cleaning. Before you squeeze comedones, wash with warm water with a gel or foam for washing. Prepare a steam bath or a regular basin with boiling water, which you need to steam out your face. Hot steam opens the corked pores - you will only have to remove their contents. In order for steam to become even more useful, add a few drops of essential oil of ylang-ylang or rosemary to the water. Close your eyes, so as not to burn the mucous ferment and sit over the pelvis for 15-20 minutes. Pat your face with a tissue and wash your hands. Wrap the index fingers of your fingers with sterile bandages or antibacterial wet wipes. Squeezing out pimples can also be done with a special cosmetic "loop", keeping it prying angle to the skin. After you finish, wash your face with cool water and wipe your face with a rotting tonic. Having reached the coveted purity and freshness of the skin, do not relax. If your epidermis is prone to rashes, then after you stop carefully taking care of it, everything will return to its proper place. We advise you to read: